Monday, March 10, 2014

1) Cross of Love monument being built along the border with PNG in Merauke

1) Cross of Love monument  being built along the border  with PNG in Merauke
2) Reject Autonomy Plus , Tomorrow uproar Occupy Governor's Office of Papua

1) Cross of Love monument  being built along the border  with PNG in Merauke
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Archipelago | Mon, March 10 2014, 5:28 PM

Waspada Setia Jaya/432 infantry battalion is building a Salib Kasih (Cross of Love) monument in an area bordering Indonesia and Papua New Guinea in Sota district, Merauke, Papua, with the aim of promoting love for and solidarity with the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
Battalion commander Maj. Aji Mimbarno said in a statement made available to Antara news agency in Jayapura Monday, "[We do this] through a religious approach because Merauke is a peaceful area blessed by God."
The battalion, which is currently tasked with maintaining security along the Indonesia-PNG border, was inspired by the Zero Kilometer Monument in Sabang, Aceh, in developing the new project.
"We decided to adopt the Aceh monument in Merauke to respect local wisdom with its characteristics in Merauke, where the majority of people are Christian," Aji said.
He explained that he wanted to build a monument with a Christian theme, in the way that the Zero Kilometer monument in Sabang, which has a Mecca corridor, has an Islamic theme.
He claims the two monuments are landmarks of the westernmost and easternmost parts of Indonesia.
Aji further explained that the Cross of Love monument was being built mainly by Muslim soldiers.
He also said that the monument was dedicated to the Merauke people to signify that the religious, tribal and race values could work hand in hand and be united in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
He added that the monument could become a major attraction in the future. (yln)

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2) Reject Autonomy Plus , Tomorrow uproar Occupy Governor's Office of Papua
 Author : Hendrikus Yeimo | Monday, March 10, 2014 23:08 Read: 242 Comments : 1

Uproar when a peaceful protest rejection of Special Autonomy of Papua Plus in the Governor's office on Monday ( 4/11/2013 ) ago . Photo : Doc MS

Jayapura , STEP MAGAZINE - Again , Youth and Student Movement of the People ( uproar ) Papua ' down the road ' reject Special Autonomy (Autonomy ) Plus , Tuesday ( 11/03/2014 ) in the Office of the Governor of Papua Province .

Chairman of the Student Executive Board ( BEM ) FISIP Cenderawasih University Jayapura , Jason Ngelia inform the action plan to in Abepura , Jayapura , Monday ( 10/3 ) afternoon .

" We will demo reject Autonomy Plus . Due Autonomy Plus is not the aspirations of the Papuan people to solve the root problems in Papua , " he said .

Rejection of Autonomy Plus , he said , must be done due to the fact so far never any discretion in favor of the interests of the people of Papua . " Sovereignty is in Papua New Folk , the people still reject the Law on the Government of Papua or Autonomy Plus , " said Jason .

Affirmed , Autonomy Plus initiative is a testament to the failure of Special Autonomy in Papua with the regulations of Law No. 21 of 2001 . " All products were never pro- Jakarta policy Papuan people , " said the coordinator of the Papua uproar .

Rejection Autonomy Plus at Dok II Jayapura , he said , would remain even if the police do not give Receipt Notification ( STTP ) . " The police do not need to restrict the democratic rights of Papuan students . If later there is a threat of forced dissolution , then we judge police law also injure the Homeland , " said Jason .

BEM is a student organization that is regulated in the Law Ministry for Higher Education and Culture No. 155 in 1998, no longer need to register in the National and Political Unity ( Kesbangpol ) Provision of Papua .

" Uproar is a coalition of BEM PTN / PTS and not a social organization . For this reason , the strength of our coalition BEM PTS / PTN joined in the uproar will take action Autonomy Plus rejection , " he said .

Known , all components of the indigenous Papuan MRP through the Great Council in 2010 and 2013 by stating that the Special Autonomy Referendum failed miserably and ask . Unfortunately , the people's voice is not heeded , the Government actually imposes new product called Autonomy Plus . ( Hendrikus Yeimo / MS )


Sentani, 6/3 (Jubi) – The elementary school students at Puay Village were still not getting access for better study though the local government has facilitated the housing for teachers.
Due to the lack of public transportation, teachers were often not coming to the school. “We should pay about Rp 50 to 100 thousand for one trip by motorcycle taxi compared with our salaries. Can you imagine what was happened to teachers,” the Principal of SDN (elementary school) Puay, Tukayo told to reporters in Puay Village of Sentani Timur Sub-district, Jayapura Regency on Thursday (6/3).
Meanwhile, Village Chief in Charge Yohannes Kabey said actually the local government has built three houses for teachers but they preferred to stay outside of the village.
“They rarely came to the school. If coming, they came late and went home early. Sometimes they were only teaching the students to sing just like it was in the Sunday school in the Church,” he said during the meeting with the Puay’s villagers and Yorrys Raweyai, a Commissionaire of National Legislature Council on Thursday (6/3).
He further said that currently the villagers urgently need the access of public transportation to connect the village with others. To reach their school in Yoka, the junior high school’s students must walk hundreds of kilometers everyday or they should wait a car from Arso that even could not come for the entire day.
“If the government cannot provide the land transportation, the sea transportation is good enough because out village is located near Sentani Lake,” he said.
Meanwhile, Commissionaire Raweyai during the meeting said he has been heard the similar complain. According to him there are two points that the government should be concerned, the improvement of health service and education.
“It was obviously said because the distance of Puay Village is not far from Jayapura City, the capital of Papua Province. There should be a Community Health Center because the community need a better health services,” he said on Thursday (6/3). (Jubi/Levi/rom)

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