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1) 29 KNPB Members released by police

2) Police, TNI Fail to Arrest OPM Official
3) TNI Officer Shot by Police in Papua

4) News Photos KNPB Nabire Facilitation Urges People State Exempt 2 French Journalists 


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West Papua National Committee 

1) 29 Members Captured KNPB Merauke Police Finally Freed 

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Kapolresta Jayapura, AKPB. Alfred Papare ketika mendekati massa aksi (Foto: Agus Pabika/Suara Papua).MERAUKE, --- Police officers (Police) Merauke, finally freed 29 members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), which was previously arrested the morning, around 06.30 Wit, when the title of the Indonesian government rally demanding release of French journalist , which is now being held in Jayapura, Papua. Chairman of the Regional Parliament (PRD) region Anim-Ha, Panggresia Yem, when contacted by the media, this afternoon, to explain, to-29 members were arrested during a demonstration KNBP Home monument in the Act (Act of) has been released, and are gathered in KNPB Secretariat.  "After I came to the police station and talk to Merauke police, eventually all members of KNPB been released, and we had to walk from the KNPB Secretariat office to the police," said Yem, to, via cell phone. 

Further Yem, before police freed the 29th member of the KNPB, the masses have been given "direction" by Police Chief Police Merauke in the Hall, and then had time to conduct a special inspection of two members of the KNPB, namely, the Chairman and Secretary KNPB Merauke region. 

"They are separated from us, and Criminal visible in the room checked. After the requested information, they come and join us, after that afternoon we were allowed to go home, "said Yem. 

Previously, still according to Yem, around 08.30 Wit, police officers with the Indonesian National Army (TNI) is also rumored to perform at the secretariat raiding KNPB keluarahan located in Kelapa Lima, Merauke, and bring some belongings KNPB. 

"They went to the secretariat and grab posters, banners, and leaflets inside. Some board secretariat and the existing window glass paste pictures KNPB also seized the flag, and I protest it means. "

Described, the combined forces of action that goes into the KNPB Secretariat without prior pemberitahuaan like thieves actions that go into people's homes without permission.  "Some members of the KNPB which is well below the secretariat to Merauke Police to be given directives together with the 29th person detained," he said. (Read: It's Name 17 Persons Arrested in Jayapura When French journalist Deliver Demand demo). 

Not accept the action officers who took some stuff, and destruction in the KNPB Secretariat, Yem claimed to have directly talked to the police chief of Merauke. 

"They (police) did not love back we got the goods are detained, but through visible Intel, we've bought a few boards, triplex, and other tools to repair the damage," he explained.  Previously, as reported by the media, this morning, police officers facing KNPB mass in front of the monument PEPERA, Merauke, and capturing 29 mass action. (Read: Action Demands Release Two French Journalists, Police Arrest 29 Members KNPB Merauke). Meanwhile, KNPB action in Jayapura, Papua, also dissolved Jayapura City Police officers, and officers arrested 17 members of the KNPB. (Read: Police Dismiss Action KNPB in Jayapura, 17 People Arrested).  In Yogyakarta, Papua Student Alliance (AMP) also staged at Kilometer 0, with the demands asked the Indonesian government to free two French journalists. (Read: AMP Yogyakarta Demo degree Urges Two French Journalists Freed).  Youth and students in the city of Appeal, which is incorporated in the AMP Committee Bandung, also carry the action with the same demands. (Read: AMP Bandung Government Degree Action Request Release Two French journalist).  To see pictures of the action in Jayapura: Demand Release Two French Journalists, Police Arrest 17 ​​Members KNPB 

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MONDAY, 13 OCTOBER, 2014 | 17:50 WIB
2) Police, TNI Fail to Arrest OPM Official
TEMPO.COJakarta - The Police and the Indonesian Army (TNI) have failed to arrest the Free Papua Organization (OPM) high-ranking official Maikel Merani, during a raid in Angkaisera Village, Yasin Island. Maikel and dozens of his men managed to escape to the jungle of Kiriyow Mountain.
"We ceased the pursuit. It is their territory," said Inspector General Franky Ronnie Sompie, spokesman of the Indonesian Police.
The raid was based on reports from local residents on the presence of an OPM base nearby. Ronny said that local residents began to raise concern each time OPM extort and threaten them. From the raid, the police managed to confiscate bullets, improvised weapons, army uniform, and motorcycle.
Maikel has been included in the wanted list by Yapen Police since October. Maikel was alleged for committing a series of murder and the incineration of Angkaisera Police headquarter. Ronny said that the police are having a difficult time in tracking Maikel whereabouts, claiming that they will not search the mountain because it is known to be the nest of OPM operatives.

