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1) Impartial : Shooting in Freeport Many Interests " Main "

1) Impartial : Shooting in Freeport Many Interests " Main "
3) Call for student release

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Thursday, December 12, 2013 08:26
1) Impartial : Shooting in Freeport Many Interests " Main "

Jayapura - A series of shootings in a row for 3 days , occurred in the area of ​​PT Freeport mine in Timika Papua , where police officers have not been able to stop it .
Impartial got a response from the NGO Human Rights Observer . Impartial indicated Teros related action shooting , there are many interests that " play " there .
" Shooting in Freeport is very widespread since 2009 , re-occur again . Starting on Sunday, December 8 and occurred successively at mile 40-41 , the vehicle carrying security forces . It's a very mysterious terror , because the perpetrators can never be known or even arrested , " said Executive Director Impartial , Poengki Indarti through electronic messaging , Wednesday, December 11 .
Violence in the form of shooting that can never be stopped , if the perpetrator does not stop on its own , it invites a big question mark . " Why Freeport who has always guarded by armed security officers are very strict , we miss the action of the perpetrators ? Why during the security forces failed to arrest the perpetrators ? Are the actors so cunning to outwit the authorities ? Or is it there are other causes . "She asked .

From Impartial analysis , he said , there are a number of things that trigger back the mysterious shootings in the Freeport area . " There is some analysis on this . Freeport violence occurs not in the empty space . There is a lot of interest " play " in it . Even the national political situation is also likely to have an impact in Papua - the choice could in the Freeport or in Puncak Jaya . Political dynamics in Papua could also be a cause of back rampant violence at Freeport , " he explained .
However , other factors could also be the emergence of the terrorist acts , such as the issue of money or tribute . " In addition, this attack can also be addressed at. Freeport Indonesia , with the intent of getting money from PT . Freeport . This can be done by any parties who have access to firearms , " he explained .
Therefore , the most important thing to do is attempt Papua Police seriously and earnestly to do the pursuit and arrest of the perpetrators . " Besides it is very important for the police to conduct raids senpi operations and Sajam , including explosives throughout Papua . A good name is at stake for the police to arrest the perpetrators alive and bring him to justice , " he explained . ( jir/don/l03 )


A google translate of article in Jubi . Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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Illustration shooting ( IST )

Jayapura , 10/12 ( Jubi ) - In three days , three times a shooting occurred in the area of ​​PT Freeport Indonesia. Today, Tuesday ( 10/12 ) occurred more shootings by Strangers ( OTK ) in the gold mining area .

" Shooting incident in the area of ​​PT Freeport was reported by Bripda Reza , Papua Police Mobile Brigade members . " Said Papua Police Public Relations Head , Chief , Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono .

Pudjo explained , this afternoon (Wednesday , 10/12 ) around 12:40 CEST pukull at mile 40-41 , about 70 M from Post mile 40 shooting incidents experienced by Ridwan Juma security PTFI employees and Bripka Supriyadi , Papua Police Mobile Brigade members . At the time of pick Ridwan members who will perform escort explosives ( sususan 1 car guards , 7 trailer , 1 car mechanic , car guard 1 ) approached the mile post 40 , about a distance of 50 M forward suddenly from the right path there are two people out darr the bushes and shot to the front of the car guards .
" The driver of the car into reverse directly toward Pos mile 40 while a return fire . " Said Pudjo .

At present , evidence 1 LWB vehicles hull number 01-4758 , has secured the police .

Mimika Police sources confirmed the Jubi in securing the evidence .
" The police in Timika have done the crime scene , the manufacture of inspection reports , witness examination and seizure of evidence . " Said the source Jubi .

Daisy Primayanti , VP Corporate Communication PT . Freeport Indonesia is dibuhungi Jubi , has not confirmed the shooting incident related .

During 3 days , from Sunday ( 8/12 ) , there have been 3 times shooting in the area of ​​PT . Freeport Indonesia . The first shooting on Sunday override PFC Warsidi Mimika brigade members . While shooting that occurred yesterday (Monday , 9/12 ) , overwrite Weiyay Augustine , employees KPI ( water truck drivers ) . ( Jubi / Victor Mambor )

3) Call for student release

A google translate of article in Majalah Selangkah. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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 Uproar Papua : Jason Unconditional Release
Author : Hendrikus Yeimo | Wednesday, 11 December 2013 16:53 

Jason Ngelia , Chairman of the Faculty of Social BEM Uncen when leading a peaceful action . Photo : Ist

 Jayapura , STEP MAGAZINE - Youth and Student Movement Society ( Uproar ) Papua conduct free speech urged the chairman of the Student Executive Board , Faculty of Social and Political Sciences ( BEM Social) Cenderawasih University released unconditionally .

Actions performed Papua Uproar free speech on campus Uncen Waena , Wednesday ( 11/12/2013 ) at the same time Uncen campus located in Abepura in Cross students .

Uproar suspect arrest of Jason Ngelia politicized by the police , for allegedly beating FISIP vice BEM , Stenly . Police still hold even if the victim had pulled back the complaint to capture the new head .

" The arrest of Jason politicized by police officers , and therefore should be released without sayarat Jason , because the victim was an interesting letter of complaint to catch Jason . He is innocent , " said Philip .

They assess the arrest of the chairman of the BEM FISIP Uncen during a peaceful protest in the office of the Papuan People's Assembly ( MRP ) as well as to adopt a way that has tidah apply again in the reform era .

The arrest was not justified because the students assessed peaceful protest , while the actions do not harm the anarchic actions of others.

As of this writing Rekror maid of Paradise III University , Freedy Sokoi confirmed , has not responded to the action gembar Papua pulpit .

To note , Jason Ngelia , FISIP Uncen head is arrested when to take action against the rejection of the draft law ( bill ) Autonomy Plus , on Thursday ( 11.07.13 ) and in the front office of the Papuan People's Assembly . He was arrested along with 15 other students . ( MS / Hendrikus Yeimo )

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