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1) Steven trial Itlay: From Intervention Officials To Judge Racist

2) Council of Churches of the Pacific Permanent Support West Papua Back to Pacific Family
3) Golkar denies double endorsement in Jayapura
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1) Steven trial Itlay: From Intervention Officials To Judge Racist
By: Benny Pakage

Most police officers are being muster in Timika PN pages before the trial plots Steven Itlay. (Photo: Doc. KNPB)

Some of the records of the trial of alleged treason against Steven Itlay which was held on Thursday (22/09/2016) in the District Court of Timika, Papua.
The trial began at 09.00 CET until the end in 14.40.WIT o'clock, held behind closed doors to the public.
Police and TNI well-armed escort this trial with guarding the gate PN Timika. Apparatus limit only 15 investigators were allowed into the courtroom. About three thousand other people is not permitted.
When arriving at the gate PN Timika, members of the police and military were alert. Some of them secretly photographing 15 people were allowed to enter the courtroom.
PN in the lobby to the rooms office looks a lot plainclothes officers. Behind plainclothes hung the gun and bayonet. Meanwhile, the situation outside in the court yard more crowded. There different types of cars owned by the TNI / Police parked. Also, security forces swiftly ranks bristling with guns.
This situation makes some people afraid to go to the courthouse, in addition to space for the civilians narrowed.
The family is very disappointed because officers guarding the entrance PN Timika also forbid the family and the parents of Steven Itlay to present to follow the proceedings on the grounds the room is full. In fact, the presence of parents in such a trial is a right granted by law.
Not them alone. Church leaders, pastors and some reporter was barred. Be, the trial was closed to the public.
Actually, church leaders asked for a prosecutor to speak with the security forces in the lobby to let them enter to watch the trial of Steven Itlay.
After Attorney talks with security forces guarding the exit sign in the lobby continued into the courtroom, the TNI / Polri also gave permission to enter. It is of course disappointing church leaders, as well as the family did not attend the hearing as if this place closed.
In the first session of the trial, the Prosecution consisting of two males and one female, to produce witnesses from the police. The witness, according to several people who were present in the courtroom, allegedly falsely accusing Steven Itlay delivered a statement against the State, but it is not so.
Likewise, the news that Steven Itlay issued a statement against the State. After a discussion with some of the participants who attended the XIII SP worship at the time of arrest, confirmed that Steven never disclose statements as presented witnesses at the trial.
When Steven action just ask Papuans and churches pray ULMWP meeting in London on April 6, 2016. He did not say that Acheh also want independence, also want independence Maluku, Kalimantan, Bali and Sunda also.
 Steven when speeches saying, "We respect the Soekarno and Hatta for establishing Indonesia from Sabang to Amboina, and to Papua should be discussed again."
This statement is not against the State, according to residents.
The second session continued after lunch. The trial opened with three judges conduct an examination of Sem Ukago, Yanto Arwakion, and Yus Wenda as a witness.
In the trial, the judge not only to explain the law, but also quoted some Scripture as a reference to broaden the witnesses.
The judge also using God's Word in the World after the Flood ie derivatives Noah Shem Ham and Japheth. The explanatory statement the judge regarding blacks descended from Ham who is black, and say blacks are descendants cursed due attention to the "Aurat Noah" when Noah drunk in the ship's Ark, according to residents who attend watch this trial is the racist remarks of a judge in a trial of alleged Makar.
The explanation seemed to put Papuans suffering is a result of sin filled world of Ham Flood. In fact, pure statement puts the witness and the Papuan people as a nation cursed.
This judge forgot that: "The carry the Cross of Jesus to Golgotha ​​is the nation Blacks of Cyrene and the Bible only Ham black writing and not writing she has curly hair, so that the sample was not worth leveled by a judge."
That assessment of some participants in the courtroom. 15 Papuans who were present witnessed this trial was disappointed with the example explanation of human differences, as presented by the judge that according to information he had come from Ambon.
Massa who came to watch this trial home disappointed because they can not enter the witness directly due to the heavily guarded by security forces. This is proof of the intervention of the judiciary.
"From this morning the situation was, guarded by fully armed. We are not allowed into the court yard, "said a resident who was deeply disappointed.
Perhaps because of this condition, the scenery in Timika PN office different from the usual. Invisible None court staff in their offices. Usually often roam, these days no longer.
Almost all doors guarded security forces fully armed and ready to execute anyone if a commotion and others.
Despite the tense situation created in such a way, even disappointed at not being allowed to enter to watch the proceedings, mass Papuans eventually broke up peacefully at 14.30 CET. They returned to the KNPB office in Timika Dam.
Meanwhile, the trial was postponed to Wednesday, September 28, 2016 with the agenda of the rest of the witness examination of 17 witnesses, including checking Steven Itlay were accused of rebellion in religious activities along with support ULMWP in London on April 6, 2016.
After the hearing, three witnesses with Steven Itlay brought back to New Mimika Police (Miru), Timika.
The writer is a social observer in Papua. Amungsa lived on earth.

