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1) According to Citizens Utikini, Shooting Two Brimob in Tembagapura For Business Miras

2) Papuans to ask for MSG membership
3) Govt to Raise Its Freeport Indonesia Stake to 20% by October

4) Members Allegedly Purom Wenda, Two Civilians Arrested in Wamena


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1) According to Citizens Utikini, Shooting Two Brimob in Tembagapura For Business Miras

Posted by: Benny Mawel on January 26, 2015 at 10:58:15 WP [Editor: Victor Mambor]

Banti village conditions after sweep by security forces. Some defecate residents Utikini panning around this location in police custody and the other fled to Paniai, Puncak and Puncak Jaya - IST

Abepura, Jubi - Contrary to the information that has been submitted by the police, which mentions the murder of two members of the Papua Police Mobile Brigade, carried out by an armed group leader Job Waker, Jubi information collected through Utikini residents and activists said the Church in Tembagapura killing incident two members of the Papua Police Mobile Brigade originated from the liquor business.

A resident of the village Utikini, in Tembagapura, Timika, said the killing of two members of Brimob, Bripda Adriandi and Bripda Ryan Hariansyah on January 1, 2015 and (Read: Amole Task Force Members Freeport-Employee Shot Dead) originated from different types of alcoholic beverages business. Not only two members of the Papua Police Mobile Brigade were killed in the incident, a security guard of PT Freeport Suko Miyartono also died in the same incident. (Read: Three bodies of shooting victims autopsied)

Said residents who can not be named this, the day-to-day work as a volunteer church HAM Papua, there are security officers from various units in December, since December 1, 2014 until January 1, 2015 to supply liquor types of Vodka, Beer Cap Stars and Rats housing and barracks to Freeport employees.

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Drink it, according to residents of this Utikini, also become a commodity sold are purchased by local people that day-to-day life of the tailings panning results Freeport.

"There were the members bring drinks on December 31, 2014 in Barak Employees L 68. This region sterile area. Ordinary citizens can not bring in drinks, "said resident to Jubi, two weeks ago, Saturday (10/1).

Residents who buy drinks it, he said, binge drinking hard until January 1, 2015 with no rest. Residents who are already addicted to ask for more drinks to supplier, but the supplier does not respond. For some reason what happened quarrels between citizens and beverage suppliers.

"Suppliers that do not want to take another drink, raw argument. People who drink supplier's alleged call two people who think the residents are members of the police to come to the location. When it arrived, the people in the ready position to attack, slashing and killing two members of the police. This incident at 9:45 am, "said the resident of this Utikini.

After the murder, he said, the identity of the unknown perpetrators fled into the woods. Residents who inhabit the area surrounding the target of sweeping apparatus panning joint military / police (Read: Chasing Actors Brimob shootings in Tembagapura and Papua Police Pursue Muster 1,576 personnel shooter Brimob). Thousands of people fled their homes leaving livestock and (Read: Military / Police Pursue Job Waker, 6000 Residents Displaced Utikini).

Sweeping, Arrest, Burning Home Residents

In the aftermath, Papua Police personnel deployed thousands of joint pursuit of Job Waker allegedly responsible for the murder of two members of Brimob. (Read: 1576 Muster Papua Police Pursue shooter Brimob personnel)

Said residents in Utikini, the combined apparatus, sweeping entrance to the village Utikini to Towekima at 6 until 7 January. Sweep it happens very brutal and inhumane. The combined forces combing while firing (Read: Chasing Job Waker, Military / Police Arrest Chief Waker). As a result, residents said Utikini, after sweeping it they found two people were injured in contact with hot lead. Residents wounded named Narogay Ela (24) and Yudiman Waker. Yudiman shot in the abdomen and was rushed to the hospital after two days at home residents.

Later, people find other people were injured due to a stab. This citizen named Merson Waker. Merson Waker was seriously injured and was rushed to the hospital.

During the sweep, he said, the authorities claimed to have arrested dozens of people. The number of people arrested more than 200 people.

Sadistic, said the resident, the combined forces arrested a citizen named Thousand Kogoya (30 years). Interrogating officers and treated inhumanely. He was arrested, sliced his head and salt water flushing. The house and farm residents were subjected to emotional outlet officers conducting searches. According to the residents, 439 homes burned down and 1,300 pigs also burned, shot and ran out of the cage disappeared into the woods.

"Two churches that are here. GKII Church in Kembeli and GKIP in Utikini. Sunday, January 11, 2015, all join in worship because Utikini Kembeli stay church building burned down, "he said.


Benny said Pakage, human rights activists Kigmi Church of Papua, sweeping it causes the residents of two villages, two church congregation numbering about seven thousand ran topsy turvy save themselves from the wrath of the combined forces. Five thousands more residents to leave the village and fled into the woods. (Read: Military / Police Pursue Job Waker, 6000 Residents Displaced Utikini)

The displaced people, residents said Utikini, protect yourself jungle without eating and drinking. They could not return home because of all they have disappeared. They are traumatized back and could not get food again.

Therefore, the residents find a way to leave the forest. They are likely to seek a safe area of the apparatus and the pursuit of a safe supply of food and beverages. They fled to the possibility of a different district.

"Residents who fled can not return. Them to Intan Jaya, Ilaga and Timika in order not to starve to death, "he told the Jubi preaching trip displaced people.

Until the writing of this story, said residents, of thousands of displaced people, only about two thousand were returned to Utikini. He said, the rest of the people there are still in the woods, there are to the town of Timika and to the Peak district.

