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1) Campaigning for a Free West Papua: Perspectives From an Exiled Activist

2) Mappi Resident Allegedly Shot By Marine
3) Development Concept in Papua Unique and Different
4) Intan Jaya Government Neglects Students Outside Papua
5) West Papua Police sink  Vietnamese vessel

1) Campaigning for a Free West Papua: Perspectives From an Exiled Activist
Despite Indonesia's claims that it has implemented reforms in annexed West Papua and that abuses against Papuans are a thing of the past, there is little evidence of substantial improvement in the situation.
West Papua is a province of Indonesia, but there is a movement that seeks to make it an independent state. Indonesia is accused of occupying the territory since the 1960s. Activists have also decried the repressive rule of Indonesia in West Papua, including its brutal suppression of the independence campaign.
As reported by East Timor and Indonesia Action Network last December, there has been an increase of Indonesian armed personnel in West Papua, which is already the most militarized region in Indonesia.
Violent clashes between some Indonesian armed forces in West Papua and the local population have intensified in recent years. Last December, the police was accused of killing young protesters.
Paul Inggamer, 43, an activist and a consular assistant of the Vanuatu Consulate in Hague, shares with Global Voices his thoughts about the situation in West Papua and his hopes for his ancestral land.
Global Voices (GV): How did you become involved in the independence struggle of West Papua?
Inggamer: It was after my first visit to my homeland in 1998 that things started to get clear for me. Seeing, experiencing the real life in West Papua. After going to West Papua in 1998, something broke inside. That trip changed my whole perspective. Seeing is believing. I saw my family, I saw my people, their struggle, their life.
GV: How long did you stay in West Papua?
Inggamer: I lived in West Papua from April 2004 till July 2008. I was deported (by the Indonesian authorities) and declared persona non grata. Indonesian intelligence observed me at various political gatherings, one of which was at the Kongres National in 2006. By that time I worked as a media consultant for Metro Papua TV.
GV: What challenges did you face when you were living in West Papua?
Inggamer: People saw me as a bule (“foreigner” in Bahasa Indonesia). Saya orang Papua asli. (I am an indigenous Papuan). Not a foreigner. I own a stretch of land on Auki island (Padaido Islands) near Biak. I am a customary land owner, but to Indonesians I am a bule.
GV: Is it true that there are now more Indonesians coming to West Papua. And that Papuans are becoming a minority. What are your thoughts on this?
Inggamer: Yes. That is true. Every week there are PELNI ships arriving in Sorong, Manokwari, Nabire, Biak and Jayapura with thousands of migrants from Java.
GV: From what I read on social media and the news, West Papuans are disappointed with past presidents. What do you think of the new head of state, President Joko Widodo? Do you expect the see the protection of human rights and promotion of justice under the new government?
Inggamer: Joko is Suhartoism without Suharto. [Suharto was Indonesia's leader and dictator who ruled for three decades until he was ousted from power in 1998]. Joko is a puppet. The military still and will always dictate.
GV: What is the next action of the West Papua independence campaign?
Inggamer: The United Liberation Movement West Papua will submit an application for FULL membership in the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG). Indonesia is just an observer in this body. If West Papua gets full membership like FLNKS (Kanak Independence Movement, New Caledonia) then the whole situation, the whole spectrum changes.
The next step after the MSG will be the United Nations.
GV: Do you receive support from other countries or governments in the region?
Inggamer: Regional support is important. Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Fiji are on the side of Indonesia but things are changing in PNG. The people of PNG are more aware about the threat that is Indonesia.
Vanuatu has been the only country in the world which gives West Papua a political platform and support. The Vanuatu Support is a bill that was unanimously adopted by Vanuatu parliament in 2010. It was derived from a peoples petition tabled in parliament. Its purpose was to express Vanuatu's recognition of West Papua's independence from Indonesia. And to commit Vanuatu to actively seek full membership for West Papua in the Melanesian Spearhead Group and the Pacific Island Forum. The bill was supported by the then Prime Minister Edward Natapei and opposition leader Korman.
Inggamer (L) with West Papuan independence leader Benny Wenda – image by Inggamer
GV: What is the prospect of the campaign?
Inggammer: I believe in the power of unity. I know how divided Papuans were but now we are united and we fully use of Vanuatu as a platform for our struggle. Momentum is building. Step by step we will get what is needed. First the MSG. Next the UN. Freedom is at the end of the tunnel. Indonesia has tunnel vision. With Papuans being united there is light at the end of the tunnel.
GV: What about international pressure on Indonesia?
Inggamer: International reaction on West Papua has always been like this: Don't talk about massacres, human rights abuses, simply don't mention anything about West Papua to Jakarta. The world still supports Indonesia's annexation of West Papua. The question is how long. Wait what happens when we as united Papuans submit our application to the MSG. We believe in unity. Unity brings the people of Melanesia together. Together we are strong. Together as one for West Papua.

