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1) Jokowi’s willingness to dialogue should be followed up

2) President Jokowi Must Announce Truce


1) Jokowi’s willingness to dialogue should be followed up

Statement by the Executive Director of the LP3BH
31st December, 2015

     During his visit to Wamena, District of Jayawijaya, Province of Papua, President Ir. H. Joko Widodo of Indonesia said that the
government of Indonesia is prepared to enter into dialogue with anyone who is involved in armed struggle in Papua (Land of Papua) as long as
it is within the context of advancing development in the territory of Papua.

    The President also said that his forces have been instructed to take firm action against anyone who is involved in illegal actions.
'The government is prepared to dialogue with anyone. No problem.'

     In my opinion, there should be a wise and positive response from all sides, in particular from those who have been involved in the
armed struggle, to President Joko Widodo’s willingness to enter into dialogue in West Papua.

     According to what I understand, those who are conducting armed violence in the Land of Papua are clearly the TNI (Indonesian Army),
Polri (Police Force), the TNP-OPM and groups that have been identified as Criminal Armed Gangs (KKB) which, according to the Chief of Police
in Papua, Irgen Pol. Drs Paulus Waterpauw are struggling for Papuan independence.

    It is extremely important for the above-mentioned persons and institutions to be involved in dialogue with the Government of
Indonesia so that we can know  what they each want and how they intend to do, what methods or formula they can use to explain and answer for
the armed force that they have continued to conduct.

      Apart from all this, various other elements in towns across the Land of Papua as well as those in the Papuan diaspora should account
for the armed violence they have been conducting up to the present time..

     Apart from all this, there are other elements in the towns of the Land of Papua  and abroad who are united in the United Liberation
Movement for West Papua  (ULMWP) which should  be involved. Yet others who should be involved in the dialogue are the National Committee for
West Papua (KNPB) and the State of the Federal Republic of West Papua (NRFPB) as well as the Papua Presidium Council.(PDP).

    Leaders of the various churches  as well members of fhe Muslin community, representatives of culture, social groups, youth and
women’s representatives  that have already been involved in Public Consultations in the past and tne Papua Peace Network (JDP) should be
involved in the dialogue. Not forgetting those who have been victims and targets of armed violence throughout the territory of the Land of
Papua. None of these should be excluded.

   I would therefore like to make a concrete proposal to President Jokowi, namely that he should without delay issue a presidential
decree (Keppres) to set up an institute at ministerial level  under the President  to work for this dialogue to be started as soon as

    The President should also appoint an expert at staff level as the Special Presidential Delegate to Resolve the Violent Political and
Armed Conflict in the Land of Papua.

    Every step that the President can take to bring about a dialogue between all forces is extremely important  to ensure that this is a
comprehensive movement of high integrity in resolving the conflict at the national, regional and international level which would be
acceptable to all those who have been involved in this conflict.

    All these matters are very important and pressing and should be handled with care and wisdom by the President in order to ensure that
the Land of Papua becomes a land of peace which would hopefully continue to be part of the United State of the Republic of Indonesia,
bearing mind that this whole question of dialogue has become a regional and international issue for the States of the Melanesian
Islands, the Pacific and the World.
Yan Christian Warinussy, Executive Director of the LP3BH and Defender
of Human Rights in the Land of Papua, Recipient of the John Humphrey
Freedom Award, 2005, Co-ordinator of the National Human Rights
Commission, for Peace and Justice

Translated by Carmel Budiardjo, Recipient of the Right Livelihood, 1995

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2) President Jokowi Must Announce Truce
JAYAPURA, --- In addition to collect pledges to resolve cases of human rights violations in Enarotali Paniai December 8, 2014 and plans to build a permanent market Mama-mama Papua in Jayapura and other appointments, the President of Joko Widodo also asked to declare a ceasefire.

Paniyai Traditional Council Chairman, John NR Gobai said it was related to the President's visit to Papua Jokowi at the end of 2015 in order to weigh, not merely ceremonial beragendakan.

According to him, the visit of President Jokowi this time there must be benefits for the people of Papua. One of them, said John, Head of State of Indonesia was asked to immediately stop shooting action between military / police and the National Liberation Army of West Papua (TPN-PB), which often sacrificing civilians in Papua.

"President Jokowi to Papua should announce a ceasefire for both sides. It's important to get out of the crisis in Papua that has not ended until now, "John said in a press release received by the editorial, Thursday (31/12/2015).

He described the experience so far Papua is always covered with the blood of God's people. Droplets of blood were shed due to violence, including state violence through the apparatus.

"If violence met with violence will only give birth to resentment, and revenge will be led to the violence. That cycle of violence that had occurred in Papua, "he explained.

The solution, said John, President Jokowi can take the policy to a ceasefire between the two sides. "Moreover, the current President in Papua, a ceasefire must be declared to be done in order to prevent continued bloodshed in Papua," he said.

John also states, TPN / OPM is not a terrorist. He said, "Those people who also have an organ, whether recognized or not, but they were soldiers. Therefore, need to be viewed and positioned as a party need to talk to. "

Author of numerous books on Papua's indigenous peoples say, the opposite group is also part of the actual citizens should not be regarded as troublemakers without any particular approach. "Stigma is the way Indonesian terrorists seek sympathy of the world," John assess.

As a human being, please John, groups labeled as terrorists, vandals and others that stigma should talk to, not directly faced with the weapon.

"The proof Sutiyoso can talk with GT. Well, that needs to be done now is a ceasefire, "said board Papua Traditional Council (DAP) is.

Of several events during this shoot each other, allegedly as a reciprocal action that actually adds to increasingly tense situation.

Previously, the Papua Police said it would pursue the perpetrators of the attack police Sinak, Puncak, Sunday (12/27/2015). The assault happened at around 20:15 CET, killing Bripda Rashid (32), Bribda Armansyah (37), and Bripda Ilham (37) and two others injured. Some weapons reportedly seized the attackers.

Papua Police swiftly to form a joint team of police and military to pursue the perpetrators. However, according to the head of Papua Police spokesman Sr. (Pol) Patrige warin, Tuesday (12/29/2015), the team has not been successful and is still going the extra mile.

Timsus Papua Police Mobile Brigade platoon reinforced three each from Jayapura, Timika and Puncak Jaya, said warin, currently existing in the Sinak to pursue and arrest the perpetrators of life or death.

The pursuit operations, according to members of the DPRP, Laurenzus Kadepa, must be measured so as not to impact the civil society in Sinak and surrounding areas.

"People should not be targeted civilian when police chased the attackers Sinak. The security forces must act professionally, "said Kadepa.

The day after the attack police Sinak, Lekhaka Telenggen (Leka Telenggen) who claim to be leaders of TPN-PB in the Peak expressed readiness responsibility for the incident.

"I'm ready to be responsible in this event. I and the members were misgivings in our headquarters in anticipation of a counterattack, "said Telenggen, reported, edition of Monday (28/12/2015).

Puncak Jaya Puncak and often occurs shooting. Telenggen Lekhaka name is often associated as the culprit. For instance there is the initiating event in January 2014, he was accused of shooting at the motorcade of Company E Rider Battalion 751 led by First Lieutenant in Door Wind Alafa, Mulia, Puncak Jaya.

Telenggen also accused of firing two members of Brimob in Ilaga, the capital of the Peak District, beginning December 2014.


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