Saturday, April 2, 2016

1) Papua Officially Enforces Regulation on Liquor Restrictions

2) At Yowari Public Hospital, Ambulance Turns into Shuttle Car
3) Papua Governor: My Staffers Not Performing Well
1) Papua Officially Enforces Regulation on Liquor Restrictions
1 April 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – A regulation on the prohibition of production, distribution and sale of liquor came into force in Papua Province following the signing of an Integrity Pact on Alcohol Drink Prohibition by the governor and regional heads communication forum (Forkopimda), the major and regents as well as the regional heads council.
The signing of the pact took place during the breaks of Papua Regional Heads Meeting held at Sasana Krida, Papua Governor’s Office, Dok II Jayapura on Wednesday (30/3/2016).
The Chairman of Papua Legislative Council Yunus Wonda in the speech said the prohibition of the production, distribution and sale of liquor in Papua has officially applied starting today.
“The first regulation established in 2004 was only covered on the probation. Then in 2009, we invited the Papua Police to make a presentation on the percentage of death cases of Papuan youths as the result of consuming the alcohol drinks that caused the traffic accident, torture and domestic violence,” said Wonda.
And today, said Wonda, all regents and Forkopimda members must have commitment to sign the pact. It must be launched first, and would be evaluated because the evaluator has not yet been set up.
Meanwhile, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said what was done today was a legacy for Papua next generation since it was written in the history and God witnessed it. “Today we declare our commitment to ban the alcohol drinks and yet to the drugs,” said Enembe.
With the signing of the pact, said Enembe, the regents and major agreed to restrain the liquor. Its distribution is not allowed in the land of Papua, because for the people of Papua it is forbidden.
“To all Papuans, if not us who else will. Every year many people died because of alcohol, many domestic violence were occurred,” he said.
He added, in the future the Provincial Government would form a task unit to guard and control the circulation of liquors in Papua at seaports and airports.
“We say ‘it’s over’ to liquor. The Regents and major to please prepare the task unit with the police to restrict the circulation of liquors in Papua,” he said.
Separately, the Chairman of Punjak Jaya Regional Legislative Council Nesco Wonda said though he wasn’t read the whole content of regulation, but basically he agreed about it because it’s not the new issue. Moreover, Papuans always have bad stigma from the outsiders.
“We are always stigmatized by the outsiders that Papuans are drunkards, this stigma that we want trying to stop,” Nesco Wonda said.
Especially in Puncak Jaya Regency, he said, the circulation of liquors is very limited, if so those who supplied and distributed are the security personnel. “So liquors are not much of problem, but there are merely bunches of drink made from fruits,” he said. (Alexander Loen/rom)
2) At Yowari Public Hospital, Ambulance Turns into Shuttle Car
1 April 2016
Sentani, Jubi – An ambulance that is supposed to carry patients has been converted into a shuttle car for health workers at Yowari Public Hospital.
The Director of Yowari Public Hospital Michael Demeteuw said it was done because a bus procured in 2006 to transport hospital employyes is broken.
“Also, I wonder because sometimes ago when there was a distribution of operational office vehicles at Gunung Merah (Regent’s Office), as the largest hospital, we are skipped, though the proposal has been submitted since last year,” he told Jubi at his office on Wednesday (30/3/2016).
He said currently what is required now at Yowari Public Hospital is the operational vehicles consisting of 8 cars and 8 motorbikes to accommodate its activities and services to public.
“Two operational cars for staffs shuttle, 2 ambulance cars, 4 cars for each service department heads, and 8 motorbikes for each section,” he said,
During this current year he took his personal vehicle to the office. “I can still tolerate this with expectation the local government could take what we have proposed earlier. Because the hospital is not belong to us who work here,” he said.
The hospital staff Jakobus Maryen lamented this situation because the ambulance car shouldn’t be used as staffs shuttle car. “Are they (the government) sleeping?” he questioned. (Engel Wally/rom)
3) Papua Governor: My Staffers Not Performing Well
2 April 2016  
Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said many of his staffers are not performing well. Many programs have been on hold while others have become personal projects.
“I have seen all of this, many plans were made only to get my money. It must be regulated,” said Enembe during a presentation at Papua Regional Heads Meeting in Jayapura on Wednesday (30/3/2016).
According to him, many echelon III and IV are becoming kings and change the working program into personal project to bring some money, though all is merely a nonsense.

“Latter the governor is the one to be accused, so be careful in working. Obtaining appreciation from businessmen is better that creating unreliable projects,” he said.
During the time, said Enembe, he never received a report on the running work programs from his entire staffs, but always took the governor’s name when out of office or after working hours.
“It is already outrage, I will evaluate all,” he said.
He said so far he found difficulty to change his working cabinet due to lack of resources. “I want to change but I don’t have a choice, so I just stand with the existing. So do no tricks,” he said.
Thus, he asked to Papua Regional Secretary Hery Dosinaen as the highest bureaucracy leader at provincial level to immediately manage the second, third and fourth echelon officials who are not well performed but involved into personal project.
“Mr. Secretary, we have to manage our officials because many are not good. It’s a problem,” said the governor to Papua Regional Secretary Heri Dosinaen. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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