Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1) Papuan tribal leaders to hold grand assembly

2) Two Days, 264 People Arrested for Freedom of Expression
3) Amnesty renews calls for media access to Papua
1) Papuan tribal leaders to  hold grand assembly
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Archipelago | Tue, May 05 2015, 11:58 AM - 
Tribal leaders and kings from seven tribal regions across Papua are scheduled to hold a grand assembly at Khalkote in Jayapura regency from May 8 to May 14.
"The meeting is expected to discuss ways to improve participation in the improvement of the welfare of local people," Agustinus Donel Ohee, chairman of the assembly committee, said on Tuesday as quoted by Antara news agency.
Ohee said that the assembly would also discuss and search for solutions to various problems that frequently arose among tribal communities.
Other issues to be discussed will include customary rights and land boundaries, implementation of the special autonomy law on Papua and a promise to set aside 14 seats at the Papuan Legislative Council and who will be chosen to represent them.
"The meeting will talk about important internal issues that have not been settled so far," he said.
"We know the autonomy law has been implemented for the last 10 years, but the role of the tribal leaders is not seen there. This is what we will discuss, including recommendations to the government for better attention," he added. (hhr) (++++)
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2) Two Days, 264 People Arrested for Freedom of Expression

Arrests of activists and sympathizers KNPB in Manokwari - Patrick Tandirerung

Jakarta, Jubi - "In two days, April 30 to May 1 2015, the 264 people arrested and arbitrarily detained in Jayapura, Nabire, Merauke, Manokwari and Kaimana, Papua. The majority of them are young people and students members and sympathizers of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), and the journalists who were reporting. The arrest was made by the Police Mobile Brigade and Special Teams Papua and West Papua when the masses are preparing and peaceful protest as well as leaflets dissemination plan of action. "Said Zelly Ariane, Coordinator #papuaitukita, human rights advocacy group for Papuan based in Jakarta.
May 1, said Zelly, is a historic moment for the people of Papua, which is celebrated every year.
"For people of Papua May 1, 1963 is a marker of the annexation of West Papua, when the administration of Papua (then still called West New Guinea) submitted by UNTEA (United Nations Temporary Executive Authority) UN to Indonesia. Warning May 1 peacefully have done long ago by the people of Papua, and the response of the government and security forces are always the same: the paranoid and repressive, "said Zelly to Jubi, Monday (05/04/2015).
Catching the largest since the past few years have seen by #papuaitukita as serious violations of the right to assemble and express expression in Papua. This is a form of silencing freedom of expression and the lack of democratic space in Papua, especially such an event has occurred continuously for the last 10 years after the reform.
Further Zelly, arrest and torture of times this happens in a systematic and widespread. This is indicated by [1] a large deployment of police resources, [2] occurs in five cities in Papua Police in two different regions, and [3] conducted simultaneously. Therefore it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that this action involves an element of security policy makers at the highest national level.
Acehnese human rights activists have asserted that there is not any reason to arrest and detain people who intend to conduct a peaceful protest to commemorate the annexation of West Papua's refusal, May 1, 2015. Freedom of expression, opinion and association guaranteed by the Constitution and laws. Treason aimed at activists, who are striving to encourage the fulfillment of human rights, and ordinary people, in Papua has been used as a pattern by the authorities to silence criticism.
Zelly who was recently crowned by the online petition site, change.org as Kartini Modern together six female carriers of other changes, added the President Joko Widodo should give attention to this matter. Government and law enforcement officials, continued Zelly, should stop all acts of criminalization to the critical student activists in Papua.
"The government should also open a space of freedom of expression and opinion peacefully without the threat in Papua. Need to be reminded also that the Indonesian government is pledged to the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of expression and opinion in the Universal Periodic Review in Geneva in 2012. The public are entitled to free information and the truth of the situation in Papua, "said Zelly.
Based on information gathered #papuaitukita, arrest and arbitrary detention of hundreds of activists to students, especially to members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) and sympathizers in Jayapura, Nabire, Merauke, Manokwari and Kaimana occurred on April 30 th to May 1, 2015. Recorded 264 students were arrested arbitrarily. Gradually they have been released after interrogation. Some of them suffered persecution in the interrogation process. On May 2, 3 people were arrested along with 30 others in Jayapura, finally freed.
"Based on the information we received, on 27 April 2015 Merauke Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Sri Satyatama teah stated that the police will not give space to KNPB to perform various activities including prayers together on 1 May 2015. He will disperse activities to be carried out by KNPB. "Zelly light.
Other human rights activists, Indria Fernida added police also take action intimidating the activists KNPB. Because on 17 April 2015, the police went to the secretariat KNPB Sentani region and threaten activists.
"Throughout April 2015, police officers have twice raided Merauke secretariat KNPB Merauke region and seized documents belonging to KNPB. In addition, leaflets circulated in the community Merauke dark stating that KNPB is outlawed and the threat of treason if people join it, "said Indri, activists active in KontraS Jakarta.
On May 30, further Indria, 12 KNPB members arrested by members of the police while distributing leaflets to Manokwari solicitation peaceful actions. On May 1, a total of 30 people KNPB members and sympathizers were arrested and secured by police officers from the police station right in front of the gate Jayapura Cendrawasih University in Jayapura. The total Manokwari arrest 203 people, from early morning until noon when the action is done. Kaimana, police dismiss the action and capture 2 KNPB activists. Police officers also destroying secretariat KNPB and PRD Maimana. In Merauke, arrests continue, in which 15 members and 1 KNPB Regional People's Parliament (PRD) region of West Papua Merauke. In the afternoon authorities build military post around secretariat KNPB Merauke region and put hundreds of police in the post. Officers also searched the secretariat and carrying banners, posters, and documents belonging to KNPB.
In addition to the arrest of activists and sympathizers KNPB, written by Budi Hernawan, former Director of the Office for Justice and Peace (SKP) Jayapura, in Nabire Step online magazine journalist, John Kuayo, arrested and handcuffed by Papua Police Task Force and Special Police Team Nabire, when do reporting The Nabire hospital.
He was arrested only on suspicion for wearing T-shirts Free West Papua when the victim was reporting to gunfire at the hospital, "said Hernawan who currently teaches at the University of Indonesia and Paramadina University.
John, continued Hernawan, released after the magazine's editor came and protested at the treatment by the police.
"Per-May 3, 2015, police have released almost all the prisoners, except one person in Manokwari. On the other hand, these events escape from the news that the right to information to the public has also been ignored, "said Hernawan. (Benny Mawel)
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3) Amnesty renews calls for media access to Papua
Updated at 4:00 pm today
Amnesty International says media and NGO access to the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua remains impeded and has called on Indonesia to change its attitude to foreign observers.
Amnesty says President Joko Widodo promised, during his campaign in June 2014, to open up the regions.
The international group says it has great difficulty accessing the provinces, which makes it almost impossible to report on human rights abuses there.

Amnesty says Indonesian authorities should also release all prisoners of conscience in Papua and elsewhere in Indonesia.
It says the country must amend or repeal provisions on rebellion in the Criminal Code that have been used to imprison dozens of political activists for up to 15 years for peacefully exercising their right to freedom of expression, including for raising or waiving pro-independence flags.

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