Friday, February 19, 2016

1) National scene: Luhut tells ULMWP to leave the country -

2) NZ film hopes to start West Papua conversation
3) PLN to Provide Electricity to Island’s Rural Residents
4) PT. Miyeda Papua Voew to Create 1000 Entrepreneurs by 2020

1) National scene: Luhut tells  ULMWP to leave the country -
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | National | Sat, February 20 2016, 8:47 AM 
JAKARTA: Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Luhut Pandjaitan has told the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), which campaigns for Papuan independence, to leave the country, as it could pose a threat to the country’s territorial integrity.

“They’d be better to join the MSG. Don’t stay in Indonesia anymore,” Luhut said, referring to the Melanesian Spearhead Group, a sub-regional grouping in the Pacific, comprising Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and New Caledonia. 

The ULMWP was formed last year when Vanuatu hosted a unification summit for West Papuan representative groups. 

Representing the various Papuan resistance groups, the ULMWP officially applied for full membership of the MSG in February 2015. 

Many have speculated that the Indonesian government is trying to undermine the influence of the MSG on the Papua issue by applying to become the group’s newest member.

Foreign Ministry officials have made a round of diplomatic trips in the region in recent months as MSG member governments have struggled to balance their growing ties with Jakarta while providing support to regional grassroots movements dedicated to securing rights for the indigenous people of West Papua, where a separatist conflict has been simmering for decades. -

2) NZ film hopes to start West Papua conversation
Updated at 1:58 pm today
A New Zealand journalist and film producer hopes her new short film about the plight of West Papuans will serve as the impetus for discussion about the situation in Indonesia's Papua region.
'Run it Straight' depicts the decision by a rugby league club in Wellington to demonstrate their members' support for West Papuans, who they consider fellow Pacific Islanders.
The film was written and directed by Tere Harrison who felt uneasy about staying silent on what is happening to West Papuans under Indonesian rule.
" 'Run it Straight', the aim is to start the conversation, particularly in Maori communities, about West Papua, because I've seen that our people aren't so prevalent in the conversation. And there's a reason for that of course. The Indonesian government's power of silence over these is

3) PLN to Provide Electricity to Island’s Rural Residents
Victor Mambor 13 hours ago
Bias, Jubi – People on Padaido island and Aimando district, Biak Numfor will have electricity to support the maritime industry this year. Manager of state–owned electricity  company PLN in the Biak area, Salmon Karehth, on Thursday (18/2/2016) said electricity infrastructure will be built for the fiscal year of 2016. “Management of PLN Biak area has got permission from the village residents to build  the islands electricity development,” said Salmon. From the current data, most of the islands of Biak like Padaido and Aimando does not have electricity so that the government’s attention through PLN (Persero) local. With the construction of power facilities of the village, about Salmon, expected every citizen residing in the islands can enjoy the electricity together with people who live in  mainland island of Biak, Supiori, Waropen and Yapen Islands. (*/Tina)
4) PT. Miyeda Papua Voew to Create 1000 Entrepreneurs by 2020
Victor Mambor 15 hours ago
Jayapura, Jubi – PT. Miyeda Papua planned to prepare 1,000 Papuan entrepreneurs by 2020. PT Miyeba Papua director Yance Mote, on Thursday (18/2/2016) said he had trained 500 Papuan entrepreneurs over the last five years by providing a legal entity in accordance to Law No. 21 of 2001 regarding Papua’s special autonomy. He said young Papuans have been left behind because the private sector is considered unimportant than civil service. We do not give money, yet the way we prepare and train by providing a legal entity, so the young people can stand on their own feet or be able to live and thrive in the land of Papua,” he said. Erickson Edowai, one of the members who are dealing with Telkomsel network in Biak admitted, very proud of the initiatives of the director of PT. Miyeda. (Abeth You/Tina)

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