Monday, March 24, 2014

1) 100 Papuan women receive election-related training

1) 100 Papuan women receive  election-related training 
2) Jayapura regency plans  to build polytechnic

1) 100 Papuan women receive  election-related training 

Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Mon, March 24 2014, 5:08 PM
The University of Indonesia’s Center for Political Studies (Puskapol UI) is holding a training program on election-organizing skills for 100 Papuan women in Jayapura, Papua, ahead of the legislative election that is set to take place on April 9.
The training, from March 24 to March 27, is being provided to meet demand for a higher presence of female election organizers.
Anna Margaret of Puskapol UI said it had been mandated in the 2011 Election Law that women should account for at least 30 percent of election organizers at the national, provincial, regional and municipal levels. However, current figures fall short of the target.
A study by Puskapol UI shows four factors have hampered women’s involvement in election-organizing activities. The lack of effective implementation of the 2011 Election Law regulation, which requires the 30 percent female quota, has led to election organizers ignoring such representation. Socio-cultural barriers that limit women’s participation in activities in the public sphere have worsened the situation.
Geographical challenges, which make it more difficult for women to access election-organizing activities, as well as a lack of election-related knowledge among Papuan women, are also considered obstacles in meeting the female quota.
Anna said Puskapol UI had held training programs in six provinces across Indonesia, comprising Central Java, Maluku, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam, North Sumatra, Papua and West Papua.
In Papua, Anna said, women’s involvement in election-organizing activities was widely considered to be no more than complementary.
“With the training, Puskapol is preparing women for playing main roles in the organizing of elections. For the upcoming legislative election, this training could result in women having the potential to be involved in election monitoring activities.” (ebf)
2) Jayapura regency plans  to build polytechnic
The Jakarta Post, Sentani | Archipelago | Mon, March 24 2014, 7:10 PM

Despite problems with land acquisition the Jayapura regency administration in Papua is planning to establish a polytechnic to enhance education quality in the region, an education official says.
“Currently we are still waiting for instructions from the Jayapura regent regarding land procurement," said Jayapura regency Education Agency head, Alpius Toam, as quoted by Antara news agency in Sentani on Monday.
"If the problems can be resolved, we promise to submit a development proposal for the Politeknik Jayapura to the Education and Culture Ministry in Jakarta as soon as possible."
He expected that the Politeknik Jayapura project could start in 2015 and its construction would be integrated into the urban planning grand design of Sentani, the seat of Jayapura regency. The integration is designed so that the project can be beneficial for the city’s overall development.
“Politeknik Jayapura will be a pre-eminent educational development program, to be developed in Jayapura regency," Alpius said.
"The polytechnic will provide various courses in vocational education, such as civil engineering, electrical engineering and other engineering courses as well as fishery-product and plantation-product processing.”
In Indonesia, a polytechnic typically provides vocational education and offers three-year Diploma III degrees, similar to associate degrees. (meh)

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