Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1) Mass demos in support of Papua Liberation Movement

2) Police Arrest 15 Activists KNPB and Tampering Secretariat KNPB Kaimana Kaimana

3) Leaflets Demo for Akbar, 5 Yakuhimo KNPB Members Arrested

4) United States-Indonesia relations getting better: Envoy


1) Mass demos in support of Papua Liberation Movement

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A demonstration in Jayapra, the capital of Indonesia's Papua province, in support of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua. Photo: Tabloid Jubi

Demonstrations in support of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua have been taking place in cities across Indonesia's Papua region today.
Ground reports said large peaceful demonstrations have been held in the seven main cities of Papua and West papua provinces: Jayapura, Yakuhimo, Manokwari, Fak-Fak, Merauke, Timika and Sorong.
The demonstrations have been voicing support for the Liberation Movement to become full members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.
The Movement was last year granted observer status in the MSG, whose full members are
Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands and the Kanaks of New Caledonia.
Indonesia was last year granted associate member status at the MSG and has been opposed to the Liberation Movement's participation in political representation of West Papuans.
Early reports from the Papua cities today indicated large numbers of security forces were being deployed to the demonstrations.
West Papua Media reported that by mid afternoon in the Jayapura rally, eleven demonstrators had been arrested and subsequently released
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2) Police Arrest 15 Activists KNPB and Tampering Secretariat KNPB Kaimana Kaimana
By: Arnold Belau | Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 11:38 pm |

Peaceful demonstration supporting ULMWP accepted as a full member in the MSG members in Jayapura. (Photo: Arnold Belau / SP)

JAYAPURA, --- West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Center reported that police from Kaimana Police have arrested 15 activists KNPB region and damage the secretariat KNPB Kaimana Kaimana on April 12, 2016.
General secretary KNPB Centre, Ones Suhuniap to explain, police Police Kaimana return catch 15 KNPB activists and PRD Member sekretaraiat page Kaimana Kaimana KNPB and PRD.
Chronology, police initially disperse preparatory action for the 13th of April (today-ed) and meetings held in the secretariat KNPB Kaimana Kaimana by police. Dissolution of meetings held it happened at 12:15 noon WP. When the 50s and KNPB bekumpul PRD members to support the action preparation ULMWP become a full Member of MSG.
Police arrived in full force to disperse the gathering. Then at 16:00 WPB police again went to the PRD and KNPB secretariat located in Bantemi, the front office of regent Kaimana.
Police officers came to use Dalmas six cars and two patrol car into the driveway of the PRD and sekretaraiat KNPB office last raid. When police entered the secretariat KPNB, facilities and damaging police arrested 15 activists KNPB Kaimana.
Those arrested are John Furay (24) Lilian Tapnesa, Ania Kurita, Simon Egana, Melianus Siwari, Aser Kubewa, Agus Surbay, Elon Aribau, Stephen Esuru, Yusuf Surubay, Sepi Surubay, Melianus Surubay, Alfian Tanggafora, Melianus Siwari, and Abd Fata Watora.
"After arresting 15 members of KNPB and PRD Kaimana, police also seized a number of items belonging to KNPB. The goods were seized, among others: 9 pieces of HP, 2 printers, 5 pieces KNPB flag, four motorbikes, 2 kitchen machete, 1 fruit machines and 2 pieces of tripe grass Tifa. Not only that, the police also damaged secretariat KNPB, damaging the work space and room dismantle and break down the door at the secretariat KNPB and PRD Kaimana, "said Suhun.
Meanwhile, Victor F Yeimo, chairman of the Centre to KNPB when confirmed justify arrests carried out by joint military and police in Kaimana that disperse people gathering for the preparation of a peaceful demonstration supporting ULMWP as a full member of MSG and international demands supervised vote for referendum ,
"15 activists and people arrested and brought to the police station Kaimana. While the PRD offices vandalized military. Their small children cry and become traumatized. We hope the world is to monitor how Indonesia is facing a civil aspirations of our politics that would be submitted peacefully, "he said.
Data collected, on April 5, police arrested 15 activists KNPB Timika. 13 people were released with status must report to the time limit is not specified. While Steven Itlay, chairman of KNPB Timika named as suspects in cases of treason and Yus Wenda also named suspects. On April 12, police again arrested five activists distribute leaflets at the moment KNPB Dekai city, Yahukimo, Papua. Also in Kaimana, police arrested 15 activists KNPB and PRD. On the 13th, in Merauke, reportedly forces have also arrested a number of activists and PRD region KNPB Anim Ha.