"Into and out of Timika Timika 1900, Intan Jaya, Paniai 2000's. I have information from Ilaga if there are already up there and the rest is returned and there are still in the woods, "he said.

Residents return to Utikini and Timika to inform joint forces conducting searches on January 6 to 7 captured their cattle. Livestock of pork is cut and taken to the town of Timika for sale.

"After sweeping, tenak pigs were taken by the army / police as much as 29 large pigs brought down sales in Timika by members and six pigs in pieces by members in post 4. That access to Utikini of Yomenak," wrote one resident via short message when updating the situation in Utikini to Jubi, Thursday (22/1).

Parties Papua Police said Wednesday it was repatriated in 1000 miners from traditional panning area around Tembagapura. (Read: 1000 Miners someday Claims Police in Timika Traditional)

"We've repatriate about 1,000 miners in order to avoid casualties due to the current security forces still continue to chase to catch the armed groups that kill and take the guns belonged to members of Brimob," said Inspector General of Police Yotje Mende in Jayapura, Friday (16/1).

According to the police chief, before being sent home had been gunfire with armed groups hiding and join the miners. As a result, when done combing it secures hundreds of miners, but most had been sent home.

Police detained about 65 people were arrested during a sweep. 65 This was mentioned in connection with a group called the police as West Papua Interest Asosiation (WPIA). They mentioned the police have obtained WPIA identification and use of the miners residents. (Read: Chasing Job Waker, Police Arrest 65 Residents Utikini, Tembagapura, police go into 65 Witness Utikini with West Papua Interest Asosiation and Again, Papua Police Allegations: Freeport Gold Miners Fund Armed Groups)

The police then set a murder suspect Bripda Adriandi, Bripda Ryan Hariansyah and Suko Miyartono, namely Nelson Waker and Giliman Waker (Read: Police Set Two Suspects Case Mimika). While dozens of others were arrested for allegedly engaging in a prohibited organization groups and members of armed groups Job Waker (AW), has been released due to insufficient evidence. (Mawel Benny)


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2) Papuans to ask for MSG membership

Updated at 7:10 am today
The West Papua National Liberation Front will submit its application for West Papua to become a full member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group by the end of the next week.
Spokesman Benny Wenda says all the members of the Front representing different political groupings are currently in the Vanuatu capital, Port Vila.
Mr Wenda says they will submit their application on February the 5th.
He says it will be an historic moment.
"This is the first time back in our history because our elders also signed an agreement, few times, many times, but failed because of enemy trying to divide that but now this new generation come in and okay this is now we are one voice to form this group to liberate our people."
Mr Wenda says he is confident the group will get full membership sometime this year.

3) Govt to Raise Its Freeport Indonesia Stake to 20% by October

Jakarta. The Indonesian government plans to increase its stake in Freeport Indonesia, the local unit of US gold and copper miner Freeport-McMoRan, to 20 percent by October in a move to benefit more from the country’s natural resources, a minister said on Sunday.
Energy and Resource Mineral Minister Sudirman Said said that Freeport-McMoRan has agreed to divest 10.64 percent of Freeport Indonesia in October. The central government currently has 9.36 percent of Freeport Indonesia.
“We are keen to increase government participation in the company,” Sudirman said at a press conference.
Sudirman did not elaborate on the value of the stake in rupiah nor how the government would come up with the money to buy the shares.
A 2014 government regulation requires every mining company that operates underground mines to divest 20 percent of its shares to the local entity within six years of its operation and increase the divestment to 30 percent within 10 years of operation.
The divestment priority is as follows: central government or regional government; state-owned or regional-owned firms; and private companies.
Sudirman did not say whether the Papuan government would participate in the purchase of the shares.
Investor Daily

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4) Members Allegedly Purom Wenda, Two Civilians Arrested in Wamena
By: Elisa Sekenyap | Monday, January 26, 2015 - 18:39 pm | Viewed: 98 times

Members Allegedly Purom Wenda, Two Civilians Arrested in Wamena
Jayawijaya police chief, Superintendent. Adolof Beay, SE (Photo: Elisa Sekenyap / Sound Papua)
Wamena, SUARAPAPUA .com --- Special Teams (Timsus) combined Jayawijaya Papua Police and Police, civilians were reportedly arrested two alleged members of the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB), leader Purom Wenda.

Jayawijaya police chief, Superintendent. Adolf Beay, told reporters revealed that the two residents were arrested in road Yosudarso, Sinakma, Wamena, on Saturday (01/24/2015), around 19:30 Wit.
One suspect initials WT (32), who were allegedly involved shooting police officers in the Police Lanny Jaya, mid-2014 and, in the village Nambume, Pirime District, which resulted in two members died.
While the second suspect, further Beay, initials NW. From the initial questioning members of the military allegedly involved shooting in Lanny Jaya Regency and forfeiture of weapons belonging to members of the Police Lanny Jaya form of weapons Jenggel.
"Besides those two, there is a student initials KW which acts as a launcher to make an arrest or a witness to the two members," said Beay, told reporters in Wamena, Monday (26/01/2015) afternoon.
Beay police chief said, after three men were arrested Jayawijaya secured in order to conduct further tests and further, Sunday (25/01/2015) dispatched to Papua Police escorted Timsus Police.
As for further details clearly Police Chief Beay, two members of the CLA is under the leadership of Purom Wenda and allegedly involved as perpetrators ambush and shooting of Police Lanny Jaya district police that occurred some time ago.
He also explained that after the arrest of three members of the CLA, Jayawijaya jurisdiction in a safe and conducive.
Furthermore, the police chief said, at the time of arrest no Evidence (BB) is obtained from the two suspects.
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