Monday, April 25, 2016

1) PNG calls for new appointment of MSG head

2) Appointment of MSG Director General not legitimate: PNG
3) Tolikara Clash Kills Two, Damages Homes
4) Islands in focus: Two killed in clash in Tolikara 
1) PNG calls for new appointment of MSG head
2:55 pm today
Papua New Guinea says it doesn't recognise Fiji's Amena Yauvoli as the new director general of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.
Mr Yauvoli's selection was announced at the start of the month by Fiji's Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola and later confirmed by the MSG chairman, Solomon Islands prime minister Manasseh Sogavare.
But this anouncement was not welcomed by Vanuatu with its council of Ministers refusing to accept the choice.
Papua New Guinea's High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Fred Yakasa confirmed PNG had written to Mr Sogavare, calling for a new selection process to be undertaken.
"It is not an issue of the candidate but I think the issue is with the process where all leaders come together and have a consensus as to who should be the director for the MSG."
A special MSG leaders summit is scheduled for late next week.

2) Appointment of MSG Director General not legitimate: PNG
Posted: Monday, April 25, 2016 12:00 am

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil, in a letter to Manasseh Sogavare, Prime Minister of Solomon Islands and current Chair of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), informed the Chairman that PNG does not recognize the appointment of the new Director General of the MSG Secretariat, Ambassador Amena Yauvoli.
In a statement by Papua New Guinea’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rimbink Pato, Papua New Guinea is of the strong view that the established protocols in the Agreement Establishing the MSG were not observed when recent media announcements were made of the appointment of Ambassador Yauvoli.
“Whilst we recognize the credentials of Ambassador Yauvoli, such important decisions concerning the organization requires a meeting of the Leaders to consider short-listed candidates presented through the established process in this case, the Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.
“After a collective decision, the Leaders then announce the appointment of the successful candidate,” said Prime Minister O’Neil.
He added that whilst Papua New Guinea respects the prerogative of the Chair, it is urging the Chair to allow the Leaders to discuss the matter at the forthcoming Spcial MSG Leaders Summit in Vanuatu.
The process of consensus thought he MSG Leaders Summit by all members must be completed before such appointments can be announced, PM O’Neil said.
The Special MSG Leaders Summit will be convened in Vanuatu next month where the Leaders will discuss amongst other issues, the appointment of the new Director General.


3) Tolikara Clash Kills Two, Damages Homes
By : Edo Karensa & Robert Isidorus | on 12:05 PM April 25, 2016
Jakarta/Tolikara. A clash over village fund disbursement has left two dead and at least 96 homes damaged in the Tolikara district, Papua, this month. Police and military authorities continue to deny the incident.
The clash was initially reported by Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), on Sunday afternoon (25/04) who said the conflict has been running since April 9 in the Gika and Panaga subdistricts.
The dispute was triggered after a perceived unfair disbursement of village strategic development funds among the subdistricts, Sutopo said in a statement.
At least two people have been killed, with 17 others sustaining severe injuries and a further 15 suffering minor injuries, Tolikara Disaster Mitigation Agency head Feri Kagoya said. Almost 100 homes have been damaged in the district.
“Four wheel vehicles cannot reach the conflict area because the road is horribly damaged. Tolikara Disaster Mitigation Agency has requested aid to be delivered by helicopter,” Feri said on Sunday night.
Local commanders of police and military authorities have denied the incident.
Cendrawasih Military Commander Maj. Gen. Hinsa Siburian said Panaga district resident, 24-year-old Deki Wanimbo, died April 9, just one day after the disbursement of funds in Kembo. The police spokesman said the death had led to the ensuing conflict.
Military and police personnel had facilitated mediation with Yaka Kogo, mother of the victim, Hinsa said. The cause of death remains unclear.
“I’ve called Tolikara Police chief. He said the situation is safe and there were no incidents like the one reported by the head of Tolikara Disaster Mitigation Agency,” said Insp. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw, Papua Police chief.
Earlier this year, an Islamic mass prayer in the Tolikara district was attacked.
Tolikara district made headlines during Idul Fitri celebrations last July, after members of the Evangelical Church of Indonesia (GIDI) set fire to several buildings, including a mosque where a group of Muslims were readying to perform mass prayer.
Police have named two suspects in the riot and the district’s police chief was also dismissed from the post after the incident.
4) Islands in focus: Two killed in clash in Tolikara 
Posted: Mon, April 25 2016 | 06:36 am

Two residents of Paga district, Tolikara regency, Papua, have reportedly been killed in a clash over the distribution of village funds.

One of the victims, David Manipo, reportedly died in a brawl among residents of Paga and Gika districts, while the second victim, who has not been identified, died after the incident due to severe injuries.

“Both victims are residents of Paga. The situation remains tense,” Tolikara Disaster Mitigation Agency ( BPBD ) head Fery Kogoya said on Sunday.

Fery said at least 95 houses were burned down during the clash, forcing hundreds of residents to leave the area.

He said the agency had difficulty reaching those who required help because of the remote location and a lack of vehicle access.

However, Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw denied that a brawl had occurred in Tolikara, saying districts in the regency were calm.

“Fery just heard it from residents. We will ask him to clarify his fictitious report,” Waterpauw said on Sunday.

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