2) Mappi Resident Allegedly Shot By Marine

Merauke, Jubi – Talema Waitipo, a 19-year old resident of Maam area of Bade Sub-district, Mappi Regency was still being treated at Merauke Navy Hospital after being shot allegedly by a marine guarding PT. Dongeng Prabawa. The bullet hit him on the left right and right chest, while another victim, Yance Doga, was allegedly slashed in his hand by a bayonet.
A relative of the victim , Bernadus Wuka, told Jubi at the Navy Hospital on Monday (9/2) that some local residents witnessed both victims were apparently wounded by a marine who guarded around the area of PT. Dongeng Prabawa.
He explained the attack occurred on 8 February 2015 at around 03:00 AM. Both victims were previously taken to PT. Dongeng Prabawa’s clinic at Bade Sub-district but due to a lack of medical equipment, they were referred to Navy Hospital at Merauke.
“Currently they has gradually recovered, but they will still need further treatment for next several days, in particular Talema who got a gunshot. He still cannot speak well due to his injuries,” Wuka said.
Jubi was informed that a day before the incident, a resident celebrated a birthday party on 7 February 2015 with dancing and drinking until dawn. Affected by alcohol, some people started making noise and disputing against each other. Then some marines came to the scene to intervene them by shot a fire for warning but it didn’t work. They kept attacking instead.
Several hours later, the informer said the local residents came to the scene and find two injured residents. They were immediately taken to the clinic for help. But their families were angry and harmed the clinic facilities.
Separately, the Merauke XI Navy Commander Brigadier General Buyung Lalana told reporters in the press conference the incident was triggered by liquor during a party held in Maam area. Since this party was reportedly interrupting the local residents, the security force of military and police conducted a patrol, but people assumed their presence to disturb and invent the party.
“That’s right some people who already drunk started a riot. It enforced our member to open fire to the air. Initially it was them who started it,” he said.
He further admitted about the injured residents who were taken to the clinic.
“I has received the report that the victim wasn’t injured by the bullet,” he firmly said.
However, he promised to continue the further investigation. If the marines were arrogant, they would be punished accordingly. On the other hand, if the residents were arrogant and disturbed other people’s comfort, they obviously could not be tolerated. (Frans L Kobun/rom)


3) Development Concept in Papua Unique and Different

Jayapura, Jubi – The development concept in Papua is different from those of other provinces in Indonesia and its development must be done based on each region due to unique geographical condition, the head of Regional Development Planning Agency of Papua Province, Muh Musa’ad sa
“The regional development programs of Papua, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java etc, have been described in the third book of National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN), ” Musa’ad said in Jayapura on Sunday (8/2/15). While the second book was mostly about sectoral programs.”
He  said major issues of governance now are more about food security, maritime affairs, energy and tourism.
Earlier, head of National Development Planning Agency ( Bappenas) Andrinof A. Chaniago also said in the 2015-20189 RPJMN Public Consultation Forum on the plans for Sea Toll in Moliccas and Papua which will be integrated with the path connectivity of west and east.
In addition, according to the 2014 Marine Regional Development Plan Meeting, Moluccas and Papua would be the pivot of national development. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)


4) Intan Jaya Government Neglects Students Outside Papua

Jayapura, Jubi – The education department of Intan Jaya has neglected students who have studied  outside Papua since 2013, a senior high school student said.
“There was no communication since we attended the school. The local government has not come to see us for about three semesters.” the student who refused to be named told Jubi from Bali, where he is studying.
When asked about students’ living allowances, the student replied that they got from the central government only. ” Yes, we received living allowance money but it is not enough to meet our monthly needs,” he said
Separately, the secretary of the education department of Intan Jaya regency, Dominic Ulukyanan, confirmed to Jubi via cellphone on Sunday (02/08/2015), that there was no fund for the year of 2013 and 2014.
“As it was not allocated it so it is difficult for us. Actually, the budget has been proposed yet it was not realized, ” Ulukyanan explained.
Last time we planned each student would receive one million per month but it was canceled because in the 2014 Autonomy funds was already used up.
“There is a education budget allocated for 2015 from regent that would be realized by education department through regent’s recommendation, “he said. He hoped that, by 2015 it can help them. (Arnold Belau/ Tina)

5) West Papua Police sink  Vietnamese vessel
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Raja Ampat | Archipelago | Tue, February 10 2015, 6:42 PM -
The West Papua Police blew up Vietnamese vessel KM Thanh Cong, seized by the police’s water police unit (Polair) for alleged illegal fishing on Jan. 19, in the waters near Saonek Monde Island in Raja Ampat regency, West Papua, on 11:15 a.m. local time on Tuesday.
Eight personnel of the Mobile Brigade’s (Brimob) Detachment C based in Sorong, Papua, blew up the vessel using explosives in a procession led by West Papua Police chief Brig. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw. The team exploded the bombs with a remote control from a location at a distance of 200 meters from the blasting site.
Raja Ampat regent Marcus Wanma witnessed the blasting procession from the deck of machine vessel KM Bahari Express, which dropped anchor around 500 meters from the Vietnamese vessel. Hundreds of Raja Ampat residents also witnessed the first ever explosion of foreign-flagged vessels in the regency from small boats parked not far from the blasting site.
Two thundering blasts followed by flames were heard before the Vietnamese fishing vessel weighing 55 gross tons sank to the bottom of the waters in only 10 minutes.
The destruction of the foreign vessel that committed illegal fishing in Raja Ampat was the first for the provinces of Papua and West Papua or the second in eastern Indonesia after the Indonesia Navy exploded two Papua New Guinean vessels seized for alleged illegal fishing in Ambon, Maluku, on Dec. 24, 2014.
“The destroying of the vessel is proof that we, who are on guard in northern areas of the eastern most Indonesian province, remain consistent in carrying out a synergistic effort to handle law violations in our waters and coastal areas,” said Waterpauw.
“This will hopefully bring a deterrent effect for anyone who intends to illegally fish in this area,” he said. (ebf)(+++)


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