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Google translations of articles in local media in West Papua concerning rallies proposed for the 13 October.

Below are google translations of articles in local media in West Papua concerning rallies proposed for the 13 October. Be-aware google translates can be a bit erratic. Original bahasa links above each article.

Would Holds Solidarity For Two French Journalists, Police Not Publish Letters "Permit" 

Jayapura, --- Regional Police (Police) Papua, reportedly not issue a Receipt Notification (STTP) or the letter "permit" action for the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), which plans to hold the action, on October 13, 2014 future. 

General secretary of KNPB, Suhun Ones said, the action will take place so that the Indonesian government membaskan two French journalists Thomas Dandois and Bourrat Valentine, who was arrested on August 6, 2014 ago, and is still being held at the Immigration Office Class IA, Jayapura, Papua. 
"Papua Police Intelkam through the Director has issued a letter of notification of the rejection of a peaceful demonstration KNPB. Letter B / 63 / X / 2014 / DIT-Intelkam have been received, even though this action notice has been delivered since three days ago, "said Suhun, when contacted, Friday (10/10/2014). 
In the rejection letter issued by police, according Suhun, there are several reasons dikemukan, such organizations are not considered registered KNPB in Papua Province as an adviser Kesbangpol society organizations in Papua. 
In addition, the head or letterhead notice of action filed by the KNPB considered using the symbol of the morning star attributes that are banned by the unitary state of Indonesia No. Rebuplik 77 in 2007. 
Also mentioned by the Police, during any activity rallies or demonstrations conducted by KNPB always voiced the aspirations of Papua Merdeka, because it is considered to be contrary to the Act No. 9 of 1998. 
Also there are several reasons, which according Suhun, is a classic reason and does not make sense, because KNPB planning a peaceful demonstration because it is concerned with the fate of two French journalists who are still being held. 
"The reasons just given Papua police suppression of democracy in West Papua. KNPB is not a new organization but oraganisasi struggle that existed before Indonesia in Papua with the name Papua National Committee, "said Suhun. 
Related symbols, further Suhun, has secured openly in the Special Autonomy Law of the symbol, then further Suhun, Papua Police Special Autonomy Law has been violated because Aceh could use regional symbols, while Papua dianaktirikan in its use. 
Related reasons were the Papua Police often see KNPB Papua theme demo, according Suhun, police had violated the Act of 1945, as the first paragraph has guaranteed freedom is the right of all nations, including the nation of Papua. 
"Indonesia is a country of law and democracy, therefore we will continue to hold a peaceful demonstration. International law also guarantees us to express their opinions in public in peace and dignity, "he said. 
Suhun Further, any reason given by the police, KNPB will continue to do a peaceful demonstration, for international solidarity with journalists who covered our needs in Papua given. 
"If the police want to arrest, or just want to shoot us please, we are concerned only with the two international journalists were arrested, and we have them released. The authorities need to know as well, democratic forms of silencing observed by the international community, "he said. 
The plan, along with KNPB West Papua masses will conduct a peaceful demonstration in Class IA Jayapura immigration office, which is located at Jalan City State Printing Jayapura, Papua. 
Oktovianus POGAU


Want the Truth and Democracy Upright, and 2 French Journalists Free, Calls for National Action KNPB 
  Author: B. Topilus Tebai | Tuesday, October 7, 2014 07:48 Viewed: 651 Comments: 0 

Demo KNPB. Photo: Ist. 

Jayapura, STEP MAGAZINE - Central Board of West Papua National Committee (KNPB BPP) called on the 28 KNPB region, KNPB Consulate, 23 of the Regional Parliament (PRD), all the struggle and all the organizations throughout Papua Papua to provide support and urge Indonesian state freed two French journalists Thomas Dandois and Valentine Bourrat. 

It is called BPP KNPB in releasenya for the invocation of national action for the sake of democracy in Papua and truth, on Monday (10.06.14). 

"KNPB will hold simultaneous national action on October 13, 2014, in the whole country Sorong to Merauke," they wrote. 

KNPB rate it was evidence that the Indonesian state is conscious, planned and systematic continue to make efforts to suppress democracy in Papua. 

"This is done by Indonesian government to cover up the crime in the State of West Papua for 52 years over human rights violations, such as murder, rape, robbery, arrest, torture, imprisonment and racial discrimination and other crimes committed by the state from year to year." 

