Sunday, February 15, 2015

1) Indonesian Police Will Continue to Build Mobile Brigade’s Headquarters in Wamena

2) Pacific churches press Jokowi over Papua
3) Regional Councils in Papua’s Eight Regencies Have Not Be Launched

4) Five Soldiers Involved in Bullets Trading Will Be Discharge


1) Indonesian Police Will Continue to Build Mobile Brigade’s Headquarters in Wamena

Jayapura, Jubi/Antara – Papua Police Chief Inspector General Yotje Mende confirmed the Indonesian Police will continue to build the Mobile Brigade’s Headquarters in Wamena following the shootings by some armed groups.
“Many considerations were taken before deciding to build it at Wamena,” the Chief confirmed during the meeting with some community and religious leaders in Jayapura on Thursday (12/2/2015). He said the armed groups are currently becoming a threat that potentially growing into a serious danger for the future if it was tolerated. Moreover, these groups were often shooting against the security force as well as civilians around this region, such as the groups led by Enden Wanimbo and Puron Wenda.
“The headquarters will help the mobile brigade officers to overcome these troubles,” Chief Mende said. He further revealed currently the operational cost covered by State is very high, especially when it should send a troop. But, if there is a headquarters in Wamena it will help accommodating the troop’s delivery as well as reducing the operation cost,” the Chief said as he promised to keep eye on the plan.
Further he admitted during their acts, the armed groups were recorded conducting seventy-three shootings that have killed nine police officers, four soldiers and seven civilians. “I ask for your support to avoid any casualties in the future,” said the chief. He promised ensuring his officers to act properly in carrying their duty as law enforcement: they will not only strict but also be humanist. (*/rom)

2) Pacific churches press Jokowi over Papua

Updated at 10:54 am today

The moderator of the Pacific Conference of Churches, Reverend Dr Tevita Havea, says despite Mr Widodo's assurances last year, security forces have continued to torture and kill West Papuans.
The Reverend Havea says there is no place in the Pacific for wanton violence and the region's leaders must act decisively to stop police and military officers from taking power into their own hands.
He also called for the lifting of a ban on foreign journalists from entering West Papua.


3) Regional Councils in Papua’s Eight Regencies Have Not Be Launched

Jayapura, Jubi/Antara – The Regional Legislative Council in eight regencies in Papua have not been launched yet as the members have not inaugurated yet.
The Papua Police Chief Inspector Yotje Mende in the meeting with the religious and community leaders in Jayapura on Thursday (12/2/2012) admitted it.  The regencies are including Supiori, Mamberamo Raya, Mimika, Intan Jaya, Yahukimo and Nduga. However, four of regencies have received the governor’s approval, that is Supiori, Mamberamo Raya, Paniai and Tolikara.
But especially for Tolikara Legislative Council, the Police asked the Papua Governor to postpone the council’s inauguration for security reason. He said the police’s recommendation to postpone the inauguration after police’s investigation on the blockage of Wamena-Tolikara-Mulia highway several times ago.  It is found the incident was connected with the inauguration plan of Tolikara’s councilors.
“People were upset because their candidates who previously been voted but not in the list of councilors. “Because they had strong evidences, this case was taken to the court. So hopely the inauguration would be temporarily suspended,” the Police Chief said.
According to him, the Tolikara Police Chief has succeeded to overcome the blockage after he promised to make a thorough investigation on this case. Therefore, in order to avoid the huge impact, the Police asked the Papua Governor to temporarily suspend the inauguration of Tolikara councilors and wait for legal aspect. ‘If the council would be still launched; the councilors should delay their sworn until there’s a legal aspect,” the Police Chief Mende said. (*/rom)

4) Five Soldiers Involved in Bullets Trading Will Be Discharge

Jayapura, Jubi/Antara – Cenderawasih XII Regional Military Commander Major General Fransen G Siagian said five soldiers would face a dismissal after being convicted of selling bullets to the Armed Civilian Group.
“I still continue the investigation, but I have been confirmed they are found guilty and currently under the Military Police’s custody and will take to the Military Court,” he said after the meeting with the Regional Leaders Forum, religious leaders and Papuan intellectuals at Papua Police Headquarters, Jayapura on Thursday (12/2/2015).
“I will also take the administrative procedure that is to enforce the dishonor discharge. However, their legal process will keep going, and I suggest them to have the most severe punishment or at least to get a life sentence in consideration to their wives and children, but they will surely be fired,” he said.
He further said the five soldiers acted like thorn in the Military’s body, so they must account it. “I don’t want my soldiers acting like a thorn in our body (Military),” he said. When asked about the involvement of senior officers, he said it’s still under investigation.
“I am currently discovering all. So there is no tolerance. I will strike those who did it, because somehow it means they tell someone else to put a trigger on me, to shot all of us,” he said.
“Just imagine. My soldiers sold the bullets to shot their commander. That’s amazing. It means they are becoming my enemy, so I have to strike them,” he added.
The Commander admitted he wouldn’t hesitate to crack down his sub-coordinates if they were proven against the law, moreover selling the bullets.
“I will destroy them. I am happy this case was revealed. I am not ashamed. I’ve already said that,” he said.  About the motive behind the case, he said they did it for business. “It’s purely for business, financial factor,” he said.
When asked whether the military salary were not sufficient, he answered,” It’s actually fair. But why did it happen? They did it for life style. Their wives are living in Java Island. It means they have to pay extra. The living cost in Papua is expensive but they send their children to the school in Java along with their wives,” he said.
He said the process Dishonor Discharge is on going, including for three soldiers who involved in bullet trading in Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency.
Earlier, in the end of January 2015, Military/Police Joint Forces arrested five soldiers who served in Cenderawasih XVII Regional Military for selling bullets to rebel group led by Puren Wenda. They are identified as First Sergeant MM (46 years old), First Sergeant NHS (24 years old), First Cadet S (27 years old, First Cadet RA (29 years old) and Sergeant Major S (39 years old).  (*/rom)

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