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1) Police Disband Disappearance Papua People’s Action in Yakuhimo

2) KNPB: In Three Days Indonesian Police Arrest 75 People Papua

3) Support PICWP Discuss Issues at the UN Papua, the Papuan People Protest in 13 Cities
4) Besides PICWP, Hope Support Other Countries in the UN
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1) Police Disband Disappearance Papua People’s Action in Yakuhimo

Author Otopina Surabut -September 19, 2016

Thousands of Papuans who mediated KNPB Yakuhimo region title peaceful demonstration under the pressure apparatus despite disbanded and suppressed, 19/09/2016. (Oktopina Surabut - SP)

Yakuhimo, police dispersed thousands of Papuans degree peaceful demonstration mediated West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Yakuhimo territory by force, by reason of disturbing the peace on 19 September, 2016.

Aminus Balingga, Chairman of the PRD Yakuhimo to said, KNPB Yakuhimo mediate region of West Papuan peaceful demonstrations in accordance KNPB notification center.

"We the people of Papua in Yahukimo ULMWP which fully supports our leaders in particular to discuss the issue of human rights violations in Papua at the UN. We urge the United Nations to immediately intervene issue of West Papua. Because if the people of Papua is still in Indonesia tells us the Papuan people will be depleted or extinct from our own land, "he told in Dekai, Monday (09/19/2016).

He asked the UN to see the humanitarian crisis occurring in West Papua. He said, the Papuan people want the UN intervention in Papua.

Field coordinator of the action, Yallenang Wakla explained, the action today starting from the three-point kupul mass. Jalan commercial, Mountain Road and Jalan Seradala kilo 2. However, he said officials first with full force already on standby at every point of the mass gathering.

"At any point in the mass gathering, the security forces of Police, Brimob and Koramil were go early. So at the time we collect the police obstructed and forcibly disperse so that the masses can not gather for speeches at the field office of the incumbent with another epoch. Thousands superbly forcibly disbanded by the authorities, "he explained

He reveals, in the office there are six people were arrested under the Police Yakuhimo to provide an explanation. That the police did no apparent reason.

"We were forcibly disbanded at any point gathered by the security forces. We were gathered on the mountain road past actions come in the thousands of people. We oration fork in the road mountain and the airport road. We were permitted Chief of Police gave a speech just 35 minutes, "teranganya.

Wakla said, in fact, the action KNPB which mediates emotion rihuan Papuans to 12 noon. But because officials continue to force and oppress the masses so that the action runs under pressure so melakuan aorasi and read the statement in a less precise and time is short.

"That's because the state is not allowed. So we fulfill the desire of police, "said Wakla.

Meanwhile, Police Chief Adjunct Senior Yakuhimo. Anthony B. Maring, said it had received a notice of action / demo of KNPB. But it rejected the KNPB desire it.

"We reject action activity because what we are talking about have been repeatedly ignored. I am always there on the field with the aim not to place things that are not diingkan, "he said.

According to him, if the masses would gather at one point, one point. There should not be everywhere especially konfoi should not be at all.

"We were forced to disband because it is everywhere. That fight we caught and down here (Police). As usual we download the information. Turns out they did not know anything. Just went along with it and those involved mostly school children, "said Maring.

He continued, "I do not want clashes happened while I was here. Do not force to minors participating in activities like this. Because they did not know what was said just come rama, "he said Maring.


Announcers: Otopina Surabut

Editor: Arnold Belau


2) KNPB: In Three Days Indonesian Police Arrest 75 People Papua
Author Arnold Belau -September 19, 2016

JAYAPURA, West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Centre report, hinggal dated 19 September 2016 Indonesian police have arrested nearly 70 people-an average KNPB activists and people of Papua in Yahukimo and Merauke.

Agus Kossay, chairman of the I KNPB Centre said the arrests were made by police in Indonesia when KNPB mediate the Papuan people in order to provide support to countries in the South Pacific which at this moment is to bring the issue of West Papua in the annual general assembly of the United Nations in New York that was held from 16-25 Setember, 2016.

"The peace rally and prayer Papuans were facilitated by KNPB throughout Papua proceeded peacefully. But Indonesian police have arrested nine late KNPB activists and people of Papua in Papua Barat. In Yakuhimo arrest occurred on September 17 and September 19. While in Merauke happened on 18 and 19 September 2016, "said Kossay to in Waena, Monday (09/19/2016) in Jayapura, Papua.

