Wednesday, April 15, 2015

1) Councilor to Urge Jokowi for Paniai Case Solving

2) PNG army investigates Indonesian troop movements
3) Eleven regencies in Papua  to hold simultaneous elections 
4) Anyone Who Serves in Papua Must Stand For Papuans
5) Nearly 1,600 People in Papua Suffer from Leprosy
6) Papuans’ Mindset Need To Be Changed
7) Illegal Logging in Papua Can be Bombed, Governor Says
1) Councilor to Urge Jokowi for Paniai Case Solving
Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Legislative Council continue to urge the Indonesian President Joko Widodo to resolve the case of the shooting dead of four students in Paniai on 8 December 2014. For that reason, the Papuan Councilor Laurenzus Kadepa decided coming to the Presidential Palace to meet the president.
“On behalf of Papuan people, we asked him to keep his promise over Papua by immediately taking action on severe human right violation in Paniai and other human right violations in Papua as the evidence of his achievement in front of Papuans and the world citizens, he told Jubi through short message on Monday night (13/4/2015).
He said although he couldn’t meet the president but he gave a letter declaring a political statement of Papua Legislative Council about the Paniai case resolving to the Presidential Administration Chief Andi Suparman.
“Its letter receipt number is 021-3813583, while the copied letter also gave to the Indonesian Human Right Commission and received by the Administration Chief Bahtiar W. The receipt number is 183.1/711,” he said.
He further said the Papua Legislative Council would not stay until this case is resolved. The parliament will not stop voicing the justice for the victims and their families. Their statement is clear, the formation of Investigative Commission on Human Right Violation or recently called the Ad Hoc team is the best solution for the victims and their families to get justice.
“It’s fair if they demanded the formation of Investigative Commission on Human Right Violation to bring justice for the victims and families. I’ll try to meet Joko Widodo within this month,” he said.
Earlier, the human right activist Usman Hamid said 13,542 supporters through online petition published in also recommend the formation of Investigative Commission on Human Right Violation or Ad Hoc team. Thousands of people from many provinces and countries have signed it. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


2) PNG army investigates Indonesian troop movements

Updated at 1:54 pm on 15 April 2015
The Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force is looking into an unauthorised excursion of Indonesian soldiers into the country last week.
The newspaper, The National, reports that Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo has directed his officers at the Vanimo Forward Base to submit a report on the matter.
Earlier Wutung villagers reported seeing eight armed Indonesian soldiers crossing the border.
PNG soldiers at the time were busy checking passengers and cargo from Indonesia at a checkpoint about 100 metres away.
Wutung councillor Raphael Tungla says the Indonesian soldiers passed the border monument on the beach and walked to the edge of his village.
He says they immediately turned back when villagers confronted them.
But Mr Tungla says he is concerned about the laxity of the PNG soldiers in manning the border.
He says soldiers should be patrolling the border and not checking passengers returning from the Batas market who had already been cleared by Customs, Immigration and the police.
3) Eleven regencies in Papua  to hold simultaneous elections -
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Wed, April 15 2015, 10:52 PM - 
The Papua General Elections Commission (KPUD) has said 11 regencies in Papua will hold direct elections of regional heads simultaneously on Dec. 9, based on Law No.8/2015 on regional elections.
“With the issuance of the law, there will be 11 regencies in Papua that will hold regional head elections simultaneously,” said Musa Sombuk, a member of KPUD Papua’s social affairs and human resources division, in Jayapura on Wednesday.
The 11 regencies are Asmat, Boven Digul, Keerom, Mamberamo Raya, Merauke, Nabire, Pegunungan Bintang, Supiori, Waropen, Yahukimo and Yalimo.
Musa said regional heads in seven out of 11 regencies will have their terms of office expire next year.
Holding simultaneous elections for regional heads in the 11 regencies would affect the availability of election funds.
“There will be no budget problems for four regencies that have been scheduled to hold regional head elections in 2015, but the seven other regencies have to include budgets for regional elections in the Revised Regional Budgets (APBD-P),” said Musa.
The problem was, he said, the deadline for submission of reports on the availability of election funds would fall on April 30.
A member of KPUD Papua’s financial and logistics division, Izak Hikoyabi, said the commission would request that the General Elections Commission (KPU) in Jakarta delay the elections of regional heads in any of the 11 regencies that fail to submit budget reports on time next year.
“If the budgets are not available, how can they hold the regional head elections? The one and only solution is suggesting the KPU postpone the elections until the following year,” said Izak.
The election budgets in the regencies vary to between Rp 20 billion (US$1.54 million) and Rp 37 billion depending on the size of the area and the number of voters.
The Kerom General Elections Commission (KPU), for instance, proposed an election budget of Rp 20 billion, but only Rp 5 billion was approved by the local administration. KPU Asmat requested a Rp 31 billion election budget, but got only Rp 15 billion. Meanwhile, KPU Nabile got its Rp 30 billion budget proposal fully approved.
“KPU offices in several regencies are still waiting for the approval of their election budgets,” said Izak. (ebf)(+++)

