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1) AMP: Papua Nation Through ULMWP Members Entitled So Melanesia in the Forum MSG

2) Staggering HIV/AIDS prevalence in Papua's Wamena
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1) AMP: Papua Nation Through ULMWP Members Entitled So Melanesia in the Forum MSG
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Papuan students in Yogyakarta front of Dormitory Kamasan I Papua, Yogyakarta. Photo: Doc. MS.

Yogyakarta, STEP MAGAZINE - In response to an application The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) as container orgainsasi unity-struggle organization independence of West Papua to become a permanent member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), which will be discussed by foreign penteri member states MSG on 21 May 2015, Papua Students Alliance (AMP) based on the Java-Bali press conference titles to support ULMWP.

AMP rate, ULMWP is most organizations representing people's representation in the forum of West Papuans MSG as a sub-regional organization consisting of the countries of Melanesia.

In a release received majalahselangkah.com, AMP committee of the city of Malang, Semarang, Yogyakarta and several other cities in Java and Bali degree of discussion and free speech and action down the road as a form of support to the ULMWP to be accepted in the MSG as a permanent member.

With the receipt of West Papua became a member of the MSG, AMP expect countries to help Papuan Melanesians escape the Indonesian occupation that actually destroys the quality and quantity of Melanesians in Papua.

"Rescue on Ethnic Culling in West Papua Melanesia, is a shared responsibility of the People and Governments of the countries in Melanesia," wrote AMP in releasenya.

AMP further explained, military shipments were until today is still done with the aim of silencing the independence of West Papua pave December 1, 1961 and long-term goals Ethnic Culling in West Papua Melanesia, for the sake of exploitation and control of Natural Resources (SDA) West Papua. Silencing public spaces conducted in all regions of West Papua by force to arrest and imprison, and even take the life of the transmitter of opinion in public.

"For example, 30 to 1 May 2015, the large-scale arrests,, 269 activists have been arrested for other along the Papuan People holding a peaceful demonstration condemned the transfer of power over to the Indonesian UNTEA May 1, 1963, which is a perversion of political rights of the Papuan People who had previously been independent In 1961, "wrote AMP again.

Further AMP, a situation exacerbated by the Papuan People to People's shooting streak Civil Indonesian military committed in Nabire, Papua People make the situation now in a state of 'civil emergency' ahead of the Summit MSG (MSG summit).

AMP confirms three things. First, "a representation of the Papuan People's ULMWP and we fully support the membership of the West Papua Melanesia with extended family in the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG)," wrote AMP.

Second, through ULMWP Papua People need support as much as possible from people and governments to join together Melanesian big family Melanesia through MSG forum.

Third, "Papua New Guinea (PNG), Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Island, and New Caledonia shall speak out for the sake of liberating people in West Papua Melanesia Danger of Destruction of Ethnic Melanesia by the Republic of Indonesia," wrote AMP. (SAL / 014 / MS)


2) Staggering HIV/AIDS prevalence in Papua's Wamena
An Indonesian organisation, the AIDS Prevention Commission, says that over ten percent of the population of the Papua town of Wamena is infected with HIV/AIDS.

The Highlands town with a population of almost 49-thousand has now reached 5,100 cases of HIV/AIDS, which the Jayawijaya-based Commission attributes largely to rampant prostitution.
Antara news agency reports the Commission's chairman, Gad Piramid Tabuni, as saying that his organisation is working with NGOs, public health centres and integrated healthcare posts in a race against time to tackle the high prevalence of infection in Wamena.
He says the commission is campaigning against unsafe sex and to rid the streets of prostitution at food and beverage stalls.
Mr Tabuni called on churches and mass organisations to also work in the campaign.

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