1) Governor angry at West Papua ‘genocide’

Shouting ‘Papua Merdeka’  after merging their groups: (from left) Governor Juffa, Kenn Mondiai ( Partners with Melanesia ), Jeff Bomay of Free West Papua Protection of Human Rights, ex-governor of Sandaun Province John Tekwie and David Dom of PNG Union of Free West Papua.
Oro Governor Garyi Juffa says recent killings in West Papua were more signs of the “ongoing genocide’’ occurring under Indonesian command.

He told a crowd of 500 to 600 supporters at a rally in Port Moresby yesterday that the reported killings were not of foreigners but of “our sisters and brothers’’.
Let us not talk of this “imaginary border’’ drawn up by colonial powers, he said, the people of West Papua were from the same piece of land and same origins as the people of PNG.
He cited news of recent killings by Indonesian soldiers of a West Papuan man who was raising funds for storm stricken Vanuatu, and three boys under the age of 18 who were jailed for protesting against the killing of another boy.
Mr Juffa  described the killings as “inhumane’’, and being like the Nazi holocaust.
He says the PNG government should take a bold stand in mapping out this issue and bringing it to international attention.
He encouraged fellow Papua New Guineans to rise up and demand freedom for their fellow Melanesian brothers and sisters who have suffered brutal killings and harassment at the hands of the Indonesian military.
He pointed to the fuss over a visa for West Papuan leader Benny Wenda, who was detained and then made to leave PNG for failing to have proper travel documents.
Mr Juffa says he believes the government should be lenient towards West Papuans and grant them exclusive travelling rights to and from PNG, considering that PNG and Indonesia share one land mass.