Sunday, April 3, 2016

1) Marijuana Plantation Found in Indonesia-PNG Border Area

2) Historic political meeting about West Papua self-determination to take place in UK
1) Marijuana Plantation Found in Indonesia-PNG Border Area
By : Jakarta Globe | on 3:22 PM April 02, 2016
Jakarta. Members of an Indonesian military border security task force along the country's border with Papua New Guinea have discovered another marijuana plantation in Kalilapar Village, Keerom, Papua.
The plantation was found just 1.4 kilometers from the Kalimao Post, with at least 38 plants standing up to two and a half meters tall.
Military official Col. Czi Berlin H announced the discovery on Saturday (02/04) in Jakarta, saying it is the third time the unit has found plantations in the area.
“Personnel in the Kalimao Post, led by Post Commander First Lt. Inf. Buyung, assisted by an Intel Officer Capt. Inf. Mulyo Hartono, are developing the case to find the owner, as well as searching for other plantations,” Berlin said.
Officers in the border areas have instructed to patrol the area and conduct sweeps to collect information for investigations.
“It is proven to be effective. The task force has discovered marijuana fields, secured rifles and 30 rounds of sharp ammunitions from the sweeping,” Berlin added.

2) Historic political meeting about West Papua self-determination to take place in UK
APRIL 3, 2016

On May 3rd 2016 at Westminster, London one of the most significant events in West Papua’s history will be taking place.The International Parliamentarians for West Papua, members of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, legal & human rights experts, and International Government representatives will be coming together and announcing a call for an Internationally Supervised Vote for West Papua.
The meeting will be held on May 3rd as this marks almost exactly 53 years to the day that the Indonesian government first took control of West Papua on 1st May 1963 (known to West Papuans as the Day of Terror).
West Papuan self-determination was violated in 1969 through the so called “Act of Free Choice”, known to West Papuans as the Act of NO Choice. This was supposed to be an Independence Referendum for all West Papuans but was nothing but a sham. The people of West Papua are now calling for a new Independence referendum in an Internationally Supervised Vote.
We want YOU to join , and help us to make sure the world hears us.
This month we are calling on all of our supporters across the globe to join in our April actions and to build momentum for the May 3rd call for an Internationally Supervised Vote for West Papua.
And here’s how:
1) Help us make #LetWestPapuaVote go viral!
Display this hashtag through photos or video messages, add your name and location and messages of support and post this to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Send it to people in the public eye, through your university or to your favourite bands. Send it to us at the Free West Papua Campaign. Send it everywhere! Let’s get the world speaking about West Papua together.

– Download and print the SIGN IN THE LINK HERE
– Take a photo of yourself holding THE SIGN YOU HAVE JUST PRINTED; include your name and location at the bottom (e.g. Mary, London, UK). 3
– Post your photo to twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Be sure to include the hashtags #LetWestPapuaVote #FreeWestPapua
– After you post, send your photo to your local Free West Papua group & the central Free West Papua Campaign.
In your video message please include your name, where you are from, and the statement “I join the call for an International supervised vote for West Papua”
Feel free to expand & edit and be creative!
2) Let’s get people in the public eye involved!
Ask those in the public spotlight that you think would be good for the campaign, to show their support through public statements & social media. Get in touch with celebrities, community leaders, chiefs, musicians, lawyers and academics, local politicians. Tell them about what is happening in West Papua and invite them to join us. You could send them the letter below or tweet them?
Be respectful at all times, but let’s help spread the information and see if we can get some well-known faces to send in video messages of support and join our #LetWestPapuaVote. 
3) Continuing the diplomatic push for International Parliamentarians for West Papua.                                              It’s people power that pressures our governments in to action, and the governments will be forced in to action for West Papua if we keep on the pressure. Please ask your friends and family and local support network to do the same.
So far we have 87 IPWP members worldwide. There are many more that have voiced their support. Can you help us to get their signatures to join IPWP?
We nearly have 250,000 supporters on Facebook! West Papua is being recognised in the diplomatic hallways of the world and this is all down to YOU! So please continue to stand beside us and together we will FREE WEST PAPUA!


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