A google translate. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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2) Council of Churches of the Pacific Permanent Support West Papua Back to Pacific Family

SUVA, - Secretary General of the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC), Rev. Francois Pihaatae asserted, PCC remains the establishment to keep supporting West Papua back to the family Melanesia in the Pacific, with the condition of the reality the leader of nations in the Pacific after the end of the meeting of the Pacific Island Forum (PIF) were less consistent.
"It is marked that it is important to bring back the PCC West Papua into actually means in the Pacific region. It is our establishment, statements and affirmations us to do every time that West Papua was his Pacific, not Indonesia. So the political left from here. Let the people gained sovereignty (sovereignty) in their homes, especially in the Pacific, "said Rev.Francois Pihaatae to, Thursday (09/22/2016) in Suva, Fiji.
He also stated that, in 2015 he attended a meeting of the Christian Conference of Asia in Jakarta and in his speech expressed that the CCA supports humanitarian issues in West Papua, but the results of the meeting no fixed establishment.
"In 2015 I attended the Christian Conference of Asia in Jakarta and in the speech I delivered that CCA supports the issue of West Papua. But because the CCA leaders of Indonesia, so it is not going well. So the result of this encounter only one or two words, that we need to pray for West Papua. That's it and CCA no clear support position, "he said.
But clearly, it was (PCC) remain in position for supporting West Papua. "We remain in position even though in what way and to what extent they take us, but our support to the Pacific West Papua as a family to get the freedom we keep going forward and keep on our position," he concluded.
Meanwhile, during the meeting of the World Council of Churches Center Committee last June had pushed the issue of West Papua and ultimately the World Council of Churches (WWC) manage to support the issue of West Papua and send solidarity groups.
"Previously, the WCC is not to talk about the issue of West Papua," he said.
When asked about the position of Australia and New Zealand are not talking about the issue of West Papua in the 47th PIF meeting in Micronesia recently, he said his side did not really know about it, but most likely no economic interests in West Papua.
"Yes less know but it is clear that Australia has an economic interest in West Papua in which there was America, the Netherlands and other countries. But I do not know the position of New Zealand, "he explained.
He also admitted that it is the individual continues to lobby the leaders of their respective countries.
"As I am from France Polynesia so I talked to our president who had attended a meeting in Micronesia PIF recently to accept us as a member. We are pleased to also be members at Pacific forum, so it's better for us to lobby for our political leaders to support the issue of West Papua, "he said.
Announcers: Elisa Sekenyap

3) Golkar denies double endorsement in Jayapura
Nethy Dharma Somba The Jakarta Post
Jayapura | Fri, September 23 2016 | 07:23 pm
The Golkar Party has denied it gave a double endorsement in the Jayapura mayoral election after two pairs registered themselves in the General Election Commission (KPU) in Jayapura, both claiming to have the endorsement of the largest party in the local council.
“There is no double endorsement. We have definitely endorsed the Benhur Tommy Mano and Haji Rustan Saru pair,” acting secretary of the Golkar branch in Papua, Marthinus Werimon, said on Friday.
On Wednesday, Benhur-Rustan and Abisai Rollo-Dipo Wibowo both claimed to have the endorsement of Golkar, which has eight seats in the Jayapura Council. Both brought letters of recommendation signed by the party chairman, Setya Novanto.
“We indeed gave our support to Abisai Rollo and Dipo Wibowo through a letter on June 2. But after we did an academic survey, we found 56 percent of respondents chose Benhur while Abisai got only 6 percent. So we switched our support to Benhur,” he said.
Werimon argued that the letter to Abisai was automatically void after the party issued the letter for Benhur on Sept. 8. But on Wednesday Abisai claimed he had never received any letter canceling Golkar’s endorsement, so he claimed the June 2 letter was still valid.
Besides those two pairs, Boy Markus Dawir and Nur Alam have also registered as mayoral hopefuls. Boy and Nur are endorsed by the Democratic Party, Star and Crescent Party, and the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party (PKPI). The PKPI also appear to have made a double endorsement because Benhur also claims their support. (eve)

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