Thursday, January 29, 2015

1) Two people shot by armed civilian group in Lanny Jaya

2) Five military personnel  caught selling ammunition  in Papua 
3) TNI to severely punish  weapon sellers


1) Two people shot by armed  civilian group in Lanny  Jaya 
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Thu, January 29 2015, 5:00 PM - 

Two residents of Popome village in Popome district, Lanny Jaya regency, Papua, were shot by an armed civilian group on Thursday, highlighting the fragile security situation in the area.
The shooting of two employees of local exploration firm PT Nirwana -- Gurik Murib, 25, and Markus, 26 – occurred at around 6 a.m. local time. The armed civilian group also burned down an excavator during the attack.
The Lanny Jaya administration regional secretary, Chris Sohilait, said the two victims had been evacuated to Wamena Regional General Hospital (RSUD), Jayawijaya, to receive medical treatment.
“Gurik was shot in the arm while Markus got fragments of bullet in his head,” he told The Jakarta Post.
The security situation in Lanny Jaya is reported to have returned to normal and residents are able to carry out their daily activities.
Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Yotje Mende said he would collect further information about the shooting incident. “I have not yet received a report about it,” he told the Post. (ebf)(++++)

2) Five military personnel  caught selling ammunition  in Papua 
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Thu, January 29 2015, 7:23 PM - The Military Region XVII/Cendrawasih Military Police (Pomdam) is investigating five members of the Cendrawasih military district command in Jayapura, Papua, who were allegedly selling ammunition to armed civilian groups in the province.

“The five Indonesian Military personnel being investigated are from the military district command’s Ajendam division. Two out of the five persons are proven to have been involved in the ammunition-selling, while the three others are still being investigated,” said Cendrawasih military district command chief Maj. Gen. Fransen G. Siahaan in Jayapura on Thursday.
“I consider the five military personnel to be state traitors. They are ‘fish bones’ in the flesh because they have become enemies from inside this military command. They gave ammunition to armed civilian groups that was used to shoot and kill Indonesian Military and National Police members, as well as civilians,” he added.
Fransen said the Cendrawasih military district command was continuing to increase monitoring activities both inside and outside the institution after arresting three military personnel in Wamena last year. The military personnel were arrested for having been involved in ammunition-selling to the Puron Wenda group, which led armed civilian groups controlling the Pegunungan Tengah area in Papua.
“From further internal investigations, we found these five traitors. I never expected that the traitors would come from our own division,” Fransen said.
“Based on our commander's order, any soldier involved in ammunition-selling must be punished as severely as possible. They deserve to be sentenced to death or to face a life sentence and be dismissed from the Indonesian Military,” he went on.
The five military personnel are First Sgt. NHS, 25; First Pvt. S, 27; First Pvt. RA, 29; Maj. Sgt. S, 39 and First Sgt. MM, 46.
A joint Indonesian Military and National Police team arrested two of the five individuals while they were carrying out a transaction with three members of an armed civilian group at the Papua Trade Center in Jayapura on Wednesday. The remaining three soldiers were thought to be involved in collecting the ammunition.
Fransen said an investigation was ongoing to find out whether the ammunition came from the Ajendam division or from other units. (ebf)(+++)

3) TNI to severely punish  weapon sellers
Nani Afrida, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Archipelago | Thu, January 29 2015, 7:26 PM - 
 The Indonesian Military (TNI) will impose severe punishments on any of its personnel who try to sell weapons or any other military equipment to members of the separatist movement in Papua.
“Selling bullets and military weapons are totally forbidden for military personnel. It’s almost like they want to kill their own comrades. So, if we discover this, the personnel will be automatically discharged and must be brought before a military court,” TNI spokesperson Maj. Gen. Fuad Basya told The Jakarta Post in Jakarta on Thursday.
It has been reported that a soldier was arrested for selling guns and ammunition to members of the Free Papua Movement (OPM).
Fuad said the military was very careful in storing its ammunition and it was impossible for soldiers to simply grab the bullets from the armory.
He assumed the illicit ammunition had been misappropriated during range training.
“Perhaps the soldier uses only 10 bullets during training, but reports having used up more. It is the only possibility,” he explained.
According to Fuad, one soldier has been arrested and the military police will try to discover whether there are other soldiers involved in the case. (nfo)(+++)


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