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1) Thirteen Nabbed following Deaths of Brimob, Freeport Personnel

2) 13 Group Members Arrested Job Waker

THURSDAY, 08 JANUARY, 2015 | 12:32 WIB
Thirteen Nabbed following Deaths of Brimob, Freeport Personnel
TEMPO.COJayapura - The Papua Police have nabbed 13 members of an armed separatist group led by Ayub Waker following the deaths of two Mobile Brigade personnel and a Freeport employee in Utikini village, Mimika regency on January 1.
"It is suspected that they are part of the group responsible for the attack,” Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Yotje Mende told reporters in Jayapura, Papua on January 7, 2014.
Yotje said the police arrested a suspect named Mekson Waker in an operation launched only hours upon the discovery of the bodies of the Brimob members and Freeport employee.
“Then on Tuesday, January 6, we apprehended another one with initials GM, who, when we found him, had already suffered a shot wound from his back through his bottom. GM was left behind by his group after a gunfight with the police,” he said.
“The next day, on January 7, 2015, we arrested 11 more, who surrendered after another firefight with us. We didn’t kill them and they are now investigated at the Tembagapura Police Station,” Yotje explained. 
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2) 13 Group Members Arrested Job Waker

Performers Shooting Two members of Brimob Use FN Weapons

Jayapura - Joint Team troops Brigadier Mobile (Brimob) together Papua Police, Police Mimika in military aid managed to catch as many as 13 people Job Waker group, which has been responsible for the shooting of two members of Brimob and 1 security PT Freport Indonesia, on January 1, 2015 and . Papua police chief, Inspector General of Police, Drs. Yotje Mende said the arrest of 13 people conducted two third consecutive time.
"First we capture the NW when conducting searches on the location of the death of two members of Brimob and Security. Approximately 500 meters of the location saw 3 people and direct pursuit. NW was captured along with evidence Bayonet. He (NW) forced dilumpukan for resisting, but not shot, "said Police Chief Yotje accompanied by the Head of Public Relations in the Papua Police Raputama Papua Police Headquarters, Wednesday (7/1).
After the arrests, members of the Police Mobile Brigade Papua continue conducting searches at the headquarters of the group Job Waker, on Tuesday (6/1). "When it comes in contact with the group Job Waker weapon. But as members continue to chase, they eventually escape into the forest. In finding the location of the group they identified as the GM with a gunshot wound penetrating ass back part right, "he said.

While 11 others were arrested on Wednesday (7/1) yesterday. They include, KW, DT, JK, MW, AM, AW, BW, BC, MW (Women), MMW (Women), and OM. "Now we have caught as many as 13 people who claimed to be members of the armed group leaders Job Waker," he said.
Furthermore, the police chief Yotje, arrest of GM found a letter in the left pocket Job Waker that reads "This is an area of War". "Sadistic once, after his last shot left and put the letter in the pocket. We did not get to catch Job Waker, because when gunfire escaped along with some members, "he said.

In fact, he continued, when the gunfire members in the field could see Brimob Stayer weapons looted by one of their group. "There are weapons belonging to members of Brimob seized. We no longer possible to chase down to the woods there. Because given the very difficult terrain. We also do not want to die stupid, but we continue to pursue, "he said.
In penggebakan by members of Brimob, logistic troops have now been cut off for the group, which so far they got the logistics of illegal gold miners in the region of Kali Blurred, Kampung Utikini, Mimika, Papua.
"There is a road through to Ilaga but we've closed by alerting 2 platoon to close their way out. Incoming information, they are now spreading and topsy-turvy when gunfire. But clearly Job Waker is still with them, his group of about 50 people, "he said.

Performers Shooting Two members of Brimob Use FN Weapons
Meanwhile, the results if the crime scene (TKP) by Tim Labforensik of Police Headquarters assisted identification of Papua Police team for the shooting of two members of the Mobile Brigade, teridentivikasi that perpetrators fired two members and one Security Brimon using FN weapons.
"These preliminary results conducted by the Laboratory of Forensic crime scene (Labfor) Police Headquarters. The victim was shot at close range with a shotgun type of FN, "he said.

It was also strengthened, after finding as many as 13 bullets kind of FN. "Indeed, the bullet can be used other weapons, but the bullet FN. In conclusion senpi FN. So do not use a gun belonging to members of Brimob deprived, "he said.
In addition to a 13 grain bullet selongsor FN, said provincial police chief, members of the field also found three rounds of ammunition stayer which has not been used by the perpetrators. "Maybe the group attempted to shoot with weapons belong the spoils of our members, but did not explode," he said. (Loy / don / l03)

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