Sunday, February 1, 2015

1) Brimob Post Meets Local Requirement, Says Jayawijaya Police Chief

2Papua Police Chief Admits Soldiers’ Involvement in Bullet Trading
3) Papua Police Officer Allegedly Trades in Stolen Motorcycles
4) Health Department Continues to Improve Health Care Service
5) Prehistoric caves found in Papua


1) Brimob Post Meets Local Requirement, Says Jayawijaya Police Chief

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Wamena, Jubi – Following  opposition by students and other memebers of the public to plans to build a Mobile Brigade post in Wamena, Jayawijaya Police Chief Adolf Beay insisted that the project was supported by the community and the government.
He said the local community and Jayawijaya Government believed a Brimob Post should be built for the Papua Central Highland area given the vulnerable security situation.  He also added that some Hukubiak tribal chiefs have approved its location that precisely located at the Honai Resort Hotel.
“The idea is to maintain security in new established regencies, namely Yalimo, Nduga, Tolikara, Lanni Jaya and Memberamo Tengah. It is to anticipate social unrest that might occur in Jayawijaya Regency and its surrounding new regencies,” he said.
In anticipating the rejection of local landowners to build the definitive Brimob troop Station at Maloma, Wouma and Welesi sub-districts, the Police Chief expected it could be discussed with the Jayawijaya Regent. However, he firmly refused a mass protest that will be held on next Monday (2/2) to express rejection on Brimob Headquarter.
“Because the situation in Wamena is still safe. About the location, let the local government discuss it with the landowners,” he said,
Earlier, many parties including the Jayawijaya students at Jayapura, the tribal chief and human right activist of the Papua Central Highland refused the Brimob Post at Wamena.
The Tribal Chief Markus Lanny said the Jayawijaya Regency has already safe and under control, therefore it’s not necessary to build a Brimob Post in this regency.  “I am the Jagara Welesi Tribal Chief represent the Lanny-Tapo and Matuan clans firmly refused a Brimob Post in Jayawijaya,” he told to reporters at the Wamena Prison on Wednesday (28/1). (Islami/rom)


2) Papua Police Chief Admits Soldiers’ Involvement in Bullet Trading

Jayapura, Jubi – After denying about soldiers’ alleged involvement in selling bullets to rebels, Papua Police Chief Inspector General Yotje Mende finally admitted that police have detained five military members and three civilians in the case.
“We are still developing the case. I handed them to the Regional Military Command. It’s right, there are five soldiers as reported in the media,” Mende said on Thursday (29/1).
He said the police have monitored the bullet trading for some time.
He received a report from the Police Special Force about the bullet transaction involving members of security forces, but it was initially unclear if they were soldiers or police.
“We monitored their movement. But I warned my team they should know first their enemies before ambushing them because they also have the weapons. A gunfire might be happened during the ambush,” he said. Therefore he decided to order his team to arrest the buyers in anticipating the unwanted situation.
“Then, there was a bullet transaction. The apparatus sold 500 bullets to the armed group. We arrested three persons who support the rebel group of Puron Wenda. They are the undercover members who assigned in the town for bullet supplies,” he said.
The Police Chief said the 500 bullets were sold for 10 million rupiahs. But they just paid 7.5 million rupiahs. The three civilians are now under the Papua Police’s custody. They are threatened being sentence on illegal bullet possession.
“We indicate there’s a syndicate. We will reveal it after investigation against the arrested civilians. Related to the military members, please ask the Regional Military Commander. The bullets found are 5.56-millimeter caliber.  We have secured the evidences but I can not tell the detail now because it’s still under investigation,” he said.
Meanwhile, separately the Cenderawasih XVII Regional Command is still investigating the source of bullets in the transaction defeated by the Joint Police and Military Force at Entrop, Jayapura on Wednesday (28/1).
The Cenderawasih XVII Regional Military Commander, the Major General Fransen Siahaan said the military is still investigating this case because the stock of bullets at the military’s warehouse is still complete. None of them are missing.
“It’s all intact.  The standard procedure is correct. It means where are those coming from? Is it just a business or something elses. There are five soldiers who currently being questioned. But it could be more,” the Commander Siahaan said without revealing their names during the press conference at Cenderawasih XVII Regional Military Headquarter on Thursday afternoon (29/1).
According to him, he has already checked the training schedule of soldiers, how many bullets used in the training and how many bullets left in the warehouse. It’s all done properly based on the standard procedure. No bullets are missing.
“We are still tracking the possibility of other parties’ involvement. Could it be already structured, systematic and so on? Has it the bullets reported run out in the training session while it didn’t use at all. Or the soldiers brought it home in their day-off. We will investigate it,” he said.
He further said the military members who involved in the bullet trading definitely would be fired. He admitted glad this syndicate was revealed. It could be maintained since decades and become a threat to the Military. The soldiers who sold the bullets to the armed groups are deserved to sentence death or life imprisonment. However, the Commander didn’t further explain about the meaning of ‘being maintained’ and who’s behind it.
“We will discover whoever stand behind it. I don’t feel ashamed. It’s our duty. I am glad if the syndicate could be revealed whether it is part of internal or external organization. They are my enemies. They are traitors. They hired by this country but they the traitors of state. They hired by the Country but trait it. No tolerance for them.(Arjuna Pademme/Dominggus Mampioper/rom)

