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1) Agreed autopsied corpse Dany Kogoya

1) Agreed autopsied corpse Dany Kogoya
2) Manokwari ‘calm’ after  resident clash  
3) Police chief : 100 % Military / Police Not Involved
4) Project empowering Papuan women

A google translate of article in Bintang Papua. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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Monday, December 30, 2013 07:58
1) Agreed autopsied corpse Dany Kogoya
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- The body of Dany Kogoya Jayapura , one - a pentolanOPM who died in Vanimo , Papua New Guinea ( PNG ) on December 15, 2013 and , now still disemayankan in Vanimo Hospital awaiting autopsy . Because the cause of death is still mysterious Dany Kogoya .
Thus phrased Human Rights Defenders and the Director of Papua Matthew Baptist Voice Murib via Press Release to Bintang Papua on Sunday ( 29/12 ) .
 As known earlier , Dany Kogoya Jayapura City police officers arrested and Papua Police at a hotel in the area Entrop , District of South Jayapura on 2 September 2012 ago , after allegedly involved in acts of violence and persecution in the Red Mountain Rise , Nafri , Abepura District , Jayapura City August 1, 2011 ago . The action resulted in 4warga killed and 7 seriously injured , one of the only members of the military .
DikatakanMatius Murib , according to the results of negotiations with the victim's family , the Indonesian Consulate , government civilians and security in Vanimo , on 20-22 December 2013 , among others : First , to support the process of medical autopsy to prove the cause of death .
Second , the process pemakamanakan made ​​after an autopsy , after the Christmas holiday .
Third , agreed to maintain the security situation along
Fourth , to all parties immediately asked to contribute to the handling of this case , not to get the impression of " process omission " .
MenurutMatius Murib , it will continue to mediate this case , to achieve the goal " though equally delicious between PNG and Indonesia , as well as primarily fulfilling our sense of justice and peace , especially for the families of the victims .
" May the spirit of peace of Christmas 2023 and New Year 2014 makes us more thoughtful attention to human rights and respect for all human beings , " said Mathius Murib . ( mdc/don/l03 )


2) Manokwari ‘calm’ after  resident clash  

Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Mon, December 30 2013, 10:09 PM

The situation in Manokwari, the capital of West Papua, is calm once again after a clash between residents occurred on Sunday, but many kiosks and stores have not yet resumed their activities.
“The situation has calmed down and no more clashes have occurred. Many security officers remain on guard,” Anis, a Manokwari resident, told The Jakarta Post on Monday.
However, most Manokwari people are still afraid to return to their activities despite the situation being relatively quiet.
“Markets are not yet open to the public. Kiosks and stores nearby the incident site last night have not yet resumed their normal activities. This is really disrupting the activities of those who want to go shopping,” Yan Christian Warinussy, a legal expert from Manokwari, told the Post.
As earlier reported, a clash between Manokwari residents erupted in Sanggeng Market at 10:30 p.m. local time on Sunday. The incident began when a local resident, reportedly drunk, asked Zainuddin, a kiosk owner in the market, to give him some money. He insisted on entering the kiosk even though he had already been given the money, inciting a clash between residents.
Two people – La Amin and Yansen Maryen – died in the clash.
“La Amin died after he was tortured by a group of people who were allegedly drunk. He was taken to the Navy Hospital [RSAL] but did not survive,” said Papua Police spokesperson Adj. Sr. Comr. Pudjo Sulistio. Meanwhile, Yansen’s body was found near Sanggeng Market after security officers broke up the fight.
Yan said the police must take tough action and bring the perpetrators to justice. “The perpetrators must be held responsible. There must be a tough action taken against those who took the lives of others,” he said. (ebf)
A google translate of article in Bintang Papua. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa link at

Monday, December 30, 2013 07:53
3) Police chief : 100 % Military / Police Not Involved

Shooting in Freeport

Jayapura - Papua Police Chief Insp Gen Tito Karnavian claims , members of the military and police were not involved in the shootings that occurred in the area of PT Freeport , including Freeport Trailer convoy shootings .
"It has been detected , 100 percent no member military and police were involved in a series of shootings at the Freeport area occurred in recent years, '' said Police Chief told reporters a few days ago .
According to him , in addition to ensure there are no members of the military and police involvement in a series of shootings , it also has been able to identify the perpetrator . '' We have detected the shooter in the Freeport area , there are two groups, namely those groups up and down , '' he said .
 From the identification results , up police chief , above the group who often act in Mile 71-68 is YAW leadership . " They are joined by the miners and shooting action for economic motives , '' he said .
While the group is always under the action at mile 38-41 , is the group leader Tony Kwalik Johni Bald based in Kali Coffee . '' The original name is Johni Bald Johni Beanal members there are about 10 people and they are always berasi at Mile 41 , '' he said .

