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1) OPM figures , Danny Kogoya Dies

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1) OPM figures , Danny Kogoya Dies
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                                                       Danny Kogoya . Photo : ABC

Jayapura , STEP MAGAZINE - One of the leaders of the Free Papua Organization ( OPM ) military wing , Danny Kogoya reportedly died from one of the places around Papua Niguni , near the border with Papua New Guinea and Indonesia , Sunday ( 15/12/2013 ) .

Sources in Jayapura explains , Danny died from an infection in the leg had been amputated . Danny leg amputated as a result of a shooting in his right leg when he was arrested in the city of Jayapura Police member Dani Entrop Jayapura Hotel on Sunday, September 2, 2012 last .

Police reasoned , Danny ambushed for his alleged involvement in a shooting in Jayapura and place his feet as he tried to flee from the rear of the hotel . At that time, Danny was rushed to the Police Hospitals Kotaraja to get intensive care .

Furthermore , Danny Jayaputa detained in Police cells and transferred to the Correctional Institution ( LP ) Abepura . Dany Kogoya had followed the trial in the District Court of Class IA Jayapura , on suspicion of shooting . However , he was finally free for the sake of law .

Once free , he went to Camp Victoria . The camp was located near the border with Papua New Guinea and Indonesia . When he was at the headquarters of Victoria , one of the government officials in the border area villages reportedly handed over to the police photograph of Danny in Jayapura . Danny was threatened to be arrested again . Finally , he fled to Papua New Guinea .

This journey made ​​on foot former amputation wound infection and treatment in the jungle of Papua New Guinea . When doing the maintenance , quoted by ABC , he invites the OPM leaders are abroad gathered at the headquarters of Victoria to continue the struggle to break away from Indonesia .

" The leg was cut due to OPM , personally I 'm independent . Papua must exit ( independent ) from Indonesia , " said Kogoya quoted by ABC .

Danny's body will be Repatriated

Papuan human rights activist , Matthew Murib in facebook wall post , Danny 's body was scheduled to be sent to Papua for burial . He said , coordination and administrative proceedings have been conducted .

" Coordination in the limit of technical , administrative , impact protection as well as sending a team of family Vanimo For pickups directly related to one of the bodies delivery plan Dany Kogoya Papuan activists from PNG to Jayapura - Vanimo town today ( 16.12.13 ) has been carried out , the family security guarantee will be orderly and smooth , "wrote Matthew on facebook account .

He asked members not to get diarea Police in Kamkey Abepura grief . Including prohibiting journalists to cover events in the funeral procession until the end of mourning . ( AE / GE / IST / MS )
A google translate of article in Jubi . Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa link above article.

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                                 Treatment Action Collect funds Yazon Ngelia ( Jubi / Mawel )

Jayapura , 15/11 ( Jubi ) - Student Representative Council on Civil and Political Science Faculty of the University of paradise ( DPM - FISIP - UNCEN ) strongly condemns the parties that led Jason Ngelia , Chairman of the BEM Fisip Uncen behind bars Jayapura Police Station . The curse is over the disappointment overflow condition is present Jason unhealthy due to persecution .

Parties responsible for the arrest of Jason adalalah MRP , Governor of Papua , University of paradise with 29 faculty involvement in the drafting of the Special Autonomy academic Plus or later called the Government of Papua Special Autonomy and individual students who reported experiencing physical violence from Jason .

Recognition of individual persecution of these students is the reason the police did arrest of Jason, who led the rejection of the draft Student Ostus Plus . Jason struggles to protect Papuan People systematically murder the government criminalized by the police .

" Rector never appeared to handle the problems that exist , " said Septi Medodga , chairman of the Student Representative Council Faculty Fisip Uncen to reporters in front of the gate Uncen Waena - Abepura , City of Jayapura , Papua ( 12/12 ) .

Unscrupulous students who claimed that Yazon abuse victims , according to Septi , do not ever want to meet with the Faculty BEM Fisip who wants to speak the matter internally . " Victims do not ever want to meet us . Our home was never there , " he said .

To this day , according to Septi , physical condition Yazon diminishing due to persecution . "Police are using three prisoners at Yazon . Broke his right temple , cheek bruised , his ribs kicked and beaten back , "said Septi Jason tells story told to him when berkunjung.Peganiayaan that occurred on 20 November Jayapura Police Station in the detention room .

Jason worsening condition was not given medical treatment . "We consider this omission from the police , the university and parties who claimed that victims dragging Yazon behind bars , " he said .

Therefore , Septi taking the initiative to lead her friends perform actions fundraiser treatment of Jason . " We will hand over this fund for care of Jason , " he said . Pegumpulan initial fund performed in front of the gate Uncen above , Housing III Waena , on Thursday ( 12/12 ) .

According Septi , the action of this fundraiser will take place until Monday ( 16/12 ) and performed at some central point such as taxis Terminal Expo , Circle Abe , and some universities in the city of Jayapura .

Medical services into Jason rights unrelated to his status as a suspect . Therefore , Septi urged Pebangunan Health Unit for the Acceleration of Papua ( KP UP2 ) take steps pegobatan Yazon . " We ask dr . Alo Giyai intervened see Jason conditions , " he said .

While a liberation asked Jason , Septi - Fisip head is claimed to be free on the grounds that the case is not clear to this day . " 's Attorney sent a letter surety on November 24 , but until today there has been no reply from the Police , " he said .

While Pontius , Co-ordinator of the action pengalangan Yazon treatment fund hopes to friends activist uproar demanding action to stop the release of Yazon by way of cross campus . Because , by law exemption could have occurred without due process of law . " So my friends without cross -campus demonstrations . If you continue to cross , Yazon exemption will be long , " he said .

Akasi cross the campus is just an internal issue Rector no intention of completing this trivial issue . " I am surprised we have with the institution . Institution has the authority to resolve the issue themselves . Hide Rectors of the problem , " said Pontius . ( Jubi / Mawel )

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