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1) 100 Members OPM Surrender , Denied

1) 100 Members OPM Surrender , Denied
2) OPM Threatens to Shoot TPNPB - regent of Puncak Jaya
3) Over 1,440 personnel are alerted ahead of the Christmas and New Year
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Monday, December 23, 2013 02:04
1) 100 Members OPM Surrender , Denied

Jayapura - Papua Organization ( OPM ) , through the Secretary General , Anton Tabuni , denied the claims regent of Puncak Jaya , Henock Ibo , related to 100 members of the Free Papua Movement ( OPM ) leader Goliath Tabuni that came down from the mountain to join the community .
Through mobile phones , Sunday ( 22/12 ) yesterday , to Bintang Papua , Anton Tabuni stressed , what is presented Henock Ibo is not true , " That's not true and nonsense , where a hundred people ? The statements are not responsible , we are at headquarters , " said Anton .
" What was delivered was a political sham that does not make sense , and not rational at all , we were under the command of Gen . Goliath Tabuni are fighters , we are not like the officials who went looking in the face of the president and says that Goliath and Anton Tabuni have given up , it's nonsense , "said Anton .
Anton also questioned the number 100 mentioned that, "The number could fit 100 people ? what's this ? This we 've fought more than 50 years , and had a lot of sacrifice , so there 's no turning back , this is just propaganda , there is no reason for us to give up , no that , " he said .

Previously , regent of Puncak Jaya also said 100 people who surrendered would be trained to become a member of Civil Service Police Unit or municipal police in Majesty , Pincak Jaya . ( bom/don/l03 )

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2) OPM Threatens to Shoot TPNPB - regent of Puncak Jaya
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                              Gen forces . Goliath Tabuni in Tingginambut . Photo : Ist .

Jayapura , STEP MAGAZINE - West Papua National Liberation Army - the Free Papua Movement ( OPM TPNPB ) threatened to shoot regent of Puncak Jaya , Henok Ibo above statement that said 100 members of Goliath Tabuni General surrendered to join with other communities and become citizens Indonesi .

Quoted official website TPNPB - OPM - National Commission said in a statement for any reason the TPN - OPM never give up . If even 100 people reportedly surrendered , Gene . Goliath Tabuni requested must be accompanied by proof of the name is unclear .

According to Gen . Goliath Tabuni , ways in which the regent of Puncak Jaya , Henok Ibo is old-fashioned way , because the same thing could be used Enembe Luke when he was the regent in Puncak Jaya .

" This is old-fashioned way if say so , because Luke Enembe before serving as governor , had also said that as Henok Ibo say , but the reality where ? Very unfortunate that there are active members dream Pemebebasan West Papua National Army ( TPNPB ) Free Papua Movement ( OPM ) give up , "said Goliath .

Further Goliath , " Henok Ibo Society recruited members of municipal police so do not tell members of Goliath Tabuni . Because not all communities in the Puncak Jaya TPNPB - OPM members , there are people and there are also members TPNPB - OPM , just like the people of Indonesia in Java , Sumatra, Bali etc. are also not all the army / police and military people there . "

Explained , information will be 100 members of the surrender TPNPB - OPM already check the truth , however , not a single member of the surrendered so the above statement , TPNPB - OPM again threatened to kill the number one in Puncak Jaya .

" The information was not correct I 've check all but no one gave up , all full members at Headquarters and Post , respectively . Henok that he asked for the money to the central government that way , deception Surrender Goliath members that , if we caught our people will shoot it , it should all know . We will not give up the fight until we fixed our principle Papua Merdeka , "said one member of the gene . Goliath Tabuni .

380 Billion Awarded to Members TPNPB the Surrender

Reportedly 380 billion fund that the Papua provincial government digelontarkan besides recruited as municipal police and civil servants ( PNS ) they are also embodied in the various programs , among others, to build decent housing and provide training in various skills . The fund is not devoted to hundreds of former existing OPM in Puncak Jaya , but for other conflict areas .

