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 2) Police Successfully Arrest Labora Sitorus
3) Police, Prosecutors Finally Re-Detain Labora Sitorus

FRIDAY, 20 FEBRUARY, 2015 | 20:54 WIB
1) Govt' Urges Freeport to Finish Building Smelter in 2017.  

TEMPO.COJakarta - The government urges Freeport Indonesia to finish building its copper smelter in Gresik by 2017. "The smelter in Gresik must begin operation in 2018, so it has to be finished in 2017," said R. Sukhyar, director of Mineral and Coal at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry on Wednesday, February 19, 2015.
He believed that the target could be achieved because there are no more obstacles in building the smelter. In addition to providing infrastructures, Freeport has also preapred industries that absorb byproducts.
Freeport had also received requests to revise its smelter capacity to support te availability of raw materials along with plans to build smelters by other companies.
Previously, Freeport Indonesia president director Maroef Sjamsuddin, said that the construction of the smelter in Gresik is ongoing and currently in the stage of licensing. "Building smelter involves many factors such as technical factor, legal factor, licensing and feasibility study," he said.
Development of the smelter in Gresik by Freeport is carried out in cooperation with Mitsubishi. The amount of investment for the smelter reached up to US$15 billion (around Rp 187.1 trillion) to build an underground mine, and US$2.3 billion (around Rp 28.7 trillion) to build the smelter itself.
FRIDAY, 20 FEBRUARY, 2015 | 17:44 WIB
2) Police Successfully Arrest Labora Sitorus
TEMPO.COJakarta - Spokesman of the National Police Headquarter Ronny Sompie, confirmed that Labora Sitorus, who was convicted for money laundering and several other crimes, has been arrested. "We have received information [from Papua]," he told Tempo.
Ronny said that Labora's arrest went smoothly after local government officials and local figures made several approaches in the last few days. At the moment, Labora is being detained at the Sorong Penitentiary, West Papua.
Previously, Labora made the news headline for resisting arrest and claiming that he have received an official letter that stated that he can be released. Labora was previously arrested for owning a massive account of Rp 1.5 trillion.
The former police was supposed to stay imprisoned for 8 years and pay Rp 50 million fine for his crime.

3) Police, Prosecutors Finally Re-Detain Labora Sitorus

By Jakarta Globe on 11:27 am Feb 20, 2015
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Jakarta- The Papua Police together with a team of prosecutors forcibly detained rogue cop and money-laundering convict Labora Sitorus early on Friday, news portal reported.
The notorious officer from the West Papua Police was sentenced to 15 years in prison for graft and money laundering, but managed to get permission to leave jail for medical reasons — and then just refused to return.
It was reported recently that Labora was residing in his house in Sorong, in a residential complex owned by Rotua, the timber company at the center of his illegal-logging case. Employees were guarding the complex, previously preventing local police from picking up the fugitive.
Labora, a low-ranking officer in a police station in the remote Raja Ampat islands of West Papua, grabbed national media headlines in 2013 after he was found to have laundered Rp 1.5 trillion ($118 million) through his personal bank accounts, apparently from his illegal logging and fuel hoarding businesses.
Kompas reported that Labora would again be held in Sorong, not in Jakarta.

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