Tuesday, September 13, 2016

1) Jaffa hails Dame Taylor’s leadership

2) National scene: TNI strengthens ties with British military



1) Jaffa hails Dame Taylor’s leadership

BY: Freddy Mou 13:43, September 12, 2016
Oro Governor Garry Juffa has described the Pacific Island Forum (PIF) as a tool used by Australia to win economic agenda in the recolonisation of the Pacific.
Juffa said since its creation, the PIF which is primarily funded by Australia, has been nothing more than an entity that pushes Australian economic and political agenda.
However, Juffa said the appointment of Dame Meg Taylor as the General Secretary for PIF has somewhat changed everything.
He said Dame Taylor has actually given true relevance to the organization and has encouraged greater participation by peoples of the pacific and their governments’ and has refused to be a mere puppet entity pushing neocolonial visions and fantasies.
“Her staunch advocacy for pacific islands concerns are remarkable and admirable and a breath of fresh air.
“Her fight to have West Papuans..a Pacific people imprisoned unlawfully by Indonesia with the blessing of the West...recognised and their horrific mistreatment which includes rape, murder and torture brought under the spotlight are but testaments to true solidarity.”
Juffa added that under the leadership of  Dame Taylor, “we in the Pacific can see that the PIF can do more than just be a pool of Aussie and NZ academics and Pacific Uncle Tom type ex-senior public servants who appear to do so much but are merely promoting neo-colonisation.”


2) National scene: TNI strengthens ties with British military
Jakarta | Tue, September 13 2016 | 08:17 am

The Indonesian Military (TNI) has announced the strengthening of a partnership with the UK military following a bilateral meeting between the two countries at the 2016 Annual Chiefs of Defense Conference (CHOD) in the Philippines.

TNI chief of staff Vice Adm. Didit Herdiawan represented the TNI in the recent bilateral talks with Adm. Sir Philip Jones, the UK’s first sea lord and chief of naval staff.

“We consider England as a country that has continuously supported democratic reform in Indonesia since 1998. England is also a country that has a strong role in global politics,” Didit said as quoted by kompas.com on Monday.

Didit claimed that military relations between the two states had gone from strength to strength, including an ongoing commitment to an agreement signed by both countries’ defense ministers in 2012 in London.

The agreement touches on military education, military training and defense industries.

“The meeting provides good momentum particularly [to discuss] regional security threats and is expected to contribute to the already good relationship between the two countries,” Didit said.

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