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1) Call for enquiry into Indonesian military abuses in Papua

1) Call for enquiry into Indonesian military abuses in Papua
3) Papua Pedaler: Canadian Delivers Messages to Political Prisoners



1) Call for enquiry into Indonesian military abuses in Papua

Updated 17 December 2013, 12:55 AEST
Australia-Indonesia relations has been through a difficult patch and they could become strained again, with eminent Australian lawyers demanding authorities in Jakarta investigate allegations of a massacre fifteen years ago in West Papua.
Now a former Australian Director of Public Prosecutions is leading the charge to have an inquiry opened in Indonesia.
There's already been a citizens' tribunal into the incident in Australia where witnesses claimed more than 100 people were killed, raped or tortured.
Correspondent: Matt Peacock
Speakers: Dr Eben Kirksey, UNSW anthropologist; Tineke Rumakabu, witness; Yudha Korwa, witness; Nicholas Cowdery, Former NSW crown prosecutor
A google translate of article in Jubi . Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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Illustration Shooting Papua ( IST )

Timika , 17/12 ( Jubi ) - Action shooting resumed in the mining area of PT Freeport Indonesia . This time shooting action undertaken by an unknown person ( OTK ) against two patrol cars Alfa Zone , LWB hull numbers 01-4839 and 01-4779 . There were no casualties in the incident .

This shooting is the sixth time that the shooting occurred in the area of ​​PT Freeport Indonesia precisely at Mile 44 in the past week .

Mimika police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Rontini Jermias , while at the confirmation by cell phone on Monday ( 16/12 ) confirmed the action of the shooting. Police said the shooting occurred in the week ( 15/12 ) at around 23.05 wit , in the area of ​​mile 44 , the two cars were on patrol .

After receiving the report the shootings , security forces acreage area of ​​PT Freeport Indonesia, which consists of a combination of the military and police conducting searches at the scene . But yesterday was not until Monday afternoon to find a group or individual perpetrators of the shooting . Currently the police are doing if the crime scene (TKP ) .

" Our members were conducting searches and conduct crime scene , evidence that there is in place we immediately secured , " said Police Chief .

Based on field data collected , on Sunday ( 15/12 ) evening at around 22:50 CET held at Mile 44 area of ​​PT Freeport Indonesia 2 units hull number 01-4839 is in drive by Boy Tambunan . This vehicle carrying four members of the Mobile Brigade Den B Timika in Lead Ipda Letsoin . While other car hull number 01-4779 in Kristian drive that took 2 754/ENK TNI Battalion ( Post 39 ) led PFC Sumarsono . When the two cars on patrol in tandem. At around 20:15 CET they departed from Mile Post 40 . Upon arriving at mile 50 , the group returned to mile post 40 around 22:30 . At Mile 44 passed two cars fired upon by unknown person ( OTK ) . Both cars were fired upon while carrying out patrols Alfa zone of Mile Post 40 Mile 50 Mile to the Post .

Got shot in the middle of the night , the group went straight to Mile Post 43 because it is difficult to know the direction of the shot . The delegation learned after checking the condition of the vehicle at the post and note the direction the shot came from the left. Car hull number 01-4839 was hit on the left side windshield . While the car hull number 01-4779 was shot in the body of the left rear, the rear glass broke and broken glass left side . ( Jubi / Eveerth )


3) Papua Pedaler: Canadian Delivers Messages to Political Prisoners
By Banjir Ambarita on 1:15 pm December 17, 2013.
Jayapura. Though many tourists travel to Papua to experience its rich cultural diversity and lose themselves in its physical beauty, Jeremy Bally’s mission to the province was decidedly more humanitarian in nature.
Acting as a de-facto mailman, the 27-year-old Canadian recently rode his bicycle — adorned with the phrase “Bersepeda untuk Papua” (“Pedaling for Papua”) — through the province to deliver messages from several Free Papua activists living overseas to some of Papua’s political prisoners detained at the Abepura penitentiary.
“My visit to Papua was to meet political prisoners and detainees to deliver the postcards given to me by some Free Papua activists who I met while traveling the world,” Bally told journalists at the Papua Art Council building in Jayapura on Monday.
Bally left from Jakarta on Sunday night and arrived in Jayapura on Monday morning. Accompanied by a translator, the Canadian played traditional Papuan songs on his ukulele while traveling around the provincial capital.
The messages, written on 40 postcards, were gathered by Bally since July from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. While in Papua, the cyclist met with jailed Papua independence activists, including Filep Karma, Forkorus Yaboisembut, Selpius Bobii, Domunikus Serabut and Viktor Yeimo.
Indonesian Newsportal Okezone.com reported that Bally, who fist visited the province in 2011 as a tourist, heard that Papuan activists were subject to bad treatment in the penitentiary while living in Canada. However, after visiting the jail and meeting the activists in person, he said the prisoners’ conditions are fine and not nearly as bad as what has been reported.
“My purpose is only to travel the world on my bicycle. I happened to meet Free Papua activists in many countries and they left messages through the postcards,” he said.
Bally admitted that he was afraid his actions would spur a negative response from Indonesians authorities. He said, however, that what he was doing was not in violation of any of the country’s regulations.
The website papuansbehindbars.org currently lists 67 Papuan political prisoners and the offenses for which they were convicted, which include raising the Morning Star flag, treason and taking part in rallies such as “indigenous people’s day celebrations” and “anti-Freeport demonstrations.”
For more information on the project, visit www.pedallingforpapua.com.

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