Saturday, September 3, 2016

1) Too Many Papuans Get Killed on Their Land, says Councillor

2) Freeport Suspected of Mining Gold in Lorentz National Park underground
3) FKUB and Kesbangpol Sorong Hold Meeting Anticipating the Post-Terror Security

4) Students Cannot Read, Kidman Junior and High School Provide Special Classes

5) Armed Security Personnel Present in Kogoya Pre-trial Hearing


1) Too Many Papuans Get Killed on Their Land, says Councillor

1 September 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – Chairman of Papua Legislative Council Yunus Wonda expressed his concern over series of violence occurred in Papua recently, especially over the indigenous Papuans. The latest incident was the shooting of a teenager in Sugapa, Intan Jaya that allegedly perpetrated by Mobile Brigade officer.
He said too many Papuans were killed on their own land. Too much blood was spilled on the Land of Papua. Too many people become the widows and widowers and too many children become the orphans.
“It’s enough. Papuans were suffering for long time on their own land. No more kill over Papuans. Killing or shooting over Papuans is not a solution. If they made a mistake or were considered harmful to the security force, they shouldn’t get shot for dead. Why not be paralyzed?” said Wonda on Wednesday (31/8/2016).
He expressed his disappointment towards the security force’s attitude in Sugapa. He measured them to show their arrogant and emotional attitude. “The perpetrator must be really punished. Don’t let it go. Papua Police Chief must stop such violence way,” he said.
Wonda who’s politician from Democrat Party said he wanted the Mobile Brigade officers served in Papua Central Highland area to be pulled out. He more accepted if the police officers and military personnel assigned in that area.
“We asked to all Mobile Brigade officers in Papua Central Highland to be pulled. They don’t deserve it. They are arrogant and overreacted. Let the police and military to be assigned there,” he said.
According to him, the Mobile Brigade could get ready in the critical situation, but in normal condition, the police officers are sufficient to guard the area. “If really want to shoot people, they better go to Gaza Strip. Shooting is not a solution to solve the problem,” he added.(*/rom)

2) Freeport Suspected of Mining Gold in Lorentz National Park underground
2 Sep[tember 2016
Papua Regional Secretary Hery Dosinaen in Jayapura on Thursday (1/9/2016) said the underground mining activities were suspected to have occurred in the area of Ilaga, Jila, Hoya, Ermakawiya and Bela where the ground is the Lorentz National Park, and possibly there is a tunnel connecting the area.
“If not, the mining would keep undermining the nature in Papua from the underground, though the forest on the top was protected,” he said.
He stated about the current situation of the international economy policy, in which the regional government is now indirectly under the pressure of the donor countries, in the context to maintain the sustainability of Lorenz National Park.
“So at the end, about 10 regencies where located surrounding the national park are not able to implement the development optimally,” he said.
For instance, he said, Asmat Regency is the area located on the top of water and can not build the capital of regency because it is surrounded by Lorentz National Park.
“We should reveal this fact, therefore it would be a regulation to support the implementation of development without conflict with the legal process,” he said.
He said since 1980, the construction of Trans Irian Jaya crossroad from Sorong to Merauke by the Ministry of Public Works crossed the area of the national park, that it turned an obstacle in the process of development. (*/rom)
3) FKUB and Kesbangpol Sorong Hold Meeting Anticipating the Post-Terror Security
Sorong, Jubi – Interfaith Harmony Forum (FKUB) and National and Political Unity (Kesbangpol) Sorong Regency, Papua Barat, held a meeting in order to anticipate the threat to security and public order after the bombing in Medan, North Sumatra some times ago.
Head of Regional Sorong Kesbangpol Adri B. Timban said the meeting was held in Sorong on Wednesday (31/8/2016) to encourage the public for not easily being provoked by the incident.
“We socialize this through youth representatives of each religion,” he said.
He said the latest incident has encouraged the effort to keep maintaining the security and order stability that has been stood since long time ago in Sorong.
Furthermore, ahead to the regional head election in 2017, people were asked to become alert towards the interference of irresponsible parties.
Chairman Deputiy of FKUB Sorong the Rev. Andreas Sesau said the situation in Sorong Regency is relatively secured. Even he admitted FKUB has regularly held a monthly meeting to maintain the stability of security in the region. (*/rom)
4) Students Cannot Read, Kidman Junior and High School Provide Special Classes
31 August 2016
Merauke, Jubi – A number of junior and high school students in Kimaam were not able to write and read, Chairman of the Commission A of Merauke Regional Legislative Council Moses Kaibu said, urging the school administrators to provide additional classes.
“There are special classes arranged in both Junior and High School Kimaam for a number of students who can not write and read. Teachers must coach and train the children very well,” said Kaibu to reporter at his office on Tuesday (30/8/2016).
He asserted this is occurred on those students because the teachers forcedly passed them when they were at the elementary school. “When they were at the elementary school, the teachers have never been at their duty site. Therefore the children were not well educated,” he asserted.
This condition, he explained, is remaining to be happened until now. Even from his visit to remote area Kimaam, the teachers with civil servant status were not here, but only the contracted teachers.
“I am not questioning the teachers who move to the city to continue their study, because it was a program of the Central Government. But the government should manage it to avoid a vacant of teachers in the village,” he added.
The Head of Education and Learning of Merauke Regency Johanes Samkakai admitted if most of teachers are currently in the town to continue their study as mandated in the regulation to oblige all teachers to get the bachelor degree.
To fill the vacant of teachers in the village, the education office has recruited the contract teachers and delivered them to the remote areas. ‘We have a program hiring the temporarily teachers to teach in several areas, in particular the remote areas,” he said. (*/rom)