Their motives do a series of shootings , police chief continued , is still mysterious . '' It is not certain what they see themselves doing the shooting motive , '' for short .
In any staged shooting , Johni group Beanal using M16 type firearms . '' Their weapons of M16 , in every action they very calculating both the target and the ammunition logistics , obtaining shot on target in seconds for efficient bullet . After the action they ran away into the woods , '' he said .
Regarding ammunition owned by the group , the police chief did not argue , it is likely derived from local police officers . '' Maybe they could find a bullet from the officer , '' he concluded .
To be sure , he added , the safeguarding of vehicles passing through the Freeport area to be improved . '' We also restrict the escort vehicle checkpoints at both the Brimob and the TNI , '' he said .
Police chief said it had formed a team to pursue the perpetrators . " We 've been the form teams to pursue offenders into the woods , but the difficulty of the terrain into one of the obstacles , '' he added .
However, it remains persuasive measures put forward , by calling for the perpetrators to stop the action . '' Our persuasive step , establish communication with a number of parties to ask the group to stop the action , '' he said .
Responding police chief claims that there is no involvement of the military and police in a series of shootings , the Impartial Observer NGO Human Rights said , if the Papua Police have been able to identify groups that resort to violence in the Freeport area was John Beanal group and Tony Kwalik , then the investigation should be carried out . '' Do not let the perpetrators of violence again . Police must immediately conduct an examination of the witnesses , determine the status of suspects and arresting the perpetrators , in order not to repeat their crimes again , '' said Dierktur EXECUTIVE Impartial Poengki Indarti meallui short message on Sunday, December 29 .
In an effort to arrest , do not use a method that can be deadly . " The most important thing is respecting the presumption of innocence and respect the rights of suspects , in order to be processed in a fair law , '' he added .

Military / Police Must Give Sense of Security Firm
Meanwhile, Chairman of GKI Klasis Reverend Willem Itaar Jayapura , S.Th. , when found in Kamkey dikediamannya , Abepura , Saturday ( 28/12 ) criticized a series of shootings in the area of PT Freeport , especially what happened in the Christmas feast .
Affirmed , in particular convey it to the military / police and the government , both the Provincial Government and the Government of Papua Mimika firmness must provide security to anyone in the Freeport area .

Former Chairman of the Mimika Commission said , as people who love peace in Papua, it is very annoyed with the various events that make people insecure , their lives disrupted , even taking the life of various events in the Land of Papua . " We have a Christian faith , it is not pleasing to God . For God wills not the events that make other people feel afraid and anxious , even taking the life of others for the sake of the interests and power , let alone manipulate anything , " said Willem Itaar .
Stated , the Bible writes , this kind of events would give a picture of how the world was always insecure , due to human behavior that does not respect God's creation , both natural as well as others because those concerned are also not afraid of God .
" Is the man he called religious people or people that do not believe him as a person and not religious . Though all men who he had to give a sense of security to everyone , "said Willem Itaar , which in 1997 and 2006 to provide services for the management and employees of Freeport in Tembagapura , Kuala Kencana and Timika .
Therefore , said Willem Itaar , if there are groups of Strangers ( OTK ) he was the Papuans , the Christians , because it urges Christians teach that love thy neighbor as we love God so that things which interfere with the safety and ultimately disrupt togetherness would eliminate the lives of people . " It's not good for God because God wills not human beings kill each other , " he said .
It is said , let's together pleasing , soothing , with a good heart we celebrate Christmas , leaving in 2013 and entered the year 2014 with all the good with the love of God , with God's Shalom and God really is the King of Peace living in the heart of life our families and the entire work .