In the statement, KNPB expressed thanks for the courage of those who went to Papua in order to provide information to the real world. 

"Indonesia has always stop foreign journalists entering just their fear of foreign journalists to report the situation in Papua. Indonesia does not want the world to know about West Papua," wrote KNPB in a release signed by Chairman of KNPB, Agus Kosay and general secretary, Ones Suhuniap it. (Topilus B. Tebai / MS)


This Letter Replies Letter Papua Police Respond KNPB What Not "Allow" KNPB Demo 
By: Oktovianus Pogau | Sunday, October 12, 2014 - 11:50 pm | Viewed: 94 times 

Jayapura, --- Regional Police officers (Police) Papua, through the Director Intelkan, last Friday, has issued a letter that essentially does not "allow" West Papua National Committee (KNPB), conduct a peaceful demonstration on Monday (13/11 / 2014) tomorrow. 

The action plan was held in front of the Immigration Office, Class IA, Jayapura, Papua, with the intention of asking the Indonesian government to free two French journalists Thomas Dandois and Bourrat Valentine, who is now detained since last August 6, 2014. 
The complete letter KNPB Papua Police responded to the letter, a copy of which is sent to the editor, this morning; 
Central Board 
(Central Board Of The National Committee For West Papua) 
Number: 0092.I / EX / SK.BPP-KNPB / X / 2014 
Subject: Clarification and Demonstration Basic Law dated October 13, 2014 
Dear: DIT. Police Intelkam PAPUA 
in - 
T e m p a t 
1 Basis: MUKADIMA Homeland CONSTITUTION 1945 "Freedom is the Right Segalah Nation" 
a. Law No. 9 of 1998 on Freedom of Expression in Public. 
b. Act No. 9, 1999, on Human Rights. 
c. United Nations Universal Declaration No. 10 1948. 
d. United Nations Universal Declaration, in Article 16, on Civil and Political Rights. 
e. Law Enforcement Homeland beyond Papua [Java, Borneo, Sumatra and Sulawesi] not require permit / publish accepted the Letter of Notification (STTP), which Notice that there is a tomorrow or the day after tomorrow is no demonstration, for the security or the police know. 

2 Based on the National Historic West Papuans and the existence of Homeland Government over West Papua that: 
a. KNPB exists and was established in 1961, called Papua National Committee (KNP), before formally occupied Homeland secarah over West Papua. 
b. NCI or now called KNPB is under the rule of Law and Per-Law International Invitation / UN, 1946, Article 37. 
c. NCI / KNPB has been listed in the National People's History and Administration of West Papua. [New Guinea Raad] 
d. Basic History of the Nation over West Papua, Papua existence above Homeland ILLEGAL. Since the Treaty of New York in 1962 and the Engineering Agreement Act of 1969, in which the process is not suitable Principles and Standards and International Human Rights Law. 

3 In accordance with the History and Practice of the Law of Papua Nation Homeland, the KNPB Refuse expressly dir Intelkam Papua Police Letters, No. B / 63 / X / 2014 / DIT-Intelkam. Subject: Notice of No Answer Publication of STTP [Receipt Notification]. 

4. KNPB West Papua remains Mediating People to Action Demo of Peace (Peace Demonstration), in order to urge the Liberation of the State of Origin 2 French journalists were arrested by police in Wamena Homeland on August 6, 2014. 
5. KNPB ready to be responsible for Law Enforcement and Homeland Legislation on West Papua, with whatever consequences, risks and sanctions. 

6 Similarly, the delivery of our. For the good cooperation in Law Enforcement in West Papua, should we submit accepted the Abundant Love. God Bless us all. 

Port Numbay_West Papua, October 10, 2014 
Central Board 
Ones Suhuniap 
Copies To: 
1 West Papua National Parliament [PNWP] 
2 International Parliement For West Papua [IPWP] 
3 International Lawyers For West Papua [ILWP] 
4 Office of the Free Papua Movement [OPM] IN THE UK 
6 Office of the Free Papua Movement [OPM] Pert IN AUSTRALIA 
7 Office of the Free Papua Movement [OPM] IN PNG 
8. MALANESIA Spearhead Group [MSG] 
Previously, Papua Police officers issued a letter, which essentially rejects holding peaceful demonstrations for various reasons. (Read: Will Holds Solidarity For Two French Journalists, Police Not Publish Letters "Permit"). 
Oktovianus POGAU

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