Monday, June 18, 2012

1) AHRC-INDONESIA: Military members shot civilians and burned their properties in Wamena, West Papua

1) AHRC-INDONESIA: Military members shot civilians and burned their properties in Wamena, West Papua

2) Tribal Clash in Papua Kills Two: Police
4)Breaking news, Kwamki Lama, TIMIKA, WEST PAPUA
5) Govt has comprehensive design on Papua
6) Dismay at NZ training of Indonesian abuser
1) AHRC-INDONESIA: Military members shot civilians and burned their properties in Wamena, West Papua

INDONESIA: Military members shot civilians and burned their properties in Wamena, WestPapua

 June 18, 2012
Urgent Appeal Case: AHRC-UAC-103-2012

2) Tribal Clash in Papua Kills Two: Police
June 18, 2012
Mimika, Papua. Two tribesmen were killed when rival groups armed with bows and arrows clashed in Indonesia’s restive Papua province on Monday, police said.

The clash, which also left one person critically injured, broke out in the morning between around 500 men wearing matching striped shorts and tribal jewelry, said an AFP correspondent who saw four police struck by arrows.

Four vehicles, including an armored police truck, were torched in the violence.

“Two people have died and one is in critical condition,” Mimika district police operations head Syamsul Ridwan told AFP. “They were hit with arrows, but we need to await autopsy results to be sure of the cause of death.”

The dead were from Kampung Harapan, he said, whose inhabitants regularly clash with the people of Kampung Amole.

They had last fought on June 6 after the death of a tribe member in a road accident and Monday’s violence was probably related to that incident, Ridwan said.

Police had been unable to control the situation, he said, “overwhelmed” by the number of armed men.

Several large tribes live side by side in Mimika district, and killings are usually settled traditionally with compensation and communal feasts.

Agence France-Presse

RNZI Posted at 05:51 on 18 June, 2012 UTC
There are reports of further violence in Indonesia’s Papua region.
West Papuan monitoring group, the Institute of Papuan Advocacy and Human Rights, or Elsham, says two middle-aged men were shot by police this morning.
The reports say the men, who were brothers, were part of a group doing a traditional war dance in Timika in the Highlands when they were shot.
In a riot that followed buildings and vehicles were set alight.
It comes after several weeks of heightened violence in the region, including the killing last week of a prominent indigenous leader.
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  4)Breaking newsKwamki Lama, TIMIKA, WEST PAPUA
Report from Timika (Crime scene), 18 June 2012, 09.30 (Papua Local Time)

Indonesian Police shot to dead civilians in Timika
This morning, 18 June 2012, at around 09.20am (Papua local time), Indonesian Police shot to dead two siblings brothers, Andelius Ongomang (45yo) and Dony Ongomang (43yo). Local witnesses said that there is no fighting at all (between the two groups who are in conflict in Timika) in the crime scene, they all are on stand guards only. At around 09.20am one of the group (Kubu Atas) were doing war traditional dancing, immediately the police fire the guns toward the group, result in two were shot. Dony was shot in the head. Because of the shooting incident the Kubu Atas group shot their arrows against the police and other group (Kubu Bawah). Some civilians were reported injures and mass burnt 1 vehicle of the police. TNI and Police troops with their vehicles are in the conflict area now.

Paula Makabory 
IPAHR Australia


5) Govt has comprehensive design on Papua
Sun, June 17 2012 20:17 | 250 Views

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The government remains committed to developing Papua into a land of peace as declared by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2004.

President Yudhoyono is pursuing peaceful and dignified approaches and dialogs to solve the problems in Papua, Velix Wanggai, a presidential special staff in charge of regional development and autonomy, said in a press statement here Sunday.

The head of state always reminded ministers, police and military chiefs to manage Papua with conscience, and not to think "business as usual". They must make a breakthrough and think outside the box in handling Papua.

Since President Yudhoyono was reappointed as the president for the second term in October 2009, the government has been committed to solving problems in Papua.

The government has a comprehensive design consisting of five points on Papua, namely affirming Indonesia`s unitary state while respecting Papua`s diversity and uniqueness; optimizing the Papua status as a special autonomous region; pursuing affirmative policies to recognize the basic rights of Papua people such as access to education; designing strategies, policies, fundings and programs to promote development and empower the Papua people; and promoting the human rights as well as preventing violence. (*)
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6) Dismay at NZ training of Indonesian abuser

17:49 Mon Jun 18 2012

A member of a notorious Indonesian military special forces unit linked to human rights violations in East Timor and West Papua has trained with the New Zealand Defence Force, it's been revealed.
Major Edwin Sumanta of the Kopassus special forces participated in a course at the Command and Staff College at Trentham between May and December last year, New Zealand Defence Force spokesman Major John Gordon told NZ Newswire.
New Zealand's Indonesian Human Rights Committee was shocked to discover a Kopassus officer had participated in the training course, spokeswoman Maire Leadbetter said.

Kopassus has a long history of involvement in human rights abuses, including massacres in East Timor in the decades it was occupied by Indonesia, and the ongoing violence in West Papua, she said.
"It just came as a real blow us, the thought that we would be training the worst of the worst," Ms Leadbetter told NZ Newswire.
Kopassus has also been linked to the killing of five journalists, including New Zealand cameraman Gary Cunningham, who were working for Australian television networks, at Balibo in 1975, prior to Indonesia's invasion of East Timor.
Ms Leadbetter said New Zealand should suspend defence ties with Indonesia, until such time as the Indonesian military has been held accountable for its past violations.
The annual 32-week Joint Command and Staff course prepares officers for senior level appointments and includes studies in command leadership and management, international relations and international law and ethics, Major Gordon said.
About 30 per cent of course participants are international students, he said.

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