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1) Joku and Messet call on exiled Papuans to go home

1) Joku and Messet call on exiled Papuans to go home



Vanuatu Daily Post

1) Joku and Messet call on exiled Papuans to go home

Former Papuan activists Franz Albert Joku and Nicholas Simion Messet are calling on all West Papuans in exile to return home. This was followed by a special request to the new Vanuatu Ambassador to Fiji Nikenike Vurobaravu, to tell members of the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL) based in Vanuatu to return to West Papua.
“Andy and John Ondawame are our brothers...we respect their decision and the path they choose.”
“Mr. High Commissioner can you tell them please come home.
“Andy and John Ondowame are our brothers.''
They said Indonesia is not the country it used to be that democratic reforms put in place since the downfall of the Suharto regime and the granting of the autonomy has allowed West Papuans to participate freely in self government.
“We are already practicing self determination under the autonomy region. That's why we as West Papuans want to make sure that we fill key positions in Jakarta so that we have a say on policy matters that will determine how development is carried out in West Papua.
Joku and Messet appealed to all West Papuan activists in Australia, Netherlands, America and around the world to come back to their homeland where the “bird of paradise is.”
“We are not perfect … but so is the United States. We acknowledge that there are still human rights breaches but the human rights issue is no longer the main priority for the Indonesian government. Corruption is Indonesia's number one evil. is the fourth largest democracy in the world,” says Joku.
He was implying that the human rights conditions in West Papua have improved to the point tat it is no longer a concern.
Responding to questions on Indonesia's transmigration policy, Mr Messet said the indigenous West Papuan are not in danger of becoming a minority to the Javanese in their own land.
“We are not in any danger of becoming minority in our own land. If you look at the black African American, they have not become minorities.”
However, an attendant corrected him by saying, “it is wrong to use the African American in American as an example because first of all, African Americans are not the indigenous population and the indigenous Indians are a minority”.
The panel of speakers claim that West Papuans have enjoyed much freedom under the autonomy and that countries like Vanuatu should respect the wishes of the West Papuans.
“While we are grateful for the support that has been given by Vanuatu towards the freedom of West Papua, we do not want other countries to dictate what is best for us,” Messet said.
Joku said the West Papuan people respect and are grateful for what Vanuatu has done for their countries. “Even if we have an independent West Papua or a West Papua under autonomy, we will still need the support of the governments such as Vanuatu to act as checks and balance.”
The series of three lectures began on Tuesday last week at the Japan ICT conference center, the same day Prime Minister Moana Carcasses was raising the issue of human rights abuse by Indonesian authorities against the people of West Papua.



                                                                          Victor Yeimo (center) in the Abepura Prison (Jubi)
Suva, 15/3 (Jubi) – West Papua National Commitee ( KNBP) accused one of local news paper using an unknown resource person in order to pit against Papuan people.
Chairman of the KNPB, Victor Yeimo demanded Bintang Papua daily to reveal who is the informant called as a KNPB executor.
” I strongly urge Bintang Papua journalist who released the news on Saturday, March 15 to explain to the public and the KNPB board about the true identity of Ranus Penggu because KNPB does not recognize him and even there is no” executor position” within KNBP structure. ” Yeimo wrote via short message to on Saturday afternoon (15/3).
Whether it was done intentionally or not, Bintang Papua daily has already used the informant to give feedback regarding a meeting between someone who claimed as a frontman’s Liberation Army National – Free Papua Movement (TPN/OPM) and commander of the militer resort/ 172/PWY, colonel Herman Asaribab.
“This news is not credible and unaccountable. KNPB has a spokesperson and always invite journalists to a press conference officially. So what’s the intention of Bintang Papua journalist wrote a story based on information via Short Message Service? ” Yeimo questioned.
Victor Yeimo, who also a Papuan political prisoner in Abepura jail hopes that Bintang Papua will clarify it.
While Victor Mambor, chairman of the Jayapura Alliance of Independent Journalists said that this kind of things often happens in Papua because Papua is well-known as the “hot land” that certain people always take advantages to the problems occurred in Papua. He also admitted that he often receives message via cellphone about TPN/ OPM or the military and police from people who introduce themselves as leaders of the TPN / OPM or officials from Jakarta. He also wonders what is the motive of these senders delivering this kind of messages to him.
” Not only from people who claim as a frontman of TPN / OPM but also there is unusual SMS or e-mail on behalf of Indonesian officials in Jakarta,” Mambor said.
Therefore, as a journalist, it is very important to confirm and verify the news particularly sensitive issues like the shooting issue in Puncak Jaya and Timika. (Jubi / Benny Mawel/ Tina)



The lecture schedule (Jubi)

Jayapura, 15/3 (Jubi) – Not only argued with the Fijian students, Nickolas Messet, one of three Papuans Representative who join the Indonesian delegation got a lot of corrections in a series of three public lectures in Suva, Fiji last week.
Nickolas Messet and his colleagues, Frans Alberth Joku and Suriel Mofu gave a lecture at the conference center of ICT Japan (4/3).  As reported by the Daily Vanuatu News, Messet used the African- American population in the United States as an example to answer the question about Indonesia’s transmigration policy. He explained that indigenous Papuans are not in danger of becoming a minority in their own land. ” We are not minority in our own land. If you look at the Black African American population, they are not minority,” Messet answered a question from a student.
Other student then immediately criticized his statement. ” It is not correct to use African American  in this case because the African American is non-indigenous people. Actually, the native Americans are Indians who now become a minority in their own land, ” that student said.
In the same occasion, Messet expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Moana Kalosil for his support of West Papua freedom though he disagreed if other countries trying to make a decision about what is the best for Papua.
” We are grateful for the support given by Vanuatu on freedom of West Papua but we do not want other countries to determine what is the best for us, ” Messet said.
Similarly, Frans Alberth Joku, a former journalist of PNG Post Courier is also grateful to Vanuatu.
” Either West Papua get independence or in the status of autonomy, we still need support from the government like Vanuatu,” Joku said.
After giving a public lecture, Joku and Messet left a message to the Ambassador of Vanuatu for Fiji, Nikenike Vurobaravu in order to tell the fighters of West Papua who are in exile to return home.
” Andy Ayamiseba and John Ondawame are our brothers. We respect their decision to live here. Mr. High Commissioner, you can tell them that they can come back to Papua, ” Joku and Messet told Nikenike Vurobaravu. ( Jubi / Victor Mambor/ Tina )

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