In addition, the Secretary-General submitted similar things KNPB Centre, Suhuniap Ones. He said that, on 19 September 2016, police arrested 34 activists KNPB Merauke region. The arrest took place at around 06.00 CET in front of the monument Act of Merauke, Papua.

"The police arrived in full force and disperse the peaceful demonstration was being held. They take action to support five countries in the South Pacific that will address knowledge about Papua at the UN General Assembly session.

Suhun mentioned, earlier, on September 18, the troops also raided the secretariat KNPB and the PRD region for Anim Ha at 21:30 at night.

"At that time they (police) arrested 14 activists and members of the PRD region KNPB Anim Ha. Currently all of 48 people. And now they are being held there, "said Ones Suhun.

He explained that on September 17 in Yahukimo, authorities arrested 21 people when handing selebaran.Mereka arrested at the time it was Ruben wakla (18), Arpius magayang (18), Yeni Mambrasar (16), Anike Mohi (22) Menus Salla (16), Elka payage (17), Joash payage (17), Anto Soll (26), Male Balingga (17), Beto Suhun (26) Kayus Soll (27), Putiman Wakla (24), Joel soll (25) , Anius Baye (23), Deko Kobak (16), Menus bark (17) Elymas Soll (18) and three others who have not been identified.

While detained in Merauke on 18 September 2016 are On September 18, authorities arrested 14 activists after the raid secretariat KNPB KNPB and PRD Merauke. They were arrested at around 21. 30 WIT is Gento Emerikus Dop, Charles Sraun, Joseph Imbanop, Cosmas Yano Kaize, Kaize Augustine, Francis Gebze, Gebze Robert Maye, Justin Aipit, Valentinus Wamin, Yuven Amok, Paulinus Aiki, Pius Emak, Michael Samogoi, and Samson Apay.

 "On 18 September at 21:30 at night, aparatkepolisian raided the secretariat of the PRD and KNPB Merauke area and arrested 14 people. Today the police arrested 34 more people in Merauke and six people were arrested in Yahukimo, "he said.

Ones also revealed that, on 17 then, there are two KNPB activists were subjected to torture by the police in Yahukimo. He said, they were tortured when they want to be brought to the police station to Yakuhimo.

"Anto Soll hit me when I went to the police station to free 10 people who were arrested first. But there is a man who does not know melepar stones at the police station so that members of the police came out and hit me using Shoots weapons, a dead rubber and rattan rope at the eyebrows, forehead, spine and ribs as well as the small brain is struck by the end of the guns, "said Anto Soll who are victims of police torture in Yahukimo.

Separately, Otopina Surabut, Suara Papua who are in Yahukimo reported, officials have forcibly dispersed the actions taken by the people of Papua mediated by KNPB in the center of the capital Yakuhimo, Dekai, Papua.

 "Action was forcibly disbanded. The authorities only give 35 minutes to the Papua masses that KNPB commandeered it for reasons no sense. Their speeches at the T-junction to the airport and road mountain, "he explained.

Surabut mention, there are six KNPB activists were detained by police officers from the Police Yahukimo.

"They are John Sobolim (18), Mines Koreman (16), Nius Balingga (24), Banjon Ou (17), Rayono Kobak (18) and Mito Bahabol (26). They were arrested while giving speeches at the rallying point of commercial, Dekai City, Yahukimo, Papua, "he said.

Respectively, on September 17, authorities arrested 21 people in Yahukimo time flyers. On September 18, authorities have arrested 14 people after raiding KNPB secretariat and the PRD region of Merauke.

On 19 September 2016, authorities re-arrested 6 people in Yahukimo after forcibly dispersed the actions taken by the people of Papua. And in Merauke, officers re-arrested 34 people at the monument PEPERA, Merauke City.

Announcers: Arnold Belau


3) Support PICWP Discuss Issues at the UN Papua, the Papuan People Protest in 13 Cities

JAYAPURA, In order to support the political issues and human rights abuses in West Papua discussed by member countries of the Pacific Islands Coalitions for West Papua (PICWP) in the General Assembly Peserikatan United Nations in New York from September 16 to 25, 2016.

