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2) Indonesian Police Chief condemns West Papua flag-raising
3) Accident at Freeport, one  dead
4)  Timika Celebrate Anniversary December 1, 2013


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Author TO THE GOVERNOR OFFICE : Victor Mambor on December 2 , 2013 at 1:23:56 WP Editor : -
NCD Governor , Powes Parkop while receiving support Morning Star flag of Papua Merdeka ( Jubi / IST )
Jayapura , 1/12 ( Jubi ) - Although confronted police Papua New Guinea , the Morning Star flag ( BK ) which will be flown in the office of the Governor of New Capital District ( NCD ) , Papua New Guinea ( PNG ) was finally able to fly in an office led by Powes Parkop . Racial solidarity which passed LB Melanesialah it past the police .
Peaceful - March in commemoration of West Papua Independence Day 52, Sunday ( 1/12 ) which is supposed to start from the park towards the Unagi - yard NCD Governor 's Office was not permitted by the security forces of Papua New Guinea for reasons not approved by security , Chief of the Metropolitan Police , Sup. Bring Andy .
But the feeling of finally giving the possibility of Melanesia allied to the Free Papua Movement supporters to organize the commemoration day .
" The police then let the supporting Papua Merdeka using transport activities coordinated by the committee . As a result , supporters of the Free Papua Movement managed to gather around the yard of the Governor 's office at 11 am , with BK to be flown by Powes Parkop . " Said Jacob Ponau , a PNG national TV reporter , when contacted Jubi , Sunday ( 1/12 ) evening .
NCD Governor , Powes Parkop when delivering a speech support to the Free Papua movement ( Jubi / IST )
The arrival of the supporters of the Free Papua Movement , further Ponau , greeted by Gospel singers from Shama Ministry , Pastor Jack Alberth leaders . When the NCD Governor , Powes Parkop and mistress arrives at a memorial , she was greeted by a mass of Papua sympathizers with shouts of " Free Papua " .

BK -raising event started with an opening prayer delivered by Pastor Jack Alberth , followed by Papua Solidarity Speech by NCD Governor , Powes Parkop .
" It is time that we should support the struggle of our allied brothers who are still not free and are under pressure the Indonesian government . We must support our brothers and voice to the world that the people of West Papua has the right to self-determination . We must support our brothers and declare to the world that the implementation of the Act of 1969 organized by Indonesia under the auspices of the United Nations is legally flawed because it has violated the human rights of people of West Papua through various pressures , intimidation and murder to win and enter West Papua into the Republic of Indonesia .... " Powes said in a speech in front of supporters of the Free Papua .
Morning Star flag was fluttering with Papua New Guinea in the Office of the Governor of NCD ( Jubi / IST )
Done Papua Solidarity Speech by NCD Governor , Hon . Powes Parkop , National Council of Woman in NCD BK handed to Father Jack Alberth to pray before it is submitted to the Governor to be displayed in government offices .
" But BK fluttering just a few moments . Because after BK raised in the governor 's office , Governor Powes Parkop yourself down because the pressure of the PNG security . "Added Ponau .
Nation 's Independence Day ceremony to Papua - 52, dated December 1, 2013 was marked by the inauguration of the Office of the Liberation of West Papua Campaign ( Free West Papua Campaign Office ) for the region of Papua New Guinea based in Port Moresby
Office opening banners Liberation of West Papua Campaign ( Free West Papua Campaign Office ) to the area of Papua New Guinea ( Jubi / IST )
Before mass disperse supporters of Papua , Papua New Guinea security forces with a sense of brotherhood as clumps of Melanesia , call the Independence Day Organizing Committee Papua 52nd , namely Br. Fred Mambrasar , Br. Patrick Kaiku ( Lecturer UPNG ) and Tony Fofau ( member of the Free West Papua Campaign ) to provide information . As reported earlier , three people were examined at the Boroko police station , PNG . ( Jubi / Victor Mambor )