" Lord Jesus Christ as what is conveyed by the gospel of John because God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son . How much God loved the world he gave up a single child , sesungguhya he himself came into the world to reconcile our neighbors in the world , "said Willem Itaar .
In connection with the shooting at the PT Freeport , further Willem Itaar , his experience and feel the situation and conditions in Timika . Timika often anonymized Every Sunday a mess . But really Timika not like it , because it actually Timika one -on-one laid a good area if he is one -on-one fairly safe area .
Willem Itaar said parties always create chaos in Freeport is because a group of people whose interests he makes an engineered life to get that life .
" There are groups that want something power continues to engineer something to gain power . There are also things that make other people feel afraid so that the groups can be as easy -access and easy as doing something in Timika , "explained Willem Itaar .
Beber Willem Itaar , security at the Freeport area supported military / police and multi-layered system . There are forces that are specific state preserve wealth . Freeport feed for this country and to the world that he should be kept because it is a country's wealth and the people who come to work and earn a living . From the Freeport security forces guarded layered with a sophistication - designed and technological sophistication can access and view any corner of the mine . But why could not see the man under the tree . Moreover, shootings continue in the same area . The troops who were there where .

" In the same place the events continue to occur . Surprisingly they did not just shoot cars directed to humans . So strange , "said Willem Itaar .
It is said , the community around the Freeport area disgruntled because their rights undermined . When in fact there are approaches to the Freeport community through organizations such as the Institute of Indigenous Amungme ( LEMASA ) , Institute of Indigenous Comoros ( LEMASKO ) and the Institute for the Development of Indigenous Peoples Comoros ( LPMAK ) formed for the welfare of the local community , but why not never is content .
" There are institutions on behalf of the community of the outcome of their lives so I think Freeport has been quite remarkable given the access and impact for a life , " said Willem Itaar .
As proclaimed , shooting at the PT Freeport area following Friday ( 27/12 ) at around 13:30 CET shooting incident had occurred at Mile 41 as for the trailer that was shot among others . No trailer . Stomach 02 XXX , subject to the right of the door glass . Trailer 02-0868 kenakaca right door . AC Blower 02-0956 kenapada trailer . 02-1014 trailer hit the right door . 02-0896 trailer hit the right door . 02 - 1097kenapada Trailer Trailer 02-0826 Engine hood contact hood above the right front tire . Human casualties nil . The entire trailer continued traveling to Mile 50 . ( Mdc/jir/don/l03 )


A project from one of the world’s most isolated places is helping to empower women across Indonesia.
Shanti Benjamin
The remote village of Jagara deep in Indonesia’s eastern-most province could be among the least developed places on earth.
The mountainous region in Papua is only accessible by air and is not often visited by outsiders.
While Indonesia as a whole may be experiencing economic growth, parts of Papua and West Papua provinces are lagging behind. In these remote areas around 40 per cent of households live below the poverty line - double the national average.
Despite looking like a tropical paradise, women living in the region have little say over their lives and families. 
"It was our traditional practice that the men were the ones making the decisions," Magda Wetapo says. "We didn't question it because it was our tradition. If we tried to change these traditional practices we knew something bad would happen to us, like we would get sick. So we accepted it."
But a new UN project says it is trying to break down those barriers and change the future for Papuan women. In Magda's village, the UN's International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) say they are teaching women how to grow vegetables.
It's part of a wider program run by the IFAD. IFAD say communities are asked to define their own problems and come up with solutions. They are then given training and can access grants to make their ideas become reality.
IFAD say one of the big problems for Magda's village was how to increase their income. It took some time to convince the male leaders that women could earn that money.
"Before the project, we were still living in a traditional way. Women lived under the control of men," Esalek Lani, traditional village leader, says.  "But when the project came to us, women got a chance to earn money and we are thankful for this."
After the vegetables are harvested women take the long trek to the markets where they sell their produce. Magda says the program has quadrupled her income and she now wants to save to send her son to university.
"I feel proud because our lives have changed so much and I'm very happy," she says
Papuan's often work alone. But this program encouraged the formation of groups to work together and for the first time women formed a group free from male dominance. It became a place where they could arrange training, elect their leaders and design their own budgets.
Ron Hartman is the Indonesian programme manager for the International Fund for Agricultural Development. He says the project works because it uses local solutions rather than imposing foreign concepts onto local problems.
"Papua itself is quite a challenging environment. It's very remote. Culturally, it is very different to other parts of Indonesia. The difference this project I think has made is that it's been tailored specifically for Papua, West Papua and the populations therein," he said.
"It's different in terms of the community development approach. It uses the social structures that are actually on the ground rather than transposing something from outside on them, but the main point is that it really buys into the potentials and supports the potentials they have in agriculture which is so important for their livelihoods."
IFAD say the pilot project is running in 410 villages in Papua and the Indonesia government is considering replicating it across the country.

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