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2) House pushes back against  Freeport


Jayapura, Jubi – The chief representative of the National Human Rights Commission in Papua, Frits Ramandey, said on Thursday (10/12/2015) that resolution to human rights cases cannot be delegated to the local government, saying policies need to come from the central government.
He said based on the commission’s record, 22 operations resulted in human rights violations, while 9 incidents of human rights violations occurred in the reform era since the implementation of special autonomy.
“Therefore what should be solved by the state is some cases that have been a concern of the international community, because if it’s allowed to happen, the target wasn’t the perpetrator but the State, and needs to remember that Papua has political vulnerabilities and the human rights issues have implications towards the political condition in Papua,” he said.
Ramandey said the cases must be prioritized by the central government are Wasior case and Wamena case that occurred in the reform era, Uncen case, Biak case, Paniai case and the cases of land reform. He added with the president’s attention, those case should be resolved immediately, if the State will be in complicated position and under pressure of the international community.

“The theme of current human rights celemberation is “Our Rights Our Freedom”. It is chosen to give enough space to the State to embrace its citizens and to resolve the cases of violence,” he said.
Earlier, the Papua Governor Lukas Enembe appealed the entire government officials to create development policy on human rights basis. “Development should involve and has value to the community,” said Enembe. (Alexander Loen/rom)


2) House pushes back against  Freeport
Fedina S. Sundaryani, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Headlines | Sun, December 13 2015, 2:08 PM - 

The plot has thickened in the ongoing controversy surrounding mining giant Freeport as Fadli Zon, deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, has proposed the House set up a special committee to probe alleged irregularities within the gold and copper mining firm. 

Fadli’s statement followed a recent case involving House Speaker Setya Novanto who allegedly pushed his personal agenda in talks with PT Freeport Indonesia president director Maroef Sjamsuddin and business tycoon Reza Chalid. 

Fadli, who is also deputy chairman of the Gerindra Party, said on Saturday that the controversy was merely the tip of the iceberg of problems surrounding Freeport’s operations in Papua. 

“Freeport’s existence [in Indonesia] does not only concern mining activities, but there are many political implications. With this special committee, we will be able to see exactly who is involved in Freeport. We will also be able to see how much the state should receive [from Freeport’s operations] because many have said that we have received too little all this time,” he said. 

Fadli said Freeport’s operations, among the largest in the world, had not benefited local communities in the region, let alone the rest of the country.

Freeport was thrust into the spotlight recently following a report filed by Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Sudirman Said with the House’s ethics council (MKD), alleging that Setya had claimed to have approval from President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla to accept shares from Freeport in exchange for the government’s assurance that it would grant a contract extension for Freeport’s mining operations after the current contract expires in 2021. 

A copy of a recording of the conversation, which took place on June 8, was also submitted to the ethics council.

Fadli said he understood Freeport might have pursued such talks to maintain its existence in Papua even though Government Regulation (PP) No. 77/2014, which revises PP No. 23/2010 on mineral and coal mining businesses, dictates that an extension request can only be submitted to the government a maximum of two years and a minimum of six months before a contract is due to expire.

“However, we are a lawful country and must abide by existing regulations,” he said. 

National Mandate Party (PAN) lawmaker Yandri Susanto backed Fadli’s proposal for setting up a special committee to investigate the mining giant.

“The quicker we set up the committee, the better. It will help us discover whether or not there have been conspiracies, markups, pollution and other issues [related to Freeport]. We will uncover everything,” he said.

The House earlier formed a similar committee to launch a probe on state-owned port operator Pelindo II, following allegations of graft involving its executive RJ Lino.

Paramadina University political expert Herdi Sahrasad, however, urged the House to focus on the current council hearings to decide whether Setya’s actions should be deemed a breach of ethics.

Herdi said the House’s reputation hinged on whether the council members took the hearings seriously.

“All political parties must agree to continue with the MKD hearings because the public is currently paying close attention. The Freeport conspiracy issue is also a priority, but Setya’s [ethics hearing] must reach its conclusion,” he said, adding the ethics council must also commit to holding transparent hearings. 

Herdi said a special committee on Freeport would be ineffective if the council hearings turned out to be only a ruse. 

The council is also scheduled to hear testimony from Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Luhut Pandjaitan when the hearings resume on Monday.


Jayapura, Jubi – Based on research conducted by the Institute for Women and Children in Papua (LP3AP), excessive alcohol is one of the main drivers of the rise in domestic violence in Papua.
Many cases are reported and handled by LP3AP as an advocacy organization for women and children. The majority of domestic violence cases that occur is due to alcohol.
This fact was confirmed by Sofie Ayomi Sonata, one of the residents of Muara Tami District in the discussions held by the Women’s Movement Anti Alcohol and Drugs last Thursday.

