Thursday, February 11, 2016

1) Regional Heads Must Not Rely on Provincial Assistance, says Legislator

2) Minister Speaks Like an Imperialist, says Legislator
3) Papua Trade and Industry Office to Build Re-Measuring Post at Border Area
4) Sport: West Papua Warriors eye USA 
1) Regional Heads Must Not Rely on Provincial Assistance, says Legislator
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Local traders at Jigibama traditional market in Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency – Jubi
Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan legislator Pendis Enumbi warned governments at the local level not to rely on provincial assistance in carrying out economic development programs. Enumbi, who’s member of Commission II of Papua Legislative Council for economy affairs, said it is difficult to develop the community economic development program if only expecting the provincial budget assistance. “How could they develop the people centered economic program without budget? Both regional and municipal governments must have similar programs with provincial government. The governor also need to control those in the regional governments; whether their programs are connected with provincial programs,” Enumbi said on Wednesday (10/2/2016). According to him, the regional and municipal governments should not only focus to build the infrastructures, but they need to create a program to develop the people’s economy. Furthermore, the local people are mostly farmers, breeders and fishers. “The regional heads must be aware on this situation and think about community economic development program rather than magnificent buildings. 
The economic development is important,” he said. He further said the regional and municipal governments must also provide facilities for community economic agents, such as a market for selling the local commodities. “Regional and municipal programs must connect with provincial programs,” he said. Earlier, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe announced the five economic policies of Papua Province in 2016, which are (1) to endorse the good quality economic growth and to materialise the sustainable natural resources management to support the community economic development, (2) to increase the income rate of customary community, (3) to materializer the conducive climate for investment by the provision of relief and incentive to encourage the creation of equal employment, (4) to optimize the development of the sectors of marine, agriculture, cultivation and tourism, as well as the sectors of trade and services towards the independence Papua for investment, and (5) to encourage the economic development at rural levels through Prosepek Program (Government’s Program for Village Development) in synergy with the village allocated funds program by Central Government. “In addition to encourage the economic development, said Enembe, the main priority of development target as the basis for the elaboration of regional operation strategy must refer to and fulfill the ‘Nawacita’, nine points of the national development agenda,” said Governor Enembe in Papua Regional Budget 2016 on last year. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)
2) Minister Speaks Like an Imperialist, says Legislator

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan legislator Lauren’s Kadepa said remarks by Coordinating Minister of Political, Legal and Human Rights Affairs, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan criticizing Papuan government officials were not proper. Kadepa said although he believed Panjaitan had a good intention to warn the Papua Governor, the regents and mayor and other Papuan officials to not often leave their offices, he did not convey it wisely and came across as arrogant and authoritarian. Panjaitan reportedly said: “I have told the governor about this. You don’t only have rights but obligations as well. They want to play games? They must confront me first. I will give harsh sanctions.” “From the sentence cited, it seems describing that Papua is really under imperialism. It is part of imperialist language,” Kadepa sent short message to Jubi on Wednesday (10/2/2016).

He said during the time, Papuan people were always suppressed in many ways. Now it is the time for Papuan officials. He was wondering about the Central Government’s intention. “What does Jakarta want? The minister’s intention was good, but he shouldn’t give impress of arrogant in his sentences,” he said. However, he wasn’t actually opposing the minister to instruct the Papuan leaders to be more focus in their regions, but as State official, he shouldn’t use those words. “There are sentences that more polite and proper to be used to remind the officials in Papua, instead of arrogant words. Moreover, the Minister of Political, Legal and Human Rights Affairs is State Official,” he said. Earlier, the Minister Luhut B. Panjaitan said he would give strict sanction over the regional heads in Papua and Papua Barat provinces concerning to their travel habits. He said he found those regional heads –governor, regents and mayors—in both provinces were often out of their office travelling to other places. “How do they notice about the problems occurred in Papua if they were not living there,” said the minister as cited in media 
He also would apply special regulation towards regional heads in Papua and Papua Barat provinces that those officials must report to the Minister of Internal Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo if they were planning to travel out of their regions. “I have told to the governor about this. You have not only a right but obligation as well. They want play games? They must confront me. I give strict sanction,” said the minister who was former Special Force personnel. “I have told to the governor, you dare playing games with me, you got me,” said Panjaitan. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

3) Papua Trade and Industry Office to Build Re-Measuring Post at Border Area

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Provincial Trade and Industry Office plans to build a re-measuring post at Skouw Border Market in Muaratami Subdistrict, Jayapura Municipality. The Acting Head of Papua Trade and Industry Office, Elsye Pakade on Wednesday (10/2/2016) said the post is aimed to ensure that the purchased goods are according to declared sizes. “It is to encourage the accountability of market to be in order or on proper scale,” she said. The office thus plans to do pilot on Skouw Border Market, therefore it will provide measurement facility to materialize the program. “Because the proper scale equipment is becoming a form of optimum services to the community,” she said. 
Further, the office encourages traders in Skouw Border Market to pack their commodities in the labeled packages with the appropriate scale of quantity. “We can not ensure when the program will be implemented, but the office keep pushing it to be implemented in 2016,” she said. However, she was not certain about the funds whether it would be installed in 2016 or 2017. “But we hope it could be started in 2016,” she said. (*/rom)

4) Sport: West Papua Warriors eye USA 
Updated at 2:11 pm today
The West Papua Warriors are hoping to spread their message to new frontiers.
The rugby league team, made up of players from Papua New Guinea and West Papua, was formed to raise awareness about the on-going human rights abuses in the Indonesian province.
They have competed in a handful of Nines tournaments in PNG and Australia in recent months and last week thrashed a Philippines development side 54-8 in a full 13-a-side match.
Captain Tala Kami said the team had received an invitation to compete in the USA Nines in May.
"We are seriously considering taking the team over there. It will just come down to funding and all that kind of stuff - if we can get all the sponsorship in time then it looks like USA Nines should be the next target. It's only an eight-team competition so four of them are the national clubs in America and the other four are international invitational teams: Canada, Jamaica, an Indigenous side in Australia and then we are the fourth. It should be a good level of competition."
Tala Kami said the team also planned to continue playing nine-a-side tournaments in PNG over the coming months, until the domestic competition began in winter.

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