Related to this, KNPB mediate Papuans do support in the form of a meeting and prayer in 10 cities in West Papua and three cities in Indonesia.

Agus Kossay, chairman of the I KNPB Centre, in front of thousands of people in Papua who padati page dorm Rusunawa Uncen said that Indonesia was losing control of Papua. Because, although Indonesia continues to strive to maintain Papua with all dimiliknya, but the desire of the people of Papua today that Papuans want to determine their own destiny.

Thousands of Papua Rayat mediated KNPB Yakuhimo region. (Doc KNPB)

"Indonesia has begun to shake. So now Indonesia started tossed struggle of the people of Papua with the ancient ways. Because KNPB and citizens continue to play music. Until brought Papua issue will be raised by the member countries of the Pacific Islands Coalitions for West Papua (PICWP) at the annual General Assembly of the UN, "said Kossay drew applause from the thousands of people of Papua, on Monday (09/19/2016) in Rusunawa Uncen, Waena, Papua.

Kossay also said the six countries in the Pacific islands already stated attitude to talk with West Papua at the annual general assembly of the United Nations. Among other things, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Marshall Islands, Kanaky and Nauru.

"Officially we are the people of West Papua to support the ongoing process in the UN. We also support PICWP to talk about the issue of Papua at the United Nations. In addition we expressed support for the referendum in West Papua, "he said.

Pangkrasia Yem, chairman of the PRD region Anim Ha, said the people of Papua from Sorong - Merauke must be vigilant. Because the struggle of the people of Papua is currently not kidding. The struggle to achieve independence more and more so-so.

"So I ask the people of Papua in order to take care of yourself. Keep family and keep Papua. Because of the actions that happened lately, ranging from shootings, arrests and hit-and-run is a covert operation conducted by the Indonesian state. So my message for the people of Papua alert and vigilant, “he hoped.

4) Besides PICWP, Hope Support Other Countries in the UN

Banners were displayed mass peaceful protest in the courtyard Rusunawa Uncen Housing III Waena, Jayapura city. (Photo: Doc. KNPB)

JAYAPURA, - strengthening support for countries in the Pacific region and even the issue of human rights and political Papua go to the UN General Assembly is taking place until 25 September 2016, evidence of the resurrection of West Papuan liberation struggle.

Victor F. Yeimo, chairman of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) said that the struggle would continue dilanjukan, with of course the prayer support of the people who live in these gold islands.

"The peace rally and prayers on this day, September 19, 2016 we want to show the world that the only one thing we want from the past until today, that we want to determine our own future without colonialism," he said through a written statement , tonight.

The struggle of West Papua, convinced him, growing stronger at the international level in line with the commitment Pacific Islands Coalition for West Papua (PICWP) brought the issue to the UN.

"We hope there will be more countries, besides PICWP, joined raised demands Papuan independence at the UN," said Yeimo.

ULMWP shared people power in the Pacific countries which are members of the PICWP or Pacific Coalition for West Papua, he said, pushing the issue to the UN Decolonization Committee in order to facilitate the referendum.

"Self-determination and Indonesia crimes against humanity in West Papua will be voiced PICWP at the UN General Assembly, also at the meeting with the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. Therefore, from today until the next week the people of West Papua must pray and act, "himbaunya.

As part of the Work Team ULMWP, he stated, it is time the United Nations to take responsibility for the political status of West Papua finish.

Of course it took a long stage, according to the Papuan people, will never give up to fight until the world recognizes the nation's political status of West Papua. "We believe, as long as the truth is on our side, then the truth will be evident at the time," he said.

He believes that the people are walking alone yesterday with blood, sweat, took to the streets, but now there is a "hoax fresh breeze" of the Pacific, gives one hope to reach a dream. "We stand together and tell the world to bring back freedom for West Papua, freedom having been usurped by Indonesia."

To the people of Papua, Yeimo notices, bring wrestling in prayer, so that in the guidance, continues to oversee the fight to the UN General Assembly along with other Pacific countries that are members of the PICWP.

"The people of West Papua is the people's fighters, since the independence of the nation is in the hands of the people. Unity struggle in prayer and action is the key to the struggle, "he said while calling on people to not provoked by any attempt destruction of the unity of struggle that is being played by certain parties.

Announcers: Mary Monireng


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