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1) Solomon Islands - First Right of Reply

3) Local Languages Included in Local Curriculum
4) 18 Young Papuans Reportedly Shot by Security Forces Since Paniai Incident
5) Papuan Work Force Can’t Keep up with Investment : BI
6) Classes Halted for Two Months as Two Schools Blocked in Nabire

1) Solomon Islands - First Right of Reply 

26 Sep 2016 - 1st Right of Reply by the Solomon Islands at the general debate of the 71st Session of the General Assembly of the UN (New York, 20-26 September 2016).

26-Sep-2016 00:01:22
2nd Right of Reply by Indonesia at general debate of the 71st Session of the General Assembly of the UN (New York, 20-26 September 2016).

3) Local Languages Included in Local Curriculum
26 September 2016
Sentani, Jubi – Local languages in Jayapura Regency will be included in the curriculum of local content initially for the third grade of the elementary school, junior and high schools.
The Head of Jayapura Regional Education Office Alpius Toam said the use of local languages is an important thing for today’s generation.
“In this modern era, there are a lot of positive and negative influences for our generation. As a consequence the local languages that are actually part of our culture and identity have been gradually forgotten, even it is hardly spoken in the daily conversation,” he said in Sentani on Sunday (25/9/2016).
Therefore, the education office would encourage the use of the local languages in the new curriculum for the elementary, junior and high schools, so that the local values of children would not disappear, he said.
“It certainly would also taught to non-Papuan students too,” he said.
Jayapura customary leader Teo Kere considered the local language is crucial to be taught to the generation today, because it is a human’s identity.
“If we don’t know about our own languages, so the question is where did we come from? Therefore, as part of the traditional community, I hope these cultural values must be protected and kept sustainable at anytime. Because the local languages are definitely reflecting the community’s social life at this present time,” he said.
Meanwhile Sentani Timur Sub-district Chief Steven Ohee admitted he already implemented the use of the local language in his sub-district, that is every first day of the month. The implementation of the use of the local languages is endorsed through the Sub-district Government and the Language Research Agency of Papua Province.
“This (local language) is an obligation,” he said.
Following that endorsement, he is active to socialize among his community about the importance of the use of the local languages. (*/rom)

4) 18 Young Papuans Reportedly Shot by Security Forces Since Paniai Incident
24 September 2016

Jayapura, Jubi – Since the shooting incident in Karel Gobay Square, Enarotali, Paniai, that killed four students, security forces have shot 18 Papuans aged 14–19, eight of them fatally. It has become a new trend of violence in Papua.
The incident at Karel Gobay Square on 8 December 2014 killed Yulian Yeimo (17), Simon Degei (18), Alpius Gobay (18) and Alpius Youw (17).  Some civilians were also injured by bullets during the violence. The Police have not name any suspect even after though more than eight investigation teams have been involved in this case.
A teenager called Inter Segenil (16) also been shot by security personnel in Yahukimo on 21 March 2015 after the dissolution of fundraising event held by the West Papua National Committee.  Besides him, Isai Dapla (37), Salomon Pahabol (47), Titus Giban (39),Simson Giban (42) and Obang Sengenil (48) also hit by the bullets in this incident.

