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1) Activists Slam Police Action Against Papuan Student Rally

1) Activists Slam Police Action Against Papuan Student Rally
3) Islands in focus: Stray  bullet hits civilian in  Wamena -

4) Freeport contract scandal biggest in country`s history: Kalla

5) Jakarta police secures demonstrators for raising morning star flag



1) Activists Slam Police Action Against Papuan Student Rally
By : Jakarta Globe | on 7:21 PM December 01, 2015

An activist shouts near a police line during a rally to commemorate a Papuan declaration of independence from Dutch rule, in Jakarta on Tuesday. (Reuters Photo/Darren Whiteside)

Jakarta. The Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH Jakarta) has criticized police in the capital over the detention of several hundred Papuan students calling for independence at a rally in the city center on Tuesday.
Hundreds of members of the Papuan Students Alliance (AMP) rallied near the Hotel Indonesia roundabout in Central Jakarta on Tuesday, from about 8 a.m. Police later used tear gas to disperse the crowd.
The demonstration was meant to commemorate the establishment of a Papuan state independent from Dutch rule, with its own national anthem and the Morning Star flag, effective Dec. 1, 1961.
Indonesia has never recognized Papuan independence and later incorporated the entire region after a brief United Nations-led transition period and a much-criticized poll. Dec. 1 has since held great importance for Papuan separatists.
In Jakarta on Tuesday, demonstrators called on the national government to allow Papuans to decide their own fate via autonomous governance and a referendum on independence, besides limiting the role of the Indonesian Military (TNI) in the region.
Police, however, said the protesters didn't have permission to stage their rally.
"The police efforts were lawful, because we have to also take into account the rights of other people," said Sr. Comr. M. Iqbal, a spokesman for the Jakarta Police.
Jalan Imam Bonjol, near the HI roundabout, was completely cut off because of the demonstration, creating severe traffic congestion in the area.
Police officers gathered in force at the scene before firing tear gas into the crowd as the group prepared to march to the State Palace around 10.30 a.m.


Victor Mambor Des 02, 2015

Jayapura, Jubi –A lawyer for four activists of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in Manokwari region, said the jail sentence of 1 year 6 months for them was too harsh because they simply expressed different views.
“Alexander Nekenem, Othen Gombo, Nopinus Humawak, Yoram Magay were convicted because of different views,” said lawyer Yan Christian Warinussy in a written statement received by Jubi in Jayapura on Monday (11/30/2015).
According to the Papuan human rights lawyer from the Institute for Research, Study and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH) Manokwari, on Nov. 27, as the legal team received a copy of verdict number: 107 / Pid.B / 2015 / PN.Mnk on behalf of Alexander Dekenem et al. The letter stated that the defendants were sentenced to prison, each for one year and six months, with their time in custody deducted.
Prosecutor Irna Indira Ruth sought two years  imprisonment for them.
That ruling, the Warinussy is still waiting for an official copy of the decision of the Registrar Court of Manokwari, in order to learn the basic consideration of the judges who had declared the four defendants were found guilty so that sentenced them.
According to the Secretary of the Regional Parliament, Rafael Natkime, the verdict will never confine their ideology.
“Be in Jail is one of the highest sacrifices for fighters,” he said.
He said four KNPB activists were detained on May 20, 2015 during a peaceful demonstration in Manokwari with three agendas, first, demanding the state to immediately open access to foreign journalists in Papua, according to a statement the president of Joko Widodo, second was to immediately open the democratic space for the people of West Papua. And the last was to support the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) as representatives of Papuans in Melanesian Spread head Group(MSG). (Mawel Benny/ Tina)
3) Islands in focus: Stray  bullet hits civilian in  Wamena -
The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Sat, November 28 2015, 3:17 PM - 

JAYAPURA: A member of the military police in Wamena, Jayawijaya regency, Papua, is under investigation for allegedly shooting an 18-year-old student at an areca nut-eating party at the house of a local resident early on Friday.

The member, identified only as Pvt. FAN of the military police sub-detachment (Subdenpomdam) XVII – Wamena, allegedly took out his pistol and aimed at wood located some 5 meters away from him. Allegedly under influence of alcohol, he shot at the wood but the bullet passed through the wood and hit student Paskalis Marey on the back part of his waist.

“The victim is being treated at the Marthen Indey Hospital. He is conscious,” spokesperson for the Military Regional Command XVII/Cenderawasih, Col. Teguh Rahardjo, told The Jakarta Post on Friday.

Teguh, however, denied that FAN was drunk and blamed the incident on the soldier’s negligence. He also said FAN was currently detained at the local military police (Pomdam) headquarters in Wamena. 

4) Freeport contract scandal biggest in country`s history: Kalla

Selasa, 1 Desember 2015 19:22 WIB | 592 Views

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Vice President M Jusuf Kalla has termed the Freeport contract abuse scandal as the biggest in Indonesias history.

"When did corruption involving the president and vice president (ever happen)?" Kalla said in his remarks at the Indonesian Economic Outlook 2016 meeting here on Tuesday.

He said the House Speaker never handled a contract renewal case.

"Luckily, it does not happen. But it would (start happening) if the Parliaments Honorary Council (MKD) continues to maintain silence," the vice president added.

Kalla guaranteed that the Golkar Party would not be found involved in the scandal.

Freeport is now at the center of a controversy with the House Speaker Setya Novanto facing questioning by the MKD for allegedly asking for a stake in the US gold and copper mining company, using the name of President Jokowi and Vice President Jusuf Kalla.(*)


5) Jakarta police secures demonstrators for raising morning star flag

Selasa, 1 Desember 2015 18:14 WIB | 711 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Jakarta Police have secured several demonstrators from the Papua Students Alliance (AMP) for raising the banned morning star flag, a symbol of the Papuan independence, during a rally around Hotel Indonesia, on Tuesday.

Operations Bureau Chief City Police Commissioner Pol Martuani Sormin revealed that the police had secured 127 people.

"The demonstrators were also carrying weapons," Martuani noted.

A total of 10 buses were used to transport the protesters to the Jakarta Police Headquarters.

Jakarta Polices Director General of Criminal Investigations Commissioner Krishna Murti remarked that the police will not detain the protesters.

He noted that the police will obtain information and record the identities of the students.

AMP spokesperson Abido confirmed that during the demonstration, the morning star flag was not raised. The demonstration was held to voice the aspirations regarding the expression of Papuan identity to mark December 1.

Abido urged the central government to grant freedom to the Papuans to live independently in determining their own rights as a democratic solution for the people of West Papua.(*)

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