She continued from year to year, there are Muara Tami people who died from consuming liquor.
“We asked the mayor to step down and curb the practice of selling alcohol in Muara Tami as we know that liquor is not sold haphazardly in the stalls, “she added.
It should be acknowledged that the Regional Regulation concerning the control and supervision of the alcohol made by the government of the city of Jayapura in 2014 has not been effectively implemented.
Separately, Sefnat B. Layan, head of Rehabilitation of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Papua said BNN has complained to the government of the city of Jayapura.
“The sale of alcohol is also limited but not in the stalls because there are special places that are reserved for the sale of alcoholic drinks. If the liquors are sold in kiosks, the Jayapura city government should ban i because it has violated the existing legislation, “he said.
A resident of Muara Tami who refused to be named said that the circulation of alcohol in Muara Tami is always done by security forces. “Here a lot of armed forces and the police who sell liquor freely to the public. I ask their leaders to to curb their members, “he said.
Earlier, chairman of the Legislative Body of Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) Jayapura, Kristian Kondobua said regulations on alcohol regulation is different from Papua Province.
“If these cases are true then the circulation of alcohol must be stopped ,” he said. (Roy Ratumakin/Tina)



Denpasar, Jubi  – The government will build four food warehouses in the province of Papua, especially in regions affected by the snowfall, to ensure residents are not experiencing food shortages.
“The four logistics warehouses will be in Nduga, Puncak, Puncak Jaya, and Lanny Jaya,” said Minister of Social Affairs, Khofifah Indar Parawansa in Denpasar, Bali on Monday (07/12/2015).
The Minister said she had communicated with the four regents in the region about the plan.

Warehouse logistics is required because the actual citizens have tubers that constitute their staple food that can be stored. So that the current can not harvest because the plants die due to snowfall. They will have a stock of food.
Previously, the Ministry of Social Affairs has distributed logistical support such as rice to 32 Nduga residents. In Lanny Jaya government has prepared 100 tonnes of rice reserves (CBP).
“I also have coordination with provincial social affairs and Lanny Jaya regent,”she said.
She continued, the incident actually happened last July when snowfalls hit parts of Puncak, Puncak Jaya, and Lanny Jaya. The death of 32 people in Nduga regency were allegedly caused by malnutrition. (*/Tina)


Jayapura, Jubi – Pastor of St. Johannes and Petrus Parish, Argapura, Jayapura Diocese, Pater Paulus Tumayong said he and President Joko Widodo attended the National Christmas event held in Mandala Stadium, Jayapura on 27 December 2014. In his speech, the president promised to solve the Paniai case thoroughly.
“If a president, the number one person in the Republic of Indonesia said so, therefore his staffers must take actions on it,” said Pater Tumayong to Jubi after the prayer to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of Paniai Blood case at St. Joseph Hall, Fajar Timur Philosophy of Theology Institute (STFT) on Tuesday (08/12/2015).
However, he wondered why it still couldn’t be settled while it has passed for a year? Is there an extraordinary power causing a deadlock on this case?
“It’s not only occurred to Paniai case, but many violence cases in Papua have not thoroughly revealed. There is an impression that those cases are deliberately forgotten and gone at the end. So, this event is our attempt to solve the case, to fight against forgetting,” he said.

He said his participation to voice the revelation of Paniai Blood case with other humanitarian organizations is to fight the truth and justice that is the mission of the creator, the God’s mission.
“It made me taking part in this humanitarian event. Because of the Church through the priest was asked to fight for truth and justice and must dare to voice the injustice occurred among the people,” he told Jubi on Tuesday (08/12/15) in Jayapura.
Therefore, he said, sometimes ago he and his colleagues of Franciscan Order and some from other organizations conducted a rally, it was because they were driven to the fact they are living in comfort in the rectory.
“My heart was driven because I live in comfort with luxurious facilities in the rectory. So, I asked myself, the call upon me to become a pastor, whether it is only a call to speak on the altar? Or should I come to ground to voice the silenced people? Therefore, I come out of the rectory and join into this activity,” Tumayong said.
The Coordinator of SKP HAM Papua, Peneas Lokbere said SKP urged the President Joko Widodo to immediately enforce the Ad Hoc team to resolve the Paniai case (8/12/2014).
He stated the National Human Right Committee to not use the autopsy and lack of funding as the reason for not revealing the case. “State is responsible to the recent and past human right violation cases that occurred in Papua.”
Jubi observed that in the event, some students performed a short play of the story on the killing of 4 high school students in Paniai and the brothers from Franciscan Order recited poem of tragedy.
Lokbere added that SKP HAM would conduct a peace rally on Thursday (10/12/2015). They would do long march from the front of the Catholic Church Gembala Baik in Abepura to Papua Parliament Office in Jayapura.
“We already sent a letter to the Police for permit. And after the rally at the Parliament Office and continue to light the candle at Taman Imbi, Jayapura City as a symbol of mourning,” he said. (Abeth You/rom)

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