Thursday, April 16, 2015

1) MSG urged to accept West Papua

2) Indonesia Defense Minister : No More Dialogue, Jakarta Offers Negotiation
3) Seven Peoples Arrested for Allegedly Opposing Pancasila
4) Papuan Women Traders Need Provincial Government’s Attention
5) Freeport Can Renew Contract for Next 20 Years
6) Senggi Society Urges Papua Council to Revoke Timber Permits
7) Councillors Urge Establishment of Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Papua
8) Papua Police to build Police Post in Gome District
9) 3 Months, Community Health Center Discover 5 HIV-Positive Pregnant Women

1) MSG urged to accept West Papua

West Papua must be given full membership at the Melanesian Spearhead Group, says the Pacific Freedom Forum.
"The people of West Papua have long been denied basic human rights by their own government," says PFF Chair Titi Gabi.

"They are therefore justified in seeking support and assistance for those rights from outside their own borders."

The Melanesian Spearhead Group will decide on an application for full membership from West Papua groups in June.

PFF is calling on the Melanesian Spearhead Group to support internationally recognised West Papua organisations, rather than a recent initiative from Indonesia.

"Indonesia already has observer status at the Melanesian Spearhead Group," says Gabi.

"They need to step back and allow West Papua to establish full and proper relations with their Melanesian brothers and sisters."

A recently established coalition of freedom groups called the United Liberation Movement for West Papua is now competing with an initiative from the Indonesian government to gain recognition for its own grouping.

PFF has previously joined international concerns about human rights abuses by Indonesian security forces in West Papua, including against freedoms of speech, along with assault, arbitrary arrest, torture, rape and murder.

PFF co-Chair Monica Miller says there is growing recognition for West Papua to have a voice at the regional level.

However she says there are mixed signals from within the Melanesian Spearhead Group, about which group to support.

"It makes absolutely no sense for MSG to give priority to Indonesian voices when Indonesia denies those same rights to its own citizens."

Indonesia was given observer status at the MSG in 2011, after support from Fiji.

Miller notes that support for West Papua has grown significantly since then, especially in Fiji.

A Facebook group called Fiji West Papua Friends has more than 10,000 members.

This compares with some 4,000 members in an Australian group, and 2,000 in New Zealand.

Support groups for West Papua have appeared in multiple locations across the region, including Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Papua New Guinea, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark and the Netherlands.