"If there are other areas that are successfully embracing the opposing groups , the provincial government will also lend funds to the area , " said the governor of Papua Luke Enembe as written .

Governor hopes , all parties without exception , accept them back as Indonesian citizens and involve them in the development process . A number of former OPM down the mountain asking to school and become a civil servant . Some of them even existing finished Municipal Police Force personnel in the district. ( M2/Ist/MS )
A google translate of article in Bintang Papua. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa link above article.

Monday, December 23, 2013 02:05
Beware of Action OPM

3) Over 1,440 personnel are alerted ahead of the Christmas and New Year

Still eksisnya Jayapura - terrorism in a number of areas in the country and the work of the Free Papua Movement ( OPM ) , which often disrupt public order and safety and take casualties in a number of areas in Papua received strong attention from the Papua Police and the Board , particularly the security of Christmas and Year The new .
" There is still a terrorist group , was arrested everywhere . So the threat is still there and real and in Papua there are anti- security group must have a disorder that we need to be vigilant , "said Deputy Police Chief Brig Papua Drs . Paul Waterpauw title after army operation to secure Matoa Candles Christmas and New Year 2013 in the Field Office of the Governor of Papua , Jayapura , Saturday ( 21/12 ) .
Candles operations as presented Chief General ( Pol ) Drs . Sutarman in a teleconference on Friday ( 20/12 ) , the operation plan has become a leader of attention because of the annual agenda , said Deputy Police Chief , presented in order of the leaders in the local police station to police station - charted territory and then organize and plan the security , so it was in the Papua Police have make operating plans relegated to the Police - Police . Then they make the operation command to the security plan .

It is said , Operation Wax Matoa Papua Police and Board of Police / Police in Papua and West Papua is effective for 10 days from December 23 to January 1, 2014 , by mobilizing the power of over 1,440 police personnel to the ranks of Police - Police / Police there are 31 Police Police in Papua and West Papua , the commander Satgas Papua Police Traffic Director , the Director of Papua Police as Vice Samapta . Then the police chief Satgasres respectively .
The main objects of security , said Deputy Police Chief , seaports , airports , shopping centers and businesses , Government Office . Then also on the day of worship later in the course of Christmas and New Year do security especially the Church , including highway traffic .
According to Deputy Police Chief , it also involves the unit next to the Army , Navy and Air Force including the Transportation Land, Sea , Air , fire department , hospital , etc. including Prog ORARI . Those working in the field of telecommunications , traditional leaders , religious communities including other elements , scouts , community organizations .
" As Christmas and New Year before the Muslims helped maintain security in churches . This year we are expected to like it , "said Deputy Police Chief .
While it is associated with down the mountain 100 men Goliath Tabuni , Deputy Police Chief said it is coordinating with the police chief to try to react to it .
Furthermore , it soon dig the real truth of the information in question .
" I think this phenomenon is that the only life we are trying to build a communication they are also human beings who can understand , understand and have a heart as well . Government may have noticed the construction is essential , "said Deputy Police Chief .
Deputy Police Chief explained, it supports the fullest and also tried to guard him , if OPM 100 soldiers down the mountain and back to the community as it was during this appeal to OPM that while the anti- government with various versions of want to do a variety of strong reactions both are not satisfied their existence even here there are also want to be independent and so forth .
Because of that , said Deputy Police Chief , it appealed even more coming down the mountain and realized immediately or return to the bosom of the Republic of Indonesia , together with the government so that they can organize and play a role in such a way of life for the welfare of the community spirit of the Founding Fathers as the originator of the independence and mandate of the Act 1945 which wants to prosper , protect promote , educate the nation state and so on .
"If we could interpret it now why did not immediately go back down and unconscious . So there will be circuits government efforts in such a way that can be done right now to focus development in Papua it's so great dibijaki central government , "said Deputy Police Chief . ( Mdc/don/l03 )
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