3) Papua Police Officer Allegedly Trades in Stolen Motorcycles

Jayapura, Jubi – An officer of Papua Police is accused of trading in stolen motorcycles.
Papua Police Chief Inspector General Yotje Mende said it’s not only the military members who become receivers of stolen motorcycles as reported by media but some police officers were allegedly involved.
“It involves both military and police officers,” Mende told reporters on Thursday (29/1).
He said  the officer would be fired if he was found guilty.
“I have proposed taking him to a tribunal  for his dismissal. We don’t want to keep such officer.  So, he wouldn’t wear the police uniform at the court. It’s shameful. So, it’s not only involved the military but police officers. The officer, he is non-commissioned officer at the Papua Police,” he said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


4) Health Department Continues to Improve Health Care Service

Jayapura, Jubi – The Health Department of Papua Province is seeking to improve basic services by reaching all health centers through the Healthy Papua Card (KPS).
“We continue to improve health services so that all the Papuan people will get better health care,” the head of the department, Aloysius Giay, told reporters in Jayapura, Papua, on Thursday (29/1).
The Healthy Papua Cards ( KPS) have been distributed to the 29 regencies and cities in Papua based on the technical guidance of its implementation, he said.
“The people can receive the cards in hospitals and/or health centers in all regencies and cities. Even in the near future, we will work closely with churches so that the cards can be obtained in the churches,” he added.
Previously, member of Commission V of Papua Legislative Council on education and health, Gerson Somamewanti hoped that KPS program can be used for the Papuan people who cannot afford medical treatment.
“The government should really be careful in the administration and distribution process that the cards would go to those who are in need,”Gerson Soma said to Jubi on Tuesday (6/1). (Alexander Loen/ TN)


5) Prehistoric caves found in Papua

Minggu, 1 Februari 2015 17:39 WIB | 636 Views
Jayapura (ANTARA News) - The Archaeology Office of Jayapura has in its research found prehistoric caves used to be inhabited by prehistoric people in the Karst hilly areas of Lake Sentani, Jayapura, Papua, a researcher said.

"The caves discovered are the Rukhabulu Awabu, Ifeli-feli and Ceruk Reugable caves," researcher Hari Suroto of the Jayapura Archaeology Office, said here on Sunday.

He said that their physical conditions and surroundings near a water source, where artifacts such as pottery, lake mollusc shells, marine mollusc shells and animal bones, indicated that the caves were used as human dwellings during the Neolithic age.

"The findings of the marine mollusc shells in the Reugable site and Cave Rukhabulu Awabhu, illustrate that in the past the inhabitants of the two sites have been consuming marine mollusks," he said.

This is very interesting because there is proof that the inhabitants of the caves had communications with the community members living in the coastal areas of the youtefa Bay.

"This indicates that the prehistoric men have already had communications with each other as proven by the findings of the sea mollusc shells in the caves," he said.

After all, the type of soil in the three caves are not suitable for producing potteries. Thus, it is concluded that the potteries found in the caves came from other places outside the cave areas.

"The black color found outside the potteries indicated that they were also used to cook," he said.

Lake Sentani is located in an area between the Jayapura city and the District of Jayapura with a width of 9,300 hectares. It is part of the Cyclops Nature Preserve.


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