Thursday, January 1, 2015

1) Attackers kill two policemen and a civilian in Papua

2) Amole Task Force members Freeport-Employee Shot Dead

1) Attackers kill two policemen and a civilian in Papua

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Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - A deadly ambush was launched by unknown armed attackers in Utikini Village of Tembagapura Subdistrict, Mimika District, Papua Province, on Thursday evening, killing two policemen and a civilian, a police officer confirmed here Friday.

The policemen were identified as Chief Brig.Riyan Hariansyah (22) and Chief Brig. M.Adpriadi (22) while the civilian was a worker of Freeport-McMoRan named Suko Miartono (34),Senior Commissioner Patrige Renwarin said.

The coffins of the personnel of South Sumatra Provinces Police Mobile Brigade would be transported to Palembang on Saturday, said Renwarin, spokesman of Papua Provincial Polices headquarters.

According to security sources, the three victims were shot dead and tortured by their attackers.

Their whereabouts were known after a group of policemen conducting a routine patrol found their car near the bridge of Utikini Village or Mile-68 of Tembagapura area.

The attackers also seized the two ill-fated policemens rifles, three ammunition magazines and 125 bullets of 5.56 caliber. (*)

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2) Amole Task Force members Freeport-Employee Shot Dead
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Jayapura, Jubi / Between - Two members of the task force of the Police Mobile Brigade Amole South Sumatra and the employees of PT Freeport was shot dead and persecuted armed civilian groups in Utikini, District Tembagapura, Mimika regency, Papua.

Data were collected between, on Friday said the incident occurred on Thursday (1/1) night (not Friday, 01/02, red) around 21:00 CET was started by members of the task force patrol Amole using hull number 014 900 LWB car driven by Suko Miartono (34 th), the security of PT Freeport.

Both victims of the Bripda Riyan Hariansyah (22 th) and Bripda M Adpriadi (22 th) and South Sumatra Police Mobile Brigade members Suko Miartono unfortunate after fellow victims patrol the same route as there is no contact or communication of the three victims.

Patrol led Ipda Rysky accompanied Brigadier Sandy Prima Nugraha and Bripda Aaron A Rasif when crossing Utikini village near the bridge or at Mile 68 Tembagapura look at the car operations of PT Freeport.

When approached turned out to be the third victim was covered in blood from a gunshot wound and scar persecuted.

In addition to killing the three victims, armed civilian groups (BCC) also managed to seize two firearms along with three types stayer aug magasen and 125 pieces of 5.56 mm caliber ammunition.

Head of the Papua Police spokesman Sr. Patrige warin when contacted Between admitted the incident that killed two members of Brimob along with an employee of PT Freeport.

Both members of Brimob scheduled Saturday (3/1) evacuated to Palembang, South Sumatra, for burial in his hometown, obviously Sr. warin. *

Source: Antara

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