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1) Papua Police Raid Separatist Group’s Headquarters

2) Police Not Publish STTP, Fixed KNPB will protest 

1) Papua Police Raid Separatist Group’s Headquarters

By Farouk Arnaz on 07:52 pm Oct 12, 2014
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Jakarta. Police and military officers in Papua managed to occupy the headquarters of separatist group Free Papua Movement in Papua’s Pantura Yapen district during a raid that took place on Saturday morning.
“A special team from the Yapen Islands district police, lead by the local police chief and assisted by a team from the military, launched a raid at the Free Papua Movement’s headquarter,” Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono said in a text message on Sunday.
Pudjo added that the presence of the group has long inflicted fear among local residents, with members often issuing violent threats against individuals who refuse to meet their demands.
“They would often extort from local residents in order to fulfill their needs,” Sulistyo said, “Investigations show there are approximately 15 of them, based on Mount Kiriyow. An exchange of gunfire took place during the raid for about 20 minutes.”
Members of the movement, however, managed to escape the raid and reportedly fled into the forest, leaving police to seize some 20 rounds of ammunition, five firearms, a Vixon motorbike and a camouflage uniform found on the premises.
“We have also taken steps to anticipate any acts of revenge [from the Free Papua Movement], such as by deploying more troops at the Angkasera district police station, monitoring their movements and coordinating with the local regional leaders,” he said.
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2) Police Not Publish STTP, Fixed KNPB will protest 
Author: Benny Mawel on October 13, 2014 at 01:10:06 WP 
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Abepura, Jubi - Papua Police did not issue a Receipt Notification (STTP) on the planned rally the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) related demands they demanded the release of two French junalis, Thomas Dandois and Bourrat Valentine, who was detained at the Immigration Jayapura. This demonstration will dilaksnakan plan on Monday, October 13, 2014. 

Intelkam Papua Police sent a letter of rejection notices peaceful demonstration to KNPB with No. B / 63 / X / 2014 / DIT-Intelkam. Notice regarding the Papua Polada not publish STTP. 

Secretary KNPB Ones Suhuniap through releasenya on Sunday (12/10) said, the reason for rejecting the notification is ancient and widespread, and making it up in order to silence the democratic space in West Papua. 

Ones menguaraikan, Papua Police did not publish the reasons KNPB STTP not registered in Papua Province as an adviser Kesbangpol society organizations in the scope of Papua Province. Papua Police chief judge or letterhead notice KNPB use the symbol attribute banned Morning Star by Rebuplik Unitary State of Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia) to No. 77 in 2007 KNPB also use the stamp using symbols of Papuan independence prohibited by the Homeland. 

Papua Police records every activity rallies or demonstrations KNPB always menyuarahkan aspiration Papua Merdeka, it is contrary to the Law No. 9 In 1998 the Papua police realized his duty as protector and community services, community activities and the activities of civil society organizations (CBOs) will register the same treatment. 

Regarding to sehubugan with explanations as mentioned above, then, the plan will be carried out in conjunction protests on Monday, October 13, 2014 at the Immigration Office Class I Jayapura by KNPB based on the laws and regulations, does not publish the Papua Police Receipt Notification (STTP ). 

Papua Police then threatened KNPB. Perpetrators and participants implementing the delivery of public opinion that does not comply with applicable laws and uandangan, and melaggar legal acts can be sanctioned within their legal laws and regulations applicable undagan. 

Even so, Ones said Papua police reason to reject the notification only attempt suppression of democracy in West Papua, KNPB because the organization is not new, but oraganisasi existed before the Indonesian struggle in Papua, the NCI (National Committee of Papua). "But now we just menambakan B because it is based on political manuvesto NCI declaration on December 1, 1961 to declare the name of the region or country, namely West Papua so that NCI had now become KNPB," he said. 

"Then the reason for rejection of the notification by the Papua Police KNPB on points two and four points on the emblem or symbol based Morning Star No. 77, we judge contrary to the Act of 2001 on Special Autonomy (Autonomy) on the symbol. Papua Police then breaking the law, because the Aceh and Papua as well as a special area, could use regional symbols, while Papua is not, "he said. 

Meanwhile, the reason for the rejection of the activities KNPB always perform aspiration Papua. "KNPB judge is contrary to the Act of 1945 the first paragraph, namely freedom is the right of all nations, therefore, Papua Police violated the 1945 Constitution," he said. 

Reason on points one, says Ones, something that does not make sense because KNPB not born today, but already there before the Homeland KNPB in Papua. "It has been recognized by the Royal Government of the Netherlands and is still valid to this day. For Papuans never dissolved the NCI and the Council of New Gunea Raad, "he said. 

KNPB assess rejection letter notification only reason it's not essential. Therefore, Ones said, KNPB will continue to rally peacefully. "Indonesia must guarantee each state emokrasi pandapat and different political pandagan in Indonesia. Hence any alasanny, KNPB will continue as planned demo. Want to catch please, please would shoot. We never admit keberadaanh Homeland in West Papua, Republic of Indonesia only occupiers, "he said. 

Meanwhile, the KNPB spokesman, bazookas Logo says it just notice the notification, instead of requiring permission from the Papua Police demo. "We continue down the road. We do not need STTP, "he told Jubi in Abepura, Sunday (12/10). (Benny Mawel) 

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