Tuesday, March 1, 2016

1) Police Stop Humanitarian Action To Fiji in Jayapura

2) PNG close to getting electricity from Indonesia

A google translate of article in Jubi. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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1) Police Stop Humanitarian Action To Fiji in Jayapura
MARCH 1, 2016
Most participants of the Papuan People's Solidarity for disaster victims in Fiji, while running boxes of humanitarian donations, Jayapura, on Tuesday - Jubi / Yuliana
Jayapura, Jubi - Indonesia Jayapura police officers to quell the humanitarian fund raising for Melanesians in Fiji cyclone that destroyed the worst in history, killing 42 people. Coordinator of the Papua People’s Solidarity for Fiji along with six other participants questioned at police stations Jayapura, before finally discharged on Tuesday. Ferry Marisan, coordinator of the solidarity it said six participants attended solidarity Jayapura Police Intelkam members when carrying boxes of donations in the red light intersection Dok II Jayapura, on Tuesday (03/01/2016) at around 11:00 CET. Related to the investigation, Ferry said that the police quibble, activities raise funds for humanitarian it does not get permission, although it had sent a letter of notification to the Police in Jayapura on Saturday, February 27, 2016 with the letterhead “Community Solidarity Papua for Fiji", which explains the purpose and a fundraising action. "Intelkam Police Chief says, (suspension) this command Jayapura police chief. He pointed out, a notification letter has been entered but permission has not come out, so we (police) want to confirm. Second, the police say it involves other countries, so we asked for a letter of this activity to the Papua Police, “ aid Ferry Jubi contacted by phone Tuesday. Meanwhile, one of the six participants, who did not wish to be named, said they were asked not to raise funds for disaster victims in Fiji. "The policeman said, 'you do not need to raise funds because they were abroad. So, the affairs of state, not you, "he said, when met Jubi in post offices solidarity in Elsham, Padangbulan.

Command Jayapura Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Rontini Jermias, which set questions about consent, criticized the Papuan human rights lawyer, Gustaf Kawer. He also deplored the notion of the police officers very limited human-related. He stressed that the solidarity of humanity is universal and has no restrictions including the state. Gustaf explains, "no single rule in the republic which prohibits humanitarian activities, moreover it does not interfere with the public interest and there have been prior notification letter. Enough notice, do not need permission, “he said. "Pu tong apparatus conscience is dead on humanitarian issues in Papua and the country that has relations with Papua," said Gustaf again.Gustaf recommends that all members of the Indonesian police, especially in Papua, to return to duties as set out in Article 2 of the Law on the National Police to maintain security and public order, enforce the law, protect, nurture, and serve the public.Jayapura police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Rontini Jermias, who contacted Jubi not comment as to why there should be a notice when the license is included since Saturday. (Yuliana Lantipo)
2) PNG close to getting electricity from Indonesia
Papua New Guinea is a step closer to sourcing electricity from neighbouring Indonesia.
Updated at 7:58 pm on 1 March 2016
The head of PNG Power, John Yanis said the company was on track to bring electricity from Indonesia into West Sepik, the PNG province on the border.
Mr Yanis said the electricity was now at the border administration complex at Wutung, ready for PNG Power to utilise and direct through the nearby provincial centre of Vanimo.
He indicated that the PNG state supplier was making financial arrangements with a bank in order to reach agreement with the Indonesian supplier, PLN.
The newspaper, The National, reports that the two neighbouring governments would also have to sign off on the deal.
It could see PNG tap into a 2-megawatt power supply generated from diesel power plants in Waena and Yarmokh in Indonesia's Papua province, via West Sepik.
Furthermore, Vanimo-based Indonesian consular Elmar Iwan Lubis said that another power plant at Holtekampp in Indonesia’s Jayapura city was also intending to supply power along the border by this year.

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