Hundreds of rounds of ammunition  confiscated at Sentani  Airport
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Mon, October 13 2014, 6:19 PM
The Sentani Airport Police (KP3) confiscated hundreds of rounds of ammunition from a 29-year-old male passenger, identified only by the initials TW, who was en route to Wamena in the Jayawijaya regency via an Express Air flight on Sunday.
Papua Police spokesperson, Sr. Comr. Pudjo Sulistyo, said in Jayapura on Monday that police arrested the passenger when he was about to check in at the airport.
“The attempt to smuggle the ammunition was revealed after security officers carried out an X-ray examination of the suspect’s belongings. We found there was ammunition sealed with black tape packed in the bags he brought,” said Pudjo.
TW attempted to evade arrest, but police managed to apprehend him at a location near the Sentani community health center, around 200 meters away from the airport.
“It is suspected that the attempt to smuggle the ammunition was related to the activities of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) separatist organization [led by Maikel Merani] in Lanny Jaya regency,” said Pudjo.
The ammunition confiscated consisted of 112 5.56-calibre bullets, 20 .56-calibre bullet casings, 13 9-calibre bullets and a single 7.6-calibre cartridge. The police also seized one combat weapon and one Nokia mobile phone.
Pudjo said TW was being held in custody in the Jayapura Police headquarters in Sentani.
Earlier, the Papua Police managed to confiscate dozens of home-made weapons and rounds of ammunition during a raid on the OPM’s headquarters by the coastal highway on the north side of Yapen Island, Papua, on Saturday.
“As many as 20 rounds of Mauser ammunition, five home-made weapons, one motorcycle and striped uniforms were confiscated during the raid,” said Pudjo.
“This separatist group has disrupted the security of the Angkaisera people and they [the Angkaisera] are thankful for the raid,” said Pudjo, adding that all OPM members managed to escape arrest during the raid, which had been led by Yapen Islands Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Gatot Susetya. (ebf)(+++)


3) TNI Officer Shot by Police in Papua

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Jayapura, Papua. A military officer was wounded in a shooting between police officers and soldiers in restive Papua province on Monday.
“It happened in Pirime, Lany Jaya district, this afternoon,” Maj. Gen.  Fransen G. Siahaan, head of the Cenderawasih military command, told the Jakarta Globe on Monday.
Fransen said the fight broke out when members of the National Police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) were conducting a raid in Pirime subdistrict.
One member of the Armed Forces (TNI) happened to pass by in a truck. The patrolling Brimob officers insisted on searching the soldier, despite his claim that he was TNI.
“There was a misunderstanding, the Brimob officer scolded the soldier and said: ‘I am not afraid of soldiers!” Fransen said.
The argument escalated and the soldier, whose identity has not been disclosed, stepped out of the truck and walked to the TNI post in Pirime to report the incident to his commander.
The post commander, Lt. Ali, along with several of his men, and the chief of Pirime Police, headed to the location to restore calm.
“But when they approached with the truck, the commander and the police chief were shot — maybe the Brimob members thought they came to retaliate and therefore they opened fire,” Fransen said.
He added that Ali was shot in his leg.
Fransen said the situation in Pirime was under control after the gunfire. He said he had coordinated with the chief of Papua Police to disarm all involved.
Papua Police Chief Insp. Gen. Yotje Mende, however, denied the incident in Pirime altogether.
“It is not true that there has been a shooting between the police and TNI,” he said.
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4) News Photos KNPB Nabire Facilitation Urges People State Exempt 2 French Journalists 
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Nabire, STEP MAGAZINE - This morning on Monday (10.13.14), hundreds of the Papuan people who are members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) held a peaceful rally in West Papua National Flower Garden, Oyehe Nabire. 

They urged the Indonesian government to immediately release two French journalists Thomas Dandois and Valentine Bourrat Papua Police arrested last August 7, 2014 in Wamena of Papua. 

"Today has been 3 months French journalist was isolated by Indonesia in Jayapura. We come together across Papua to Papuans are calling for their liberation. We have them released and return to their media and their families. They are not wrong, what wrong they? There what in Papua? There is what the Indonesian government? "said Chairman KNPB Nabire region, Sadrak Kudiai. 

He explains, "It has been more than 52 years of Indonesian Papua New isolation. Sehendak We can not talk us over our land. Foreign journalists could not enter, international monitors could not enter. All sound we ended up catching and killing. Sometime later we were discharged in state of an isolated and silent. "

Monitoring, the unfurl a banner call action exemption 2 of the journalists. A number of flags KNPB stretched and looked some dressed in traditional Papuan there. 

Escorted hundreds of peaceful demonstrations and dozens of police and army / military armed. The demonstration ended at around 13:00 local time in peace. 

Known, a similar demonstration was held in all the land of Papua, in Jayapura, Timika, Manokwari, Merauke, Wamena, and a number of other districts. Papuan students in Bandung and Yogyakarta also reportedly staged the same. (HI / 003 / MS)

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