2) Indonesia Defense Minister : No More Dialogue, Jakarta Offers Negotiation
Sentani, Jubi – The Papua Independent Committee (KIP) claimed they had a private meeting with Indonesian Minister of Defense Ryamizard Ryacudu in Jakarta last Friday.
The KIP delegation consists of six members, namely Lawrance Mehue (chairman), Masjohn Suebu (secretary), Ones Banundi (Papua Customary Council), Marthin de Fretes (member), Don Flassy (Spokesperson) and Enny Tan Ferry (liaison officer).
“Our goal to meet directly with the defense minister is to check as well as to follow up on the letters sent by the President of the Federal Republic of West Papua (NRFPB) Forkorus Yaboisembut to former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and President Joko Widodo about a negation for Indonesian recognition on the independence of West Papua based on independent declaration on 19 October 2011 which decided the independence of West Papua should be returned to Declaration 1 December 1961 in accordance to the international law,” Spokesperson Don Flassy told reporters in the press conference held at Pendopo Boy Eluay, Sentani, on Monday (14/4/2015).
“Through Mrs. Enny Tan Ferre who liaised us with Jakarta, we finally could meet with the Defense Minister at special location where he usually held his private meetings. We talked to him about fifteen minutes,” Flassy said.
He revealed when the minister asked for their goal, they said they were coming to Jakarta for tracking the answers of the letters sent by the NRFPB President to the former and current Indonesian President about Papua issues.
“The minister said we shouldn’t need dialogue anymore. It’s time for negotiation. No more talk about Free Papua, because we have spent times together in the past times,” Flassy repeated the minister’s statement. He further said the KIP also gave the minister a book about the profile of West Papua and its people.
In the same location, Omas Banundi who represented the Papua Customary Council in KIP firmly said the meeting between the KIP and Defense Minister was a right way towards the next works in the future.
“According to the Defense Minister we are not able to work on behalf of a group or party but we must work for the people’s benefit,” said Banundi.
Referring to the minister’s statement in the meeting, he accused the local government for being dishonest in delivering the aspiration of Papuan people to the Central Government.
“People’s aspiration on economic, infrastructure and facility, development as well as people oriented programs might be included in the Special Autonomy Law although it considered failed,” he said.(Engelberth Wally/rom)
3) Seven Peoples Arrested for Allegedly Opposing Pancasila
Jayapura, Jubi – Papua police have arrested seven people accused of treason for wanting to set up an independent Papuan state.
They were arrested at Sentani Airport, Jayapura Regency on Tuesday (14/4/2015) at around 06:55 Papua time.
Papua Police Spokesperson Patrige Renwarin identified the suspects by their initials LM, OB, MS, MD, DF, AE, and TF and said they are members of the Papua Independent Committee (KIP).
He said AE claimed to be the police chief of the Federal Republic of West Papua (NRFPB).
“This group just arrived from Jakarta on Batik Air and were directly be arrested after getting off the plane with assumption they wanted to build a state. It’s the act of treason and against the State,” Patrige said on Tueday afternoon (14/4/2015).
According to him, they are currently at the Papua Police Office for further question. But until now they have not yet named as suspect. “It’s a follow up of the Papua Police Chief’s instruction said the police must be strict dealing with the organization who threaten the sovereignty of the country,” he said.
The Jayapura Police Chief Senior Commissionaire Sondang Siagian confirmed about the arrest of seven persons in his jurisdiction. He said now they have handed over to the Papua Police for further process.(Arjuna Pademme/rom)
4) Papuan Women Traders Need Provincial Government’s Attention
Jayapura, Jubi – Dozens of Papuan women traders who are members of the Papuan Indigenous Trader Solidarity (SOLPAP) walked to the Papua Legislative Council’s Office on Tuesday (14/4/2015) demanding attention from the local government and parliament.
They demanded authorities see for themselves the sorry condition of their temporary traditional market located at Jalan Percetakan, Jayapura City.
“The roof is not suitable. When it rains, the water is pouring in the tent and disturb our activities. We come to the Papua Legislative Council to voice our aspirations to the government. They must care about their people,” represented her colleagues Welly Wardjuku told to reporters.
She said they have sent a letter to the Papua General Affairs Office but have not received the response yet. Therefore she asked the Papua Legislative Council to visit the market as reference to the Provincial Government to respond their demand.
After talking with the women traders, some councilors directly went to the market. The Papua Legislative Council’s Commission IV Chairman for Infrastructure, Boy Dawir said it’s their responsibility to follow up the people’s aspiration. “The market’s roof should definitely be replaced, because it could only resist for five years, since 2010. We will forward their aspiration to the related office and hope it could be follow up soon, Dawir said.
Meanwhile, the Head of Human Settlement and Fresh Water of Papua General Affairs Office, Yan Ukago said his office would accelerate the procurement of the roof. He said the roof must be procured from Australia. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)
5) Freeport Can Renew Contract for Next 20 Years
Jakarta, Jubi – An advisor to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Said Didu, said the mining contract of PT Freeport Indonesia in Papua can be extended for 20 years.
“When using IUPK acceleration option (special mining license), the Freeport contract is extendable for 20 years,” he said in Jakarta olast week.
He said if it can be done in 2015, then Freeport contract will expire in 2035. He also said, acceleration IUPK Freeport is a breakthrough and could be a recommendation to be submitted to the President Joko Widodo in the near future.
With the IUPK acceleration IUPK, the investment of 15 billion US dollars and 2.3 billion smelter will run.
” When the industrial area runs and the construction of roads electricity will also run,” he added.
Under such a scenario, the Freeport contract extension can be done two times.
However, he added, without IUPK option, the new extension can be filed in two years before the contract expires or before 2019.
“With this option, there is the problem that in 2017 the activities of ‘open pit’ will come to an end, so that between 2017 to 2019 will be no activity because there is no certainty of renewal,” he said.
Continuing impact, if there is no activity, then there will be 50,000 people who do not work.
Another problem, The year of 2019 is a political year since there will be elections, so it will not be handled.
Said Didu added, at this time, there are six points renegotiation contract with Freeport unfinished. (*)
6) Senggi Society Urges Papua Council to Revoke Timber Permits

Jayapura, Jubi – At least 40 people from Senggi District, Keerom, Papua rallied at the Papua Legislative Council this week to demand revocations of companies’ permit to log timber.
Protest coordinator Golden Salmon Yamanda told representatives of the Papuan parliament that the permits owned by private companies harmed the indigenous people.
“When we manage our forests and we sell the timber, we are called a thief. We want the timber management rights of indigenous peoples to be given back and we can sell freely, nobody will be arrested, ” Yamanda said.
He further explained, when indigenous people sold their forest products, they were then arrested because of having no permission. Now the people demanded to have legal protection for them.
“The concession should be eliminated and the indigenous peoples who have rights to manage the potential of their own forests and through it, their lives can be improved,” he added.
In the meeting, the Council was represented by Boy Dawir, Thomas Sondegau, Orwan Tolli Wonne, Lazarus Sieb, Emus Gwijangge, and Nikius Bugiangge.
“The aspirations will continue to chairman of the board, and then forwarded to the Special Committee to deal with this forest issues. We will also ask the Special Committee to visit the area,” Boy Dawir said to the public.
He said the special committee on Illegal Logging will be formed by Papua Legislative Council. It also will call the related agencies to look back on the existing rules and to check whether all the owners of concessions are granted permission by indigenous or not. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)
7) Councillors Urge Establishment of Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Papua
Jayapura, Jubi – A member of the Commission I of Papua Legislative Council ( DPRP) has called for the creation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Papua to come to terms with past abuses.
Last week, Tan Wie Long said the establishment of the commission was mandated by the Special Autonomy Law Article 45 and 46.
Article 46 states that the task of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is to maintain the unity of the nation and formulate and establish steps of reconciliation.
“There are several articles in the Special Autonomy Law that must be fought to be drafted as local regulation including the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This is important so what happens in Papua will be dealt by the government and be no longer to tell to the outside world, “Tan Wie Long stated last weekend.
He said the state to not allergy and should reflect on mistakes that have been made so far towards the people of Papua. The legislators will draft local regulation on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. So that the basic rights of native Papuans could be upheld.
“It is the mandate of the Special Autonomy Law that must be implemented and accounted for. We hope that the executive and legislative to sit together in order to realize what has become imperative in the Special Autonomy Law, “he said.
Previously, other member of commission I Laurenzus Kadepa said, if the state wants Papua to be part of Indonesia, the state must admit past mistakes, and promised not to do the same thing.
“The state should change the pattern of approach and commitment to build Papua people human. During this Papuans always be the object. In fact they are the owner of the land. As if there is no desire of the state to build Papua people, “Kadepa said at that time. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)
8) Papua Police to build Police Post in Gome District

