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AMP Condemns Brutal Sweep by Military in Puncak Jaya and Yapen

A google translate of article in Majalah selangkah. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
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AMP Condemns Brutal Sweep by Military in Puncak Jaya and Yapen
 Author : Topilus B. Tebai | Wednesday, February 12, 2014 22:19 Read: 157 Comments : 0

AMP demonstration commemorating the day when the annexation ( the Act ) on August 15, 2013 . Ist .

Yogyakarta, STEP MAGAZINE - Related to sweep conducted by the military and police in Puncak Jaya and Yapen recent time that makes fear among civilians Papua Student Alliance ( AMP ) Yogyakarta City Committee held a press conference today , Wednesday ( 12 / 2/14 ) in Papua Student Dormitory Jl . Kusumanegara 119 Yogyakarta .

Papuan Students Alliance curse sweeping action which resulted in the fear and trauma that Indonesia's military conducted in Puncak Jaya and Yapen .

" We believe the Indonesian military in Papua only cause fear and trauma for the people of Papua , because during the conduct of military actions and violent repressive measures , without any act by giving priority to persuasion , " said Telius Yikwa , secretary of the committee AMP Yogyakarta .

AMP instead accused the Indonesian military in Papua deliberately creating conflict as their fields foraging .

"The military in Papua just come looking for a meal with creating conflict in Papua . Dong was the creator of problems and conflicts , not come maalah finish , " said Yikwa .

AMP calls on the Commission took a firm stance on cases of violence committed by the Indonesian military in Papua . " Not that military impunity . They are the actors and creators of the conflict in Papua , " he said .

AMP requires 3 things . First , stop asking AMP sweeps of Civil Papuan People's inspiring fear and trauma , and asks RI withdraw all military from all over Papua.

AMP also asked to stop exploration and shut the whole company -owned and capitalist imperealis in Papua , and the demand of the right to self-determination for the people of West Papua , as a democratic solution for resolving problems in Papua . ( Topilus B. Tebai / MS )

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