5) Armed Security Personnel Present in Kogoya Pre-trial Hearing

31 August 2016

Jayapura, Jubi – Obby Kogoya’s pretrial court hearing on Tuesday (30/8/2016) at Sleman District Court, Yogyakarta was marred by the presence of four security personnel who stood behind the judge carrying rifles.
Kogoya’s lawyer from LBH Yogyakarta, Emamanuel Gobay, said Wednesday (31/8/2016) two armed personnel were already there when he and Kogoya entered the courtoom, each standing next to the defendant and pleader.
“Then, before the judge came to the courtroom, four mobile brigade officers with long-barreled weapon were stood behind the judge,” said Gobay who then charged objection to the Judge Bagindo Rajoko Harapap before reading the court’s decision.
“We asked the judge to direct the four armed officers to leave the room, as the honor towards the court that must be clean of the arm,” he said.
Then the Judge asked the four officers to leave the courtroom while saying he (the Judge) was earlier examined. “The Judge said he didn’t know about their presence, whether it was the consideration of the court of the police initiative, but surely he didn’t know about it,” Gobay imitating the Judge Bagindo said to him.
For Obby’s lawyer who is indigenous Papuan, the incident of four armed officers was the harassment over the courtroom, “the armed people in the courtroom was the harassment toward the court,” he asserted.
The four mobile brigade officers left the courtroom indeed, but the two provosts were still at their position from the start to the end of the trial. Emanuel Gobay explained the presence of armed personnel at the trial of Obby Kogoya have occurred twice. Besides the recent trial, the trial of evidence on Friday (26/8) was also tainted by the presence of the pleader’s witnesses who take their weapons.
“We had asked the judge to secure their weapons,” said Emanuel. But he also very disappointed with the fact of the strict security procedure inside and outside of the trial, while Obby is only a victim and regular student. Imam Ghazali, reporter for KPM Ekspresi UNY Yogyakarta, who attended the trial also confirmed about this.
“The verdict trial against Obby Kogoya was too exaggerated if must be guarded strictly by armed officers, even they entered the courtroom. This act indicated the officers ignored the applied law in the trial. This act is not suitable with the purpose of the police as the law enforcement but in contrarily violating the law in the trial,” he said through text messange to Jubi on Wednesday afternoon (31/8/2016). Even, he continued, the number of security personnel attended the trial is larger than residents.
Court’s Verdict
LBH Yogyakarta considered the decision of the Judge rejected the pre-trial court of Obby Kogoya and adjusted the police’s act of arrest as the ignorance of the crucial facts. “Whereas during the trial, it was revealed the number of illogical facts in the process of named suspect,” according to LBH Yogyakarta.
The first fact, continued LBH, all the evidences relied upon the police to accuse Obby Kogoya were not obtained in the investigation stage. Then, there are weapons in the courtroom, the Judicial Commission should notice this as the insult against the court. Another fact, the post mortem letter has not a legation as the evidence.
“We asserted once more that Obby Kogoya never conducted the violence against the officers, the named suspect over him was full of manipulation, and during the trial, the police clearly showed their arrogant and racial discrimination,” wrote the statement.
Related to the verdict’s court, Emanuel Gobay would continue is assistance to Obby Kogoya. “He’s still town-prisoner. We have asked the suspension on his arrest with a guarantee that he is a student. If the case was handed to the prosecutor, we would continue the suspension because he is still an active student,” said Gobay.
He also obtained some evidence of video and photographs of the violence perpetrated by officers that would be used for the next advocacy. “This is convicted us, besides some witnesses that they didn’t see Obby do any action. Our witnesses even saw the police who do violence, hitting and beating,” he said.
When asked about the physiological condition of Obby Kogoya who’s now only 20 years old, Gobay said so far he is fine. “I am ready to run this process because basically I am do not do any crime,” said Gobay imitating Obby.(*/rom)

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