Jayapura, Jubi –Papua police chief Inspector General Yotje Mende said a police station will be built in Gome district, Puncak regency, Papua.
This plan was in response to public demand addressed by the Puncak regent, Willem Wandik some time ago.
As many as 30 police heavily armed officers could be stationed in the region, he said.
“The construction will begin either this month or next month. We have received a grant budget. The regent helps and we are ready to execute the proposal, ” Police chief Yotje Mende said this week.
According to him, if the Post Police is built, the Papua Police will expand it.
“We are trying to propose. If it is established, we will enlarge our own budget for the long term, so that people in Gome district live peacefully because they need security of military / police. The military build a military post, we build Police Station, “he said. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)
9) 3 Months, Community Health Center Discover 5 HIV-Positive Pregnant Women

Timika, Jubi – Timika Community Health Center medics are restricting the HIV examination on pregnant women. The Timika Community Health Center Chief Maria Yosinta Rahangiar, this week, said during the period of February – March 2015, her staffs discovered five women are HIV positive.
“We found five pregnant women with HIV in February, and one case in March. It might not well detected in the earlier months, but now due to the government’s Mother-Child Health Program, the pregnant women must get blood examination. It leads to those findings,” she said.
To respond these cases, the Chief instructed the midwives who examine the pregnant women to keep the health progress on HIV-positive pregnant women. “When the cases are discovered, I asked the midwives to follow these women to their houses to get their address, so we could monitor the progress of their pregnancy until the time of delivery,” said Rahangiar.
These HIV positive pregnant women wanted to get counseling separated from other pregnant women to cover their identity. “We will prepare the separate room for counseling in the future. Thus, they will be separated with other women. The VCT councilors will come to the clinic to give counseling and ARV (antiretroviral) medicines,” he said.
According to the data of Mimika AIDS Prevention Commission (KPA), the HIV-AIDS case in Mimika reach 4,072 cases till September 2014. The HIV-AIDS cases has rapidly increased in Mimika within the last eighteen years since it was founded for the first time in 1996 in a female sex worker at brothel complex located in Kampung Kadung Jaya, Mimika Sub-district.
The Mimika KPA Secretary Reynold Ubra said the responses on HIV-AIDS prevention in Mimika have indicated a better direction. One of its indicators is HIV minimum service standard to the population recently is about two percent, while it reached 20 percent in 2010.
The prevalence number to WPS key population is dropping from 20 percent in 2010 and now it reduces to 3 percent and the HIV prevalence case on pregnant women reduces from 3 percent in 2010 to 1 percent in October 2014.
Further Urba said the Regional Regulation No. 11/2007 about HIV Prevention and Control in Mimika also gave a huge impact on declining the HIV cases in particularly on the key population group.
The last six-month survey reported the cases of syphilis, gonorrhea and other sexual transmitted infections have not founded in this group. It also reported the safe sex campaign is significantly improved towards at-risk group in brothel. It increased from 55 percent in 2010 to 95 percent in October 2014. Further, the KPA Mimika also conducted a survey and VCT to the sex workers at massage spa and bars in the early of September 2014, which found people infected by HIV.
With a set up target of 25 thousand people, there are 31 thousand of Timika residents who participated in VCT program until October 2014, which resulted 1 percent of HIV case.
“It indicates that we must strong in supporting the transmitted people, in particularly those who got AIDS to regularly consume the medicine and provide the comfort environment for them,” he said.
“We must more intense in promoting the condom use to the risk group when they are having sex, as well as advising to be loyal to their partner. We keep promoting it because the mode of HIV transmission in Mimika is remaining the same, namely through sexual intercourse,” Urba said. (*/rom)

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