4) Anyone Who Serves in Papua Must Stand For Papuans
Jayapura, Jubi – Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe urged all government employees including military and police who serve in Papua to stand for and do good for the people of Papua.
“I ask that anyone who serves in Papua to do good for Papuans,” Enembe said in Jayapura, Papua last week.
He said the issue Papua is very sensitive and could tarnish Indonesia’s image in the eyes of the world. “So if we want to maintain the reputation of the Republic of Indonesia, we have to make the best, do not make trouble,” he said.
Importantly, said Enembe, in doing your duty in Papua,we need to ensure that none of Papuans die because the impact will be enormous. So whatever happens today, the whole world will know.
“Do not create a problem. Even, the Papuans should no longer die in our hands. We are doing here, but Jakarta will get headache, “he said.
He then hoped the people of Papua to continue to pray for the leaders. “So all of us who serve in Papua, including military / police to maintain the peace so that the message that we can tell about Indonesia in the eyes of the world are good. Papuans are rare and unique so we have to save,” Enembe stated.(Alexander Loen/Tina)
5) Nearly 1,600 People in Papua Suffer from Leprosy

Jayapura, Jubi – Nearly 1,600 people in 16 districts in Papua are suffering from leprosy, said Ary Pongtiku, a consultant of Leprosy and Framboesia in Papua and West Papua in Jayapura last week.
He said the actual number could be higher because people were reluctant to get treatment.
In addition, the patients did not want to take medication given by paramedics. If it is not to be taken seriously then the it is difficult to eradicate.
Therefore, the Papua provincial government allocated Rp. 200 million and Rp. 525 million from the Netherlands Leprosy Relief.
When asked about the prevention of leprosy by using a “blanket system”, he stated it would be implemented in Mumugu village, Asmat, Papua.
We have recorded 135 lepers in Mumugu that its treatment would be using the “blanket system” out of 350 lepers.
The area that became epidemic of leprosy is the city of Jayapura, Timika, Sarmi, Nabire, Mamberamo Raya, Biak, Waropen, Asmat, Supiori, Digoel, Mappi, Merauke, Jayawijaya, Paniai, Yapen Islands, Keerom and Jayapura regency. (*)


6) Papuans’ Mindset Need To Be Changed
Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said native Papuans have to change their mindset to catch up in various sectors.
“In order to catch up with modern society, the Papuans need to change their mindset,” Enembe told reporters in Jayapura, Papua last week.
He said to reduce poverty is not easy yet his administration aimed to targeted to slash poverty rate to 25 percent by 2018.
One of the barriers to development in the former government was not having a good plan. Therefore, to achieve a better future for Papua, he said, it has laid the foundation that well-known as Papua Awakened, Independent and Prosperous.
“This is what needs to be thinking of how the Autonomy era today can develop Papuans. All policy can not be realized without a program. Anyone who serves as a governor have to have the program, otherwise he himself would lead Papua haphazardly, “Enembe said.
One cause of the failure of development in Papua is because of lack of financial management and the proper use of funds since the issuance of Act 21. As a result it has not been able to prosper the people of Papua and the development targets are far from the expectation.
He explained that the province only to maintain the authority of central government and there is not much money in the province. Our experience shows there are enough funds managed by the provincial government but none of program is done. Now, the local government is no longer to take care of the provincial projects.
“The target is to pursue our vision and mission. That is why we are more on the discussion and more on the success that has been achieved, “Enembe added. (Alexander Loen/TN)
7) Illegal Logging in Papua Can be Bombed, Governor Says
Sentani, Jubi –Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe said forests in Papua have been significantly damaged, including those in Paniai. When they are viewed from the air, there are no trees.
“Thus geographically in 10-20 years from now, the two large islands of Papua and West Papua will drop out of the neck of the island is due to illegal logging and it is mostly transported through the sea to out of Papua,” he said last week.
To protect the forest from concession users in this area, he added, all of the leaders in Papua should be more careful in issuing permission. “Is the permit profitable or not, recently a lot of illegal logging of timber is transported out Jayapura and Keerom regencies and the reports are on my desk,” he said.
He hoped the Ministry of Forestry and Environment could use the same maneuver done by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs by submerging a number of foreign fishing vessels that carry out illegal fishing.
“If ships that sailed to steal the fish can be destroyed, why don’t we use the same method for those who stealing timber. As a governor, I reiterate I urge the Ministry of Forestry and Environment to immediately form a task force to oversee the illegal logging in the region,” Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe stated.

Earlier, head of Provincial Forestry Department Yan Yap Ormuserai revealed some timber companies were foiled by security guards in taking out the illegal logging. “Four wooden containers owned by PT. IJP and PT. SUM and nine truckloads of logs are arrested by police in Keerom and is currently still under investigation by the authorities, “he said. (Engelberth Wally)

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