Wednesday, March 26, 2014

1) Visit Raja Ampat before you die, says West Papua gov

1) Visit Raja Ampat before  you die, says West Papua  gov
3) Editorial: Purchase of Tanks Defies Military Logic

1) Visit Raja Ampat before  you die, says West Papua  gov
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Archipelago | Wed, March 26 2014, 6:00 PM

West Papua Governor Abraham Octavianus Atururi was busy promoting the upcoming Sail Raja Ampat event at the Foreign Ministry in Jakarta on Wednesday, telling potential tourists to visit the islands at least once in their lifetime.
Billed as being home to the highest diversity of coral reefs, fish and stomatopods in the world, the governor said the islands were the greatest place on earth for diving.
“Raja Ampat has the richest underwater flora and fauna in the world,” Atururi said as quoted by Antara news agency. “Don’t die without visiting Raja Ampat.”
The richness of Raja Ampat covers 1,320 species of fish, 75 percent of coral reef species in the world, five species of rare sea turtles, 57 species of mantis shrimps and 27 species of rare fish.
The coral reef species in Raja Ampat are said to be 10 times larger than species in the Caribbean.
Foreign Ministry director-general for America and Europe Dian Triansyah Djani has also been promoting the tourism potential of Raja Ampat.
“I am not only a diplomat, but am also a salesperson for Raja Ampat,” added Dian.
Dian invited diplomats to visit Raja Ampat, especially in conjunction with the launching of the Sail Raja Ampat event, scheduled to be launched by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono early in June.
The event will also be highlighted by various presentations, including Papuan traditional dances and ethnic handcraft exhibitions. (yln)

Jayapura, 25/3 (Jubi) – A number of journalists in Jayapura city said they were expelled by officials at the Papua persecutors’ office on Tuesday ( 26/3). reporter Indrayadi said he and some colleagues had sought to interview chief persecutor ES Maruli Hutagalung to seek confirmation on alleged corruption involving two Papuan officials identified as DW and JW.
“A few days earlier, one of the reporters called the chief persecutor but he was in Jakarta. He said that he would meet reporters after he’s back. The journalists called back, and found that he is in Jayapura, ” Indrayadi said on Tuesday (26/3).
He said after he and several reporters arrived at the Papua persecutors’ office, they were told to wait. After waiting for some time on the first floor, an aide to Hutagalung told them to wait  on the second floor.
“But once we went up to the second floor, we saw the chef persecutor walking out of the room with three guests to the first floor. After he went back to the second floor, the aide scolded us,” he said.
“He then told us to leave the second floor rudely and furiously. He also warned that if the reporters did not obey, he would ban them from coming to the office again,” Indra said.
A similar incident was also experienced by local TV reporter, Sisilia Waromi.
“We got yelled at. He said because of journalists he always got scolded by the chief prosecutor,” said Waromi.
While the head of public information, Obeth Ansanay,  denied that he kicked reporters out. He said, this was only a problem of communication.
“It is not true that I kicked the journalists out. I just notified them since there is a procedure that needs to be followed. If they directly meet the chief, I will get scolded,” Obeth Ansanay said.
Chief persecutor ES Maruli Hutagalung apologized for the incident.
“I on behalf of the head of public information apologize for the incident. Yes, I just got a call from a reporter and said that I am in the office. So if you want to come, please come, ” Hutagalung said on Tuesday (25/3). (Jubi/Arjuna/Tina)


3) Editorial: Purchase of Tanks Defies Military Logic

By Jakarta Globe on 11:03 pm Mar 26, 2014
Category EditorialOpinion
We have reason to question the logic behind the purchase of 103 Leopard tanks and 50 Marder tanks from Germany after former President B.J. Habibie, known as an authority on German technology, criticized it.
The tanks are costing taxpayers $280 million. Habibie blasted the government for buying tanks he says are suitable for deserts, not for a
maritime country such as Indonesia.
“Use your brain. It’s useless equipment,” he told the military and legislators.
But it’s not that these state officials don’t have brains. It’s because the purchase incurs fees worth millions of dollars. That’s why they insisted on buying “useless” tanks at the expense of the nation.
Time and again we are witnessing state officials sacrificing the people they are supposed to serve and protect in order to enrich themselves. With that kind of money, hundreds of schools, hospitals and dams could be built. Millions of people could have gone to school and millions of farmers could have bought fertilizers or watered their farms.
Or the money could have been used for boosting the livelihood of soldiers, or providing saving for their children’s future.
Most Indonesian military officers and police generals have become very rich over the years as they rose through the ranks. There is also no question that legislators have been living in
luxury beyond imagination while people who vote for them probably still don’t know where their next meal would come from.
We call on our military and political leaders to listen to their conscience, and start working for the people they are supposed to serve. Greed will only breed greed, and nobody can get enough once they fall into the trap of corruption.

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