Monday, February 1, 2016

1) Freeport Asks Indonesia to Cut or Postpone $530m Smelter Bond: Mining Minister

2) 10 former Papuan separatists  request amnesty

3) Indonesia-New Zealand to cooperate to handle disadvantaged region

1) Freeport Asks Indonesia to Cut or Postpone $530m Smelter Bond: Mining Minister
By : Wilda Asmarini | on 12:49 PM February 02, 2016

Jakarta. Freeport McMoRan has asked Indonesia to reduce a $530 million smelter bond the local unit of the US copper mining giant must set aside before receiving an extension of its export permit, Indonesia's mining minister said on Tuesday.
Freeport's 6-month copper concentrate export permit expired last week amid a deadlock over the bond, which Indonesia has requested as a guarantee that the miner will complete construction of another local smelter.
"They have appealed to ask whether we can postpone it or give them a discount, but we asked them to show their commitment in another equivalent way," Energy Minister Sudirman Said told reporters, referring to an exchange of letters with the Phoenix, Arizona-based company.

2) 10 former Papuan separatists  request amnesty | National | Tue, February 02 2016, 9:35 AM - See more at:

Ten former members of a Papuan separatist group, the National Liberation Army/Free Papua Movement (TPN/OPM), have asked the government to grant them an amnesty, a senior intelligence official has confirmed.

The former Papuan rebels were received by National Intelligence Agency (BIN) chief Sutiyoso last week. “This is a good step [forward], as a domino effect following [the surrender of Acehnese rebel leader] Din Minimi," Sutiyoso said on Monday as quoted by

Sutiyoso said the former rebels also requested living assistance, adding that such issues had already been discussed with their regional government and it would most likely be granted because their requests were simple enough, such as for public housing.

"The local government has already made plans," Sutiyoso added.

Teranus Enumbi, a former rebel who once served as a platoon commander in Tinggi Nambu, Puncak Jaya, said they had grown weary of fighting before surrendering to Puncak Jaya Governor Jaya Henock Ibo. They subsequently asked to meet with Sutiyoso following their submission.

The former separatists traveled to Jakarta at the end of January and will return to Papua this week. (liz/bbn)(+) -


3) Indonesia-New Zealand to cooperate to handle disadvantaged region

Selasa, 2 Februari 2016 08:27 WIB | 596 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Ministry of Village, Disadvantaged Region Development and Transmigration (DPDTT) will cooperate with the government of New Zealand to deal with the disadvantaged villages which require more attention.

"In cooperation with New Zealand, we will come up with direct programs for the disadvantaged villages," Minister of Village, Disadvantaged Region Development and Transmigration, Marwan Jafar, noted in a written statement received by ANTARA on Monday.

Around 33,592 villages or 46 percent of Indonesian villages are considered disadvantaged and 13,453 villages or around 16 percent villages are recognized as left behind by a long distance which need special development programs.

"Those villages need special intervention and I hope New Zealand would be able to help us with implementing programs for these villages," Marwan said.

Considering New Zealands success in developing its villages into advanced ones, Marwan expected that this country would be able to do positive work in Indonesia by focusing on making the village a foundational unit of national development.

"New Zealand has a long experience in developing the countryside. This partnership should be followed up with real action," he stated.

Meanwhile, New Zealand Ambassador Trevor Matheson said he was ready to carry out concrete measures, focusing on helping Indonesia develop its village areas.

He also expected a comparative study of village development between the two countries in order to run effective and targeted programs.

"We really hope that Minister Marwan could come and visit our villages in New Zealand, so that he could see some positive points to be developed together," Matheson said.(*)

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