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1) Police Chief Accuses TPN-PB For Actors Member shooting in Paniai

1) Police Chief Accuses TPN-PB For Actors Member shooting in Paniai
2) Amole Task Force Striker Pistol FN Allegedly Use
3) Progress of Education in Papua Depends on Local Government


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1) Police Chief Accuses TPN-PB For Actors Member shooting in Paniai
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Kapolda Tuduh TPN-PB Sebagai Pelaku Penembakan Anggota di Paniai

Mee-pago TPNPB region, Paniai (Photo: Ist)
Jayapura, --- Police Chief (Chief) of Papua, Yotje Mende said, the actors involved in the shooting Brigadier Arif Sumahendra, members Paniai Police on Wednesday (12/31/2014) yesterday, is a member of the National Liberation Army Papua west (TPN-PB).
Based on data collected from Papua Police Public Relations Division, the perpetrators shot Arif at 10:30 CEST in Kampung Dagokebo, TIGI District West. At that time, the victim was riding a motorcycle on the way to the District Dogiyai.

"Both actors using a motorcycle in the act. They are members of the National Army of West Papua (TPNPB) under the leadership of John Yogi.

Luckily, they did not dare to seize the weapons belonged to Arif. Because, at that time, the victim was still conscious, "said Yotje, as written, when met after the New Year celebration in the courtyard of the office of Governor of Papua, Jayapura on Thursday (1/1/2014).

Papua Police have fielded a team Brigade to pursue the perpetrators. "The situation in Paniai still conducive. I have ordered all there along with Brimob officers to arrest the perpetrators, "said Yotje.

Yotje added, Arif's life was saved after undergoing medical treatment in the General Hospital (Hospital) Nabire.

"The team of doctors that we send from Jayapura has successfully raised a bullet which lodged in the victim's stomach," said Yotje ..

Papua Peace Network Coordinator, Pastor Neles Tebay expect all parties do not assume Arif shootings linked to homicides 6 civilians on December 8, 2014 last.

"There should be no perception that the shooting was in retaliation for the killing of five civilians in Enarotali. Investigation into both cases it should still run differently, "said Tebai.

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2) Amole Task Force Striker Pistol FN Allegedly Use
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Source: Antara

Jayapura, Jubi / Between - Armed groups attack patrol Task Force (Task Force) Amole around the village Utikini, District Tembagapura, Mimika regency, on Thursday night, allegedly pistol FN type.

Allegations that after investigators conduct crime scene and found bullet casings allegedly used the group, said Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police Yotje Mende told Antara on Saturday (3/1).

"When facing patrols, armed groups that carry two alleged mobile weapons genius FN as well as a variety of weapons," said Papua Police. (Read: Papua Police Tuding Job Group Waker who Shooting Members in Timika)

It is said, today it continues to chase the group that also seized two firearms were taken both victims of origin of South Sumatra Police. (Read: Chasing Actors Brimob shootings in Tembagapura)

Even on Saturday (3/1) had been a firefight when Brimob officers approached the village suspected hideouts Job Waker.

"When the gunfire, unfavorable weather due to fog suddenly pulled back down so that members," said Papua Police.

He said he will continue to pursue the group Job Waker to retake two guns were taken from both members of Brimob.

The incident took place Thursday 1/1) at around 21:00 CET, began patrols conducted Amole Task Force members to use with no gastric LWB car driven by Suko Miartono 014 900 (34), Freeport security officer.

Bripda Riyan Hariansyah (22) and Bripda M Adpriadi (22) South Sumatra Police Mobile Brigade members, and Suko Miartono unfortunate after fellow victims patrol the same route as there is no contact or communication of the three victims. (Read: Amole Task Force Member Killed Freeport-Employee Shot)

Patrol led Ipda Rysky accompanied Brigadier Sandy Prima Nugraha and Bripda Aaron A Rasif when crossing Utikini village near the bridge or at Mile 68 Tembagapura look at the car operations of PT Freeport. When approached turned out to be the third victim was covered in blood from a gunshot wound and the wound on his body mayhem. (*)


3) Progress of Education in Papua Depends on Local Government

Jayapura, Jubi – The progress of education in Papua depends on the local government, said a member of the Papua Legislative Council, Nathan Pahabol.
The government must take steps to eradicate illiteracy in the region, he said.
“There’s no doubt that the illiteracy rate in Papua is quite high, especially in interior areas. Eradicating illiteracy is very important and still all depends on the local government whether they have toe willingness to promote education,” Pahabol said on Sunday (30/11).
Nathan said when he served as a volunteer teacher in Yahukimo for eight years, he did not get any assistance from the local government. In fact, besides teaching at school, he also taught how to read and write for the housewives.
“I went to Germany twice to seek some aid and thankfully there were donors who were willing to provide some assistance,” he said.
He also remarked on government’s policy to move some elementary schools in the village to the capital of regency due to no teachers.
“Actually, the government should have placed teachers in the villages. It is the responsibility of regent. As a regent, he must find a solution to any problems that exist in the region, ” he added.
On one occasion, the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe acknowledged that there are still some obstacles that hinder the progress of education in Papua.
“Many children aged 7 to 12 years and 13 to 15 years have not had the opportunity to enjoy basic education services due to the limited availability of school buildings. “said Lukas Enembe that time. (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)

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