Thursday, April 16, 2015

1) Five people suspected of conducting separatist activities

2) West Papuan delegates arrested after Jakarta meeting
3) Health Care Program Needs To Be Improved
1) Five people suspected of  conducting separatist activities
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Thu, April 16 2015, 6:23 PM 

Papua Police investigators have named five people as suspects for allegedly taking arms against the government with an aim to separate Papua from the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
The five people identified only with their initials are EA, the self-declared West Papua Federal Republic Police chief, MJS, the Sentani-chapter Papua Task Force commander and Papuan Independence Committee (KIP) secretary, DF, the KIP spokesperson, LM, the KIP chairman, and OB, the spokesperson of the so-called West Papua Federal Republic (NFRPB).
“After conducting a case presentation, police investigators concluded that activities conducted by the five people had met elements of separatism,” Papua Police spokesperson Sr. Comr. Rudolf Patrick said in Jayapura on Thursday.
He said the police’s conclusion was supported by evidence that includes NFRPB Police documents and papers from a meeting between KIP officials and the Indonesian defense minister. The meeting was reported as a follow-up of negotiation offers between the Indonesian government and the NFRPB administration. The KIP was reportedly established by NFRPB president Forkorus Yoboisembut.
Rudolf said if proven guilty the five people could each face minimum sentences of 20 years in prison.
“Our country is the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and there is no other. However, these five people were conducting activities on behalf the NFRPB,” he said.
Rudolf said the police arrested the five people at the Theys Hiyo Eluay hall in Sentani, on Tuesday, shortly after they arrived from Jakarta. They were scheduled to hold a press conference about their visit to Jakarta, but Jayapura Police officers detained them before it took place.
The NFRPB was declared on Oct. 19, 2011, during the third Papuan People’s Congress (KRP) at Zakheus Square in Abepura, Papua. The congress elected Forkorus as NFRPB president and Edison Waromi as prime minister.
The KRP ended with a riot that killed six people. At least 51 people allegedly involved in the riot were taken into custody by the Papua Police. Security authorities dissolved the congress, saying that it was aimed to declare the independence of Papua from Indonesia.
The KIP was assigned to carry out negotiations with the government.
Eni Tan, one of the members of the delegation to Jakarta, said KIP officials met with Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu on April 10.
The five people are currently detained at the Papua Police headquarters. (ebf)(+++)

2) West Papuan delegates arrested after Jakarta meeting
Updated at 7:43 pm on 16 April 2015
A delegation of West Papuan representatives has been arrested after claiming they were told by an Indonesian minister that it is time for negotiation about West Papua. Tabloid Jubi reports that the six Papuans, including members of the Papua Customary Council, or KIP, went to Jakarta and met informally with the Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu.
However the KIP delegates were then arrested on treason charges after holding a press conference upon their return to Papua's provincial capital Jayapura.
A police spokesman said the arrests follow instruction from Papua's Police Chief to deal strictly with organisations which threaten Indonesia's sovereignty .
Earlier, according to KIP delegate Don Flassy, the Minister had told them that there should be no more talk about Free Papua, but instead, negotiation.
The reason for the KIP trip was to follow up on letters sent to Indonesia's President by the President of the so-called Federal Republic of West Papua, Forkorus Yaboisembut, regarding his organisation's declaration of independence for West Papua.

3) Health Care Program Needs To Be Improved

Jayapura, Jubi – A Golkar Party councilor , Tan Wie Long, said the Healthy Papaua Card has failed as some native Papuans have trouble to get medical treatment.
He said sometimes they were just given a prescription and purchased the medicine outside the hospital.
“Sometimes drugs in a prescription are not available in the hospital and patients must buy them from outside. So I think the program has not met the governor and deputy’s vision and mission,” Tan Wie Long said on Tuesday (04/14/2015).
Card holders have only been prescribed generic drugs.
“How can the sick people be cured if they only take generic drugs? It is not only in private hospitals, but also in government hospitals. I hope the program is laid out better in order to realize the vision and mission of the governor and his deputy, ” he said.
People need to get better medical service so that their lives can be saved.
Separately, Papua health chief Aloysius Giay said the government continues to improve basic services to the villages so that People of Papua will get a better health care. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)


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