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3) Leaflets Demo for Akbar, 5 Yakuhimo KNPB Members Arrested
jayapura, Jubi - Five Members West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Region Yakuhimo, on behalf of Yupi Sobolim (23 years), Unyil Kobak (24), Erson Suhun, Natu Dapla and one person of unknown name, was arrested by police from the Police Yahukimo.

Police arrested them after dividing the related leaflets demo akbar 13 April 2016 in order to support ULMWP become a full member of MSG. The arrest occurred at the intersection of the mountain, Dekai, Yakuhimo noon on 12 April 2016.
"Absolutely, management and members of KNPB can be arrested," said Erius Pahabol, chairman of KNPB Yakuhimo region to Jubi via telephone from Yakuhimo, Tuesday (12/04/2016).
He said, in the arrest, two minors also arrested but was removed before being taken to the Police station.
"Joshua Sobolim (8 years) and Anderson Suhun (12 years) was released after given a ride in the car Dalmas because KNPB members told them that the brothers were not involved," he said.
He said, the five activists is now in Police Yakuhimo. The fifth colleagues were told to push up and dried in the hot days in the eyes of the police station yard Yakuhimo.
"We were difficult to get because the escort of Brimob. We're gathering to go to the police station to ask for information. There is no anarchy really arrested? "He said.
He said, in the arrest, police confiscated a number of items. One flag KNPB, 7 motorcycles and money of three million. "The time for the flyers, people love money voluntarily. Already we count. Three million contained in cartons Brimob bring, "he said.

Pahabol chronology tells the arrest. Morning, around eight, activists distributing leaflets KNPB do around the office Dekai. While distributing leaflets, there was a commotion of society at that location. They then moved to the intersection of the mountain to avoid conflict.

He said, the leaflet distribution lasts until 12:00. They stopped, buy food and drink and take it to the curb. They prayed and want to eat all of a sudden two cars Dalmas unbiased Brimob and police arrived at the location.
"Brimob off first, move your arms and shouted raise your hand, try not to run. They hold-up man with a gun. The others, who were sitting in the forest near the run and the roadside was arrested, "he said.
He said, the time of the arrest, officers trampling food and drink that they did not have time to eat.
"Mostly they bring, including 3 million of existing money in a box," he said.
Papua Police spokesman, Superintendent Patrige confirmed warin say not informed of the arrest, because he was the governor of Papua join the group attending the inauguration of the Regent Digoel.
"I'm in Digoel. I do not monitor. You try to find the information to the police, "he said of Digoel via cell phone. (*)


4) United States-Indonesia relations getting better: Envoy

Rabu, 13 April 2016 13:38 WIB | 396 Views
Padang, West Sumatra (ANTARA News) - United States Ambassador to Indonesia Robert O. Blake affirmed that relations between his country and Jakarta were getting better.
"Since the past few years, relations between the United States and Indonesia are at the best level," Blake remarked onboard the P-8 Poseidon aircraft on Tuesday.
He explained that the sound relations between the United States and Indonesia were apparent from the various war exercises conducted jointly, including the Komodo exercise in Padang, West Sumatra, from April 12 to 16, 2016.
The Indonesian Navy is hosting the Multilateral Naval Exercise Komodo (MNEK) 2016 to coincide with the IFR 2016 and the 15th Western Pacific Naval Symposium in Padang and Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra Province.
The participating countries are the United States, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, France, Russia, China, Sri Lanka, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam.
Blake noted that the United States had sent its warship USS Stockdale and P-8 Poseidon aircraft to support the MNEK 2016 in Padang.  
"The exercise is viewed not only from the aspect of how frequently it is held but also from its level of difficulty and complexity," the US envoy noted.
Blake expressed pride that Indonesia had involved the United States as a key partner in the MNEK 2016.
"In addition to strengthening cooperation among countries, this activity would hopefully offer other benefits including improving disaster management, curbing illegal fishing, and so forth," Blake added.(*)

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