Wednesday, February 3, 2016

1) Helicopter Crashes Into Papua Mining Camp

2) Sorong Airport Ready to Welcome Large Aircraft
3) Paris talks to chart end of Noumea Accord

4) Indonesia, Timor Leste establish cooperation on defence


1) Helicopter Crashes Into Papua Mining Camp
By : Robert Isidorus & Thresa Sandra Desfika | on 4:17 PM February 03, 2016

Jayapura/Jakarta. A helicopter crashed into a mining camp in the remote district of Paniai, Papua, on Wednesday (3/2) after it was hit by a heavy windstorm, officials said.
Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Patridge Renwarin said all six on board survived the crash and walked away with minor injuries except for the pilot who sustained broken bones. No fatalities were reported for the people on the ground.
The Bell 206 Helicopter bearing flight number PK-UAG crashed into a mining camp at 9:30 a.m. local time, just moments after it took off from a helipad at mining town Bogobaida.
The six victims were evacuated to the more developed Nabire district where they were being treated at a local hospital.
Transportation Ministry spokesman J.A. Barata said the helicopter belongs to a company named Amor. Before the incident, the aircraft flew from Paniai capital Enarotali to Bogobaida. It is still not clear where the helicopter was heading when it crashed.

WEDNESDAY, 03 FEBRUARY, 2016 | 17:04 WIB
2) Sorong Airport Ready to Welcome Large Aircraft

TEMPO.COJakarta - Runway of the Domine Edward Osok (DEO) Airport in Sorong, West Papua, will be extended from 2,060 to 2,500 meters in order to allow the airport to acommodate wide-body aircraft.
DEO Airport Chief Paryono on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, said that the extension of the runway has currently entered the land acquisition phase and expected to be finished before the end of the year.
"If the length of the DEO Airport runway has reached 2,500 meters, wide-body aircraft, such as Boeing B-737 series 900, will be able to land, [as a result] ticket prices will be affordable for middle to low-income people," Paryono said.
Paryono explained that the DEO Airport will continue to be developed so that it could match the standards applied by airports in Western Regions of Indonesia.
3) Paris talks to chart end of Noumea Accord
Updated at 7:27 am today
France's Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, will today chair a meeting of the so-called signatories of the 1998 Noumea Accord as New Caledonia's independence referendum nears.
The three-day talks will try to help finalise the roll of those eligible to vote in the 2018 plebiscite when the Accord expires.
There have been calls to consider a fresh accord but a signatory for the pro-independence side, Roch Wamytan, has told television that the vote should go ahead.
"At some point, one has to give the Kanak people, that is the colonised people, as well as others who have arrived here as the result of history, the chance to have a say to know what sort of future the people, and above all the Kanak people, want."
The meeting will also discuss the problems the territory is facing after the recent sharp drop in the price of nickel.

4) Indonesia, Timor Leste establish cooperation on defence

Rabu, 3 Februari 2016 06:18 WIB | 844 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The governments of Indonesia and Timor Leste, through the Ministries of Defense, have agreed to establish cooperation in the field of defense, in particular education and training.

A press statement received by Antara here on Tuesday stated that the Indonesian Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu paid a courtesy call to the East Timor Defense Minister in Dili on Monday (February 1).

The visit was conducted on the sidelines of a working visit of the Indonesian Minister of Defense in order to review the Indonesian Health Care Mission on the Floating Hospital in the Port of Dili, East Timor.

Ryamizard said Indonesias Defense Ministry is ready to assist Timor-Leste, in particular to improve the capacity of the Timorese army personnel.

During this time, cooperation in defense related education and training between the two countries has been on, including Timor Leste Military Officers enrolling in Indonesias Military Command and Staff School.

Timor Leste has also sent several students to study at the Institute of National Defense as well as at a number of universities in Indonesia. 

The Indonesian Ministry of Defense opens up opportunities for Timorese soldiers to learn engineering.

"The UN needs Engineering unit to build and improve places which are ravaged by war or natural disaster," Ryamizard stated.

The Defense Minister of Timor Leste, Cirilio Cristovao, said the defense cooperation between Indonesia and East Timor has been going on from the beginning. Both countries already have a cooperation agreement between their armed forces.

"To improve the quality and capability of the engineers, we hope we can send troops to undergo training in Indonesia," he said.


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