On Thursday, 25 June 2016, a teenager Yoseni Agapa (15) was dead and the rest of seven was injured when some ununiformed people opened fire towards eight civilians in Ugapuga, Kamu Timur, Dogiyai Sub-district. Five of seven injured victims are teenagers, namely Melianus Mote (16), Podepai Agapa (14), Yulius Agapa (17), Yunias Agapa (16), Feri Goo (15). Two other victims, Neles Douw and Menki Agapa were accused for being blocked the street that triggered the shooting.
On 17 July 2015, another incident occurred during the Ied praying at Karubaga, Tolikara when the Evangelist Church Youngster in Indonesia (GIDI) held the church event from 13 to 19 July in Karubaga intended to negotiate with the Muslims to not using the speakers during the Ied praying in the yard, have been shot by security forces that also in the scene for praying. As the result, Edi Wanimbo, 15 years old teenager was dead with the bullet hit on his stomach. Eight people were also wounded in this incident.
The shooting incident that murdered another teenager was occurred in Timika on 28 August 2015. Student Martinus Imaputa (17) was shot on the left chest, while Amalia Apoka (girl, 19) was shot on right foot by military personnel from Military District Command 1701 Timika. Two were dead in this incident that was occurred after the Kamoro tribe art festival in Koperapoka. Two dead victims are Imanuel Herman Mairimau (23) and Yulianus Okoware (23).
Kalep Zera Bagau (18) and Efrado I. S. Sabarofek (17), the students of Vocational High School (SMK) Petra, Timika and Efrando I.S.Sabarofek (17) are the next victims. The police shot both students on 28 September 2015 in Gorong-Gorong Timika. Kalep was dead. The Police said both students were involved in the attack on the house of Timika resident. But the family denied they were involved in the attack and burning of the resident’s house.
In 2016, Mobile Brigade personnel shot Otinus Sondegau (16) in Sugapa. He was killed in front of his own house on 27 August 2016 for the accusation being involved in a blockage in Sugapa traditional market. As the result of this shooting, his family was irritated and Sugapa people burned Sugapa Police Station.
Another incident happened in this September. On 14 September, two personnel of Water and Air Police (Polairud/Polair) beat Melky Balagaize (19) in Wanam Wogikel, Ilwayab Sub-district, Merauke Regency after return from the Karaoke Club with his friends. The Police said he was drunk and made noise as well as brought the sharp weapon to run after the local resident. But the family declined the police’s statement. Melky’s brother, Seimon Petrus Balagaize, said the officers who beat his brother were also drunk.
Of these cases mentioned above, only three cases that reportedly taken to the court for legal and ethics process by each institution of the perpetrators. The three cases are Koperapoka case that involved the military personnel, Gorong-Gorong case that involved the police officer, and Sugapa case that involved the Papua Mobile Brigade personnel. (*/rom)

5) Papuan Work Force Can’t Keep up with Investment : BI

26 September 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Chief Representative of Bank Indonesia Papua Province Joko Supratikto stated Papua’s rich natural wealth has not turned into more investment due to a lack of poor infrastructure and a low skilled work force.
Joko said a study by Bank Indonesia found many investors were interested in doing business in Papua,
“But it can only be materialized if the government improved the infrastructures including the facilities of transport and electricity, human resources development and security guarantee,” he said in the national seminar of Papua Banking Expo 2016 in Jayapura on last week.
According to him, the government could not count on the State Budget only, but should manage private investment for the achievement of the development.
“We can take the opportunity and improve it for the welfare of the Papuan community,” said Joko.
Deputy of Bank Papua Fauzan explained Papua economic growth fluctuated to suit the achievements of the mining sector with the average growth of 3.35 percent within the last 15 years. If compared with the economic growth without the mining sector, it is relatively high and stable with the average 8.76 percent in the last five years.
The challenge of investment, said Fauzan, depends on the natural resources commodities, the price of global commodity and the basic development capital that yet not optimized such as road quality, electrification, and low-quality human resources.
“Of 183 respondents consisting of the entrepreneurs, corporations and banks stated Papua must be achieved 31 percent to be considered for investment is the feasible infrastructure, local potencies, proper employers and security,” he said.
Economist David Samula urged all parties including the government and stakeholder to walk together in order to materialize the Papuan vision, Risen, Developed and Prosperous.
“To build Papua should be started from all sectors in every stages gradually,” he said. (*/rom)

6) Classes Halted for Two Months as Two Schools Blocked in Nabire
24 September 2016

Nabire, Jubi – Two schools in Siriwo Sub-district, Nabire Regency, have been forced to halt classes for almost two months because the buildings were blocked by a contract teacher.
Commission C members of the Nabire Regional Council was informed of the blockade on SDN I and SMPN I Siriwo on Friday (23/9/2016) during a visit there.
The councilors said they would summon the Head of the Education Office to resolve this case.
A contract teacher in SDN I and SMPN I Siriwo, Bertha Laiduma Alah, explained the schools were blocked by a teacher who’s not recruited as the civil servant.
“We’ll wait until she open it, so that classes can run as usual. We do not defend her or her demand,” Bertha told Jubi in Nabire on Thursday (22/9/2016).
Related to the action, Bertha explained that the contract teacher with initial KB is a woman who’s a pioneer teacher for the both schools. She started teaching in these schools since twelve years ago.
“However, up to now, she hasn’t yet recruited as civil servant because of her age. We don’t know whether she is still expecting to become a civil servant. The government should pay attention to her demand,” she said.
School Committee Chairman Samuel Tukayo said both schools have six teachers including the Principal. “Related to this blockage, we forcedly find a spare time to give the additional lessons to the children,” he explained.
The blockage was already opened three days ago but the keys are missing. “We strongly expect the government to pay attention and solve this problem for the sake of our children,” he said. (*/rom)

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