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1) LBH Pers concerned about frequent violence against journalists -

2) Chiefs and churches maintain West Papua support

3) Casualties in West Papua on Flag Day
5) Govt Urged to Deal with Death of Dozens of Toddlers in Papua
6)  Jokowi to hold meeting  to discuss Papua

1) LBH Pers concerned about  frequent violence against  journalists -

Anton Hermansyah,, Jakarta | National | Wed, December 02 2015, 9:00 PM

The Legal Aid Institute for the Press (LBH Pers) has expressed concern over frequent incidences of violence against journalists, including in the latest incident on Tuesday during a Papuan Students Alliance (AMP) rally at the Hotel Indonesia (HI) traffic circle on Jl. Thamrin in Central Jakarta.
"During the past two months, there have been at least three cases of camera seizure and the erasing of photos by policemen," said Ade Wahyudin of LBH Pers' research and networking division during a media conference in Jakarta on Wednesday.
Journalist Archicco Giulliano of ABC Australia, Step Vaessen of Al-Jazeera and Chris Brumitt of Bloomberg were stopped by police officers and instructed to erase pictures they took and one was reportedly hit.
Wahyudin, who witnessed Tuesday’s incident, said two other incidents occurred in Papua to local journalists covering a prayer session.
Meanwhile, Triwibowo Santoso from the Jakarta Journalist Axis said violence against journalists also occurred during the recent final of the Presidents Cup soccer match between Persib Bandung and SriWijaya FC in Jakarta.
Wahyudin said that Article 18, paragraph 1 of Law No. 40/ 1999 on the press stipulated that anyone who intentionally prevented journalists from doing their job could face a two-year prison term or be fined Rp 500 million (US$36,224).
Wahyudin said his institution therefore demanded that National Police chief. Gen. Badrodin Haiti instruct the Jakarta Police chief and the Papua Police chief to investigate police officers who prevented journalists from doing their job.
He also called on the National Police Commission (Kompolnas) and the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) to conduct an independent investigation and announce its results to the public.
Based on an investigation by LBH Pers, Archicco Giulliano was taking pictures of the chaos and was positioned in front of the Mandarin Oriental. Policemen approach him and told him to delete his photos. He refused and was reportedly hit by the officers. Step Vaessen witnessed the incident and photographed it on his cell phone. Police officers approach him and asked him to erase his photos. When he refused, the police reportedly grabbed his phone and did it for him. 
Chris Brumitt, who was nearby in the Halimun busway shelter, was taking photos of the violent protest. The police approached him when fellow officers were chasing the students and took him to the front of the Mandarin Oriental, near Giulliano and Vaessen. They asked him to delete the photos he took, and when he refused they grabbed his camera and asked if they could delete them themselves. (bbn)
2) Chiefs and churches maintain West Papua support

Posted: Thursday, December 3, 2015 12:00 am
By Harrison Selmen | 0 comments

Members of the public including church leaders and chief leaders ready for the Parade yesterday in Port Vila with yong people holding flags and banners in support of West Papua

Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Port Vila, Ralph Regenvanu, the only political leader who attended the commemoration of the raising of the Morning Star flag at the chiefs’ nakamal in Port Vila yesterday thanked the chiefs and the churches in Vanuatu for keeping the spirit in support for the self determination for the people of West Papua.
The event began with a parade from the Saralana entrance right up to the Chiefs nakamal where speeches and activities were made.
President for the Malvatumauri National Council of chiefs, Chief Tirsupe Seni Mau welcomed all the members of the public and said Vanuatu with the support of all chiefs around the country will always stand in solidarity with the people of West Papua. Regenvanu who is a strong activist said all other Pacific countries will need to work together showing the international community that the injustice has to be eradicated and let the West Papuan people be free.
He said one of the issues that stand a stumbling block to allow Vanuatu’s continuous support into the West Papuan issue is political instability.
“Instability sometimes supports injustice. Vanuatu’s voice is sometimes low towards the West Papuan issue because of the instability,” Regenvanu said.
Regenvanu referred back to Vanuatu’s stand on the West Papuan issue this year when Prime Minister, Sato Kilman, made no clear stand on the issue but to send a representative to the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) because of the instability in the country.
The commemoration for the raising of the morning star flag to remember the struggle for the West Papuan people was headed by the President of Malvatumauri, Chief Seni Mau Tirsupe and Church leaders in Port Vila.
There was a very low turn out in yesterday’s celebration compared to last year’s event.
3) Casualties in West Papua on Flag Day
Updated about 1 hour ago
A deadly response to West Papuan expression of independence aspirations puts the Indonesian security forces in the spotlight again as thousands of people across the world took part in demonstrations to mark the West Papuan declaration of independence, in 1961, when the Morning Star flag was first raised.
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Reports are emerging from Indonesia's Papua region that up to four civilians were shot dead by police and military on West Papuan Flag Day.
This comes as thousands across Indonesia and around the world, including New Zealand, took part in demonstrations to mark the anniversary of the West Papuan declaration of independence, in 1961, when the Morning Star flag was first raised.
The flag remains banned by Indonesian authorities.
Johnny Blades has more.
Many West Papuans continue to mark the anniversary which has become a bruised footnote of history.  The bid for independence by the indigenous people of the former Dutch territory was subsequently ignored in the UN-sanctioned process by which Indonesia took control of the western half of New Guinea in the 1960s.  This year, like each year on the anniversary of the failed West Papuan independence bid, Indonesian security forces increased their presence across Papua's towns.  West Papuans tend now not to raise the flag at the ceremonies, but mark the day with prayer and togetherness.  However reports are emerging from Papua that up to four civilians were shot dead by security forces in the town of Serui on the anniversary.  The exiled West Papua independence leader Benny Wenda says dozens of people have been arrested, beaten and intimidated across West Papua for marking the day.
BENNY WENDA:  It's like a war is going on in West Papua. And this year alone heavily militarised and every corner, every street. I just received phone calls everywhere. This year really almost every corner in West Papua the military was building up.
It wasn't just in Papua where demonstrations took place.  Hundreds were subjected to teargas and many arrested by police after taking to the streets of Jakarta.  Two foreign journalists - Australian Brodcasting Corporation's Archicco Fuilianno and Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen - were heavied by police and forced to erase their footage of the rally.  A Morning star flag raising was held on the steps of New Zealand's parliament, attended by half a dozen local MPs.  Another who attended was a Victoria University student Emalani Case, who said that as a Hawaiian, she felt obligated to help fellow Pacific Islanders who cannot necessarily stand for themselves.
EMALANI CASE:  We were colonised and we have gone through a lot and we are still fighting for our sovereignty, but we can raise our flag and we can fight openly. And I look at the people there who are suffering all these injustices, who are abused, killed and imprisoned. You can be imprisoned for 15 years for just raising your flag whereas I can wear one if I want to. So I look at that as just a gross injustice.      
Meanwhile a big march was held in Vanuatu's capital to mark West Papua's Flag Day.  The Port Vila MP Ralph Regenvanu says support for their Melanesian kin in West Papua remains a constant for ni-Vanuatu.
RALPH REGENVANU:  Despite all the instability in government, the fact that governments get deposed and new ones come in, the important thing in Vanuatu is that the chiefs and the churches continue to be active in advocating to the leaders of the country and civil society in general to continue to put pressure on the government to continue to maintain our stand with regard to total support for the independence of West Papua.
This year's Flag Day comes two weeks after the West Papuan political prisoner Filep Karma left a Jayapura jail after serving eleven years.  His alleged crime: treason, for raising the Morning Star Flag.