2) Indonesian Police Chief condemns West Papua flag-raising
From News Reports:
Jakarta, December 1: Indonesia's national police will enforce the ban on flying the Morning Star or Bintang Kejora, the West Papuan separatist flag, reports the Jakarta Post.
Today is the 52nd anniversay of the former Dutch colony’s declaration of independence on December 1, 1961
National Police chief Gen. Sutarman said during a visit to Papua and West Papua this week that the Bintang Kejora flag raising ceremony on December 1 is 'forbidden', and those involved will be dealt with seriously.,”
National Police chief Gen. Sutarman was appointed police chief by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last month.
The police chief general who was accompanied by the deputy chief of the Papua Police visited the

Australia's New South Wales inner western Sydney Leichardt councillor, Michele McKenzie (left) and a Balmain resident raised the Morning star flag at the Balmain Town Hall on Friday ahead of West Papuan National Flag day today
Papua Police headquarters in Jayapura and the Raja Ampat Police precinct in West Papua.
"The police will restrain those that intend to separate from the unitary state of Indonesia including the strict enforcement of the ban on flying the Morning Star (Bintang Kejora) separatist flag, said National Police chief Gen. Sutarman.
In December last year an estimated 700 police officers and troops were deployed in Timika to ensure the flag of the West Papua separatists, Morning Star or Bintang Kejora was not flown for the 51stanniversary of the Free Papua Movement (OPM).
In 2009 Two West Papuans were accused of Makar, or rebellion, after they allegedly tried to fly the independence Bintang Kejora, or Morning Star, flag outside the office of Papuan People Council in Jayapura.
In 2008 Indonesians troops intensified their patrols near the border of Papua New Guinea in anticipation of the 48th anniversary of the first raising of the banned flag of West Papua.
The Southeast Asian Times

3) Accident at Freeport, one  dead

Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Sun, December 01 2013, 7:54 PM

One person died and another injured in an incident at an underground deep ore (DOZ) mining zone belonging to gold and copper mining company PT Freeport Indonesia (PT FI), on Sunday.

A Toyota pickup vehicle was hit by falling materials from the DOZ’s 1E North point at around 4 a.m. local time, on Sunday.

The truck driver, Fikrizal Utama, 27, was killed while his passenger and fellow employee, Peman Gombo, escaped with injuries.

Papua Police spokesperson Adj.Sr.Comr. Pudjo Sulistio said the police were coordinating with the PT FI management to investigate the incident. The police also facilitated a speedy repatriation of the victim’s body to his hometown in Palembang, South Sumatra.

“The police flew to Palembang to get an official refusal from the victims family for an autopsy,” said Pudjo.

Meanwhile, PT FI vice president corporate communication, Daisy Primayanti, said in an official release that the company’s command center received a report at 4:09 a.m. local time on Sunday, saying that an incident had occurred in the loading and uploading area at the DOZ underground mining.

“PT FI rescue team and workers were immediately dispatched to the incident site and managed to evacuate two victims. One person was later pronounced dead while another worker received medical treatment at Tembagapura Hospital,” Daisy said.

She said PT FI had reported the incident to the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry. (ebf)


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4) Timika Celebrate Anniversary December 1, 2013

December 01 , 2013 By : knpbtimika Category : KNPB Region

Into a friendly at The HUT -52

- KNPBNews Timika , West Papua National Timika region , today December 1, 2013 to celebrate Independence Day in Papua Nations Secretariat PRD / KNPB Timika region .

Events Independence Day Into The West Papuans - 52 done in hours , 02:00 until 05:00 and begins with mengheninkan 15 minutes reflecting on the ups and downs of the Papuan people struggle for 52 years." We mengheninkan and reflect on the suffering , murder , rape , oppression , extermination undertaken by Inhuman State Homeland for 52 years on our ancestral land . " Said Steven Itlay . After mengheninkan activities continued to worship Anniversary Yang Ke - 52 which is led by Pdt.Daniel Bagau , S.Th of Religion Commission of the Regional Parliament of Mimika . In his sermon emphasis that " Pray , work and faith in this fight , though a lot of pressure , intimidation and murder case. " He said . This was followed by the announcement delivered by the Chairman of the Timika Region KNPB , Steven Itlay on political developments regionally, nationally and internationally . Furthermore, continued to eat with food barapan , West Papua Independence Day activities The Top- 52 finishes and disperse in an orderly and safe .

Photographs below .

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