Saturday, February 13, 2016

1) Call for Media to Advocate on West Papua Issue

2) New Vanuatu PM good choice, says think tank

1) Call for Media to Advocate on West Papua Issue

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By Fabian Hakalits – EM TV News, Port Moresby
The media has been challenged to advocate more on the West Papua issue.
Mathew Hassor, President of the Sarang Burung Mambruk Project, says little attention has been given by the media 
to the genocide in West Papua. And there are many stories that remain unreported.
The Sarang Burung Mambruk Project movement has been advocating for West Papua and observed that the
 international media over time have been silent on the everyday West Papua genocide.
However, whatever little is reported comes from social media sites like Facebook, and Hassor has criticised the 
mainstream media for not giving West Papuans a voice.
“There has not much coverage given to the West Papua issue by the mainstream media. If the stories can be told, 
than the people and the rest of the world would know what is happening to our people.”
“In terms of accessibility, there has been no foreign journalist on ground, because they too might fear the government 
The Sarang Burung Mambruk Project thanked the Papua New Guinea Government, and the Melanesian Spearhead 
Group for addressing the West Papua issue as a global agenda.
His hope is one day all West Papuans will unite, raising up the morning star flag up high.
“At the end of the day, the West Papuans, we want freedom. We are calling on all West Papuans to unite and work 
together for our tomorrow.”
While acknowledging Indonesia’s relations with other countries like Papua New Guinea, a grave concern is the 
inhumane treatment of the people.
“It’s a bit scary because of the genocide. We are strongly believed that our human rights have been violated.”
Meanwhile Oro Province Governor, Gary Juffa, speaking to EMTV News this week echoed the same sentiments.
“There have been killing and it’s sad to see that our media in Papua New Guinea have no reports.”
Juffa a strong supporter for West Papua challenged the media to advocate for change.

2) New Vanuatu PM good choice, says think tank
Updated at 3:35 pm on 12 February 2016
Vanuatu's new prime minister is an accomplished and well respected figure in the country's politics, according to the head of a Pacific think tank.
Charlot Salwai was yesterday elected unopposed in the first sitting of parliament following January's snap election.
He leads a majority coalition made up of mostly opposition members of the last parliament and several independents.
Executive director of the Pacific Institute for Public Policy Derek Brien said the coalition had put careful consideration into its decision to put forward Mr Salwai, who was a former finance and education minister, as its candidate.
He said Mr Salwai's 13-member cabinet was a combination of fresh faces and experienced MPs as it tried to push forward promised political reform.
"His election yesterday was a comprehensive victory and a comprehensive sign from the parliament to tackle the issue of unity and reform and to deliver the demand for change that the electorate signalled in the election in January," said Derek Brien.

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