Jayapura, Jubi – Nabire Police arrested about 20 people who were preparing for a prayer gathering to commemorate the West Papua Anniversary.
A Nabire activist Gunawan Inggeruhi said they were arrested at 10:30 AM local time while gathering at Bunga Bangsa Park, Oyehee, Nabire.
“At that time, the police were doing raids. Their cars were driven into the field near the park. We were outside the park to prepare the place for worship event. Suddenly they were out of car and arrested us. They also beat us with rattan,” Inggeruhi said.
Until now, he said, he didn’t know the reason behind their arrest. He claimed they only wanted to do worship, raising the morning star flag wasn’t on their agenda.
On Saturday (29/11/2015), Antara News Agency reported the Nabire Police arrested and detained 17 residents.
The Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw said they were detained for raising the morning start flag. But not longer, he corrected his statement through the same media, said they were arrested for combatting the officers when disbanded while doing the activity at Lapangan Gizi Nabire.
Inggeruhi denied his friends attacked the police while being disbanded on Saturday morning. “We didn’t fight the police. They just come to arrest us. We only brought some bamboos to build a stage. We didn’t fight at all,” he said.
Seventeen residents  were released on 30 November. (Victor Mambor/rom)

WEDNESDAY, 02 DECEMBER, 2015 | 14:10 WIB
5) Govt Urged to Deal with Death of Dozens of Toddlers in Papua
TEMPO.COJakarta - The Chairman of the Social Committee of the House of Representatives Saleh Pataonan Daulay urged the government to take immediate actions needed in dealing with the death of dozens of toddlers in Nduga Region, Papua. "This case is rather strange. Although there are 32 toddlers died, the cause itself is still unknown," said Saleh in his written release on Jakarta, December 2.
Even though this case is widely spread in media, it seems the government has not paid special attention to this case. This case can actually be dealt by any ministry, though. Besides the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health have the link with the issue directly.
Saleh claimed to fear the case will spread if the death of dozens of children in Papua is not dealt with immediately. The government needs to form a special team to investigate the case. This is to determine the root cause.
"The government should show concern over the future of the children of Indonesia, especially in Papua. Therefore, we are waiting for concrete steps to be taken by the government," said Saleh.

6)  Jokowi to hold meeting  to discuss Papua, Jakarta | National | Thu, December 03 2015, 9:56 AM - 
President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo will hold a limited Cabinet meeting to discuss Papua on Thursday at the Presidential Office.

Based on an agenda published by the Presidential press bureau, Jokowi will lead the meeting on Papua at 4 p.m.

Papua has been in the news recently with the ongoing investigation into contract negotiations of Papua's biggest copper and gold mining firm PT Freeport Indonesia, the local unit of US-based mining giant Freeport McMoRan. The issue has implicated top Indonesian officials including House of Representatives Speaker Setya Novanto.

Separately, an Indonesian Military (TNI) officer was shot by an armed group in the country's easternmost province earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry is investigating a case surrounding the mysterious deaths of dozens of children.

Prior to that, the President is also scheduled to hold a meeting to talk about TNI primary weaponry systems at 1:30 p.m. (rin)(+) - 

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