Monday, September 12, 2016

1) Melanesians’ support for West Papua strong - Nathan

2) TNI-Police Seize Dozens of Sharp Weapons in RI-PNG Border
1) Melanesians’ support for West Papua strong - Nathan
1:53 pm today
Vanuatu's deputy prime minister says the strong support for West Papuans among the people of Melanesia should eventually translate to a co-ordinated regional response.
Joe Nathan admits there are differences of approach on Papua among member governments of the Melanesian Spearhead Group about the bid for full membership by the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.
Mr Natuman said there's been a lot of lobbying of members by Indonesia's government, with announcements of assistance to regional governments.
But he said people in Melanesia are firmly in support for helping Papua.
"The population in Melanesia, so far they have been very vocal. Before it was only Vanuatu, but now Solomons, PNG and Fiji. The Churches are involved, the chiefs are involved, the general populace are involved. And I sure that eventually they'll force their attitude regarding human rights, and self-determination and independence in West Papua."
Mr Nathan conceded that the MSG has been a bit compromised due to is budgetary shortfalls, forcing it seek more funding for its operations but he doesn't think Indonesia's promises of help are genuine.
SUNDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER, 2016 | 17:10 WIB
2) TNI-Police Seize Dozens of Sharp Weapons in RI-PNG Border
                                        ANTARA FOTO
TEMPO.COJakarta - A joint team of the Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI) and the Police confiscated dozens of sharp weapons and bottles hard liquors during a sweeping on Saturday evening (10/9) in a number of streets in Jayapura near Indonesia-PNG border.
Commander Task Unit of Indonesia-PNG Border Lieutenant Colonel Kohir on Sunday said that the sweeping was done to create a conducive atmosphere before Eid al-Adha on Monday.
"We’ve confiscated 24 sharp weapons of various sizes and 18 bottles of hard liquor of various brands," Kohi said.
"The sweeping began at 9 pm local time, in five points, including KM 31, KM 9, KM